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Is PXG “bad for golf”?


User Shipwreck raises an interesting question: In an environment of “grow the game” initiatives and a fixation on making the game more accessible, PXG has entered the marketplace with an ultra-high-end club offering.

Shipwreck writes: “Parsons even said it himself that he wants to be the Ferrari of golf. Now I am not saying there is anything bad about this, he is a successful capitalist and the beauty of capitalism is that you can charge what you want and the market will decide.”

So, is the “Ferrari of golf” good, bad, or neutral for the game? Good arguments in this thread for the different readings.

Check it out.

Machine Putters love


219 pages and going strong! The pictures in this thread of some of Dave Billings’ incredible putter work are worth much more than any words dedicated to describing them. WRXers share their Machine M1s, M10s and more in this buffet of beautiful flatstick imagery. (titleistgolf_nirvana’s putter in the featured image)

See the putters.

Olympic golf discussion


Ahh. Golf in the Olympics. Are you sick of hearing about Zika and the other elements of this dumpster fire yet? Considering the competition is yet to begin and more player withdrawals are imminent (Jordan Spieth just said he’s on the fence), you need a refuge of sanity amid an increasingly nutty situation.

With this in mind, bookmark the official GolfWRX Olympic golf discussion thread.

Who wins first: Rahm or DeChambeau?


Great talk here following Jon Rahm’s impressive showing at the Quicken Loans National and Bryson DeChambeau’s series of strong performances on tour this season: Which of these two big-time rookies wins first?

Join the discussion.

A lawyer’s take on the USGA’s Dustin Johnson ruling


Applying the USGA’s “weight of evidence” standard, OTE200 presents three exhibits to find Dustin Johnson not guilty of any infraction at Oakmont. Even if you’re sick to death of the U.S. Open-marring rules fiasco, you have to read OTE’s take.

See the thread.

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  1. I can afford either and if I wanted a sports car I would buy a 2016 corvette hardtop….that is the most beautiful car on earth and 5X cheaper than a Ferrari…

    As it is, I prefer the mom-car Lexus line of SUVs with air conditioned seats!!!


  2. PXG’s too expensive for me. But so is a Ferrari. The latest and greatest. I was going through a deceased golfers garage recently and found a set Hogan Directors. circa? God they were fun to hit. E thru 2 iron. I have yet to buy a golf game and have tried for 40 yrs. Do you really want to get better? Learn how to play hickory.

  3. If PXG wants to be the Ferrari of golf, why did they make the clubs so ugly and feel like crap? We already have Ferrari of golf clubs in limited edition high-end Japanese clubs. We don’t need PXG

  4. How much did Dave pay to get his Machine thread a plug? That thread has been dying for months and is only full of retracted messages of customers chasing an update on their putters as no one responds to any emails or answers the phones. Not surprising when it takes months past agreed project delivery to get anything.

    • Pete Petersson,

      Thanks for taking time to post about my company and our picture thread here. However, I really wish you were more accurate and fair in your criticism. I don’t think you’ve ever ordered from us, so I’m not sure why you feel the need to disparage our business.

      IN any event, I’d like to set the record straight for all our other customers, collectors and our staff.

      First, I didn’t pay a single penny for the article, didn’t ask for it or have anything to do with it. We’ve been very fortunate that so many people have enjoyed our main picture thread here, including writers here and other sites and magazines, etc. Personally I think Golfwrx writers are some of the very best in the business, and their journalistic professionalism is beyond reproach. I think you owe Ben an apology for that insinuation at the very least.

      Regarding recent posts in the picture thread: Have some customers posted asking about updates on their orders? Yes. The last one had an update waiting in his email inbox from the day before. He realized his error and deleted his post. So you know, I’ve never redacted any post in our picture thread, and never asked any mods to either. I think it stands as a great record of our work, and I’m very happy to let it stand on it’s own merits.

      I’m also proud of how hard we work to make sure each and every customer is totally happy with their purchases. Often the custom work we do takes additional time, especially when their are change-orders in the middle of the process. The last order referenced about changed his neck three times. Those changes take time, especially when we have to mill something from scratch mid-stream, and with all the detailed back and forth, updates, etc,.

      You say no one responds to emails or answers the phones. I have thousands of customers who know that’s absolutely not true. Chris has also recently rejoined us after taking time off for a move and to spend time with his family and newborn son. So our capacity for customer service has improved again dramatically, as Chris is one of the best in the business, and we’re thrilled to have him back.

      We’re currently going through a reorganization so we can best move the business forward and handle the demand we’ve been so fortunate to receive, even through a very challenging golf marketplace.

      As part of our new operating plans, we elected to slow down the development of new models and also the photos and posts of orders going out to customers. We’ve elected to do this out of respect for the customers waiting so patiently, and also as it just created more demand, more backlog and longer delivery times.

      However, we are working very hard and now very close to catching up to our estimated production times, and we will be catching up on posts in the picture thread when we do. I think customers and fans will appreciate the work we’ve done the past six months in particular, and see some really cool work.

      So thanks to the 99% of our customers and fans here that have been so supportive and helpful. To the naysayers and critics, I hope you can find something that makes you happy and spend your time and efforts focused on whatever that is.


      -Dave Billings