Pros: The comfort, style and stability of the UA Drive One are 5-star quality, and the shoes are waterproof. The Tempo Hybrid blends a “lifestyle” golf shoe with surprising stability.

Cons: At $199.99, the UA Drive One are on the high end of the mainstream golf shoe market. The Tempo Hybrid ($159.99) miss the boat on comfort.

Who they’re for: The UA Drive One are for any golfer who likes a modern-looking golf shoe, but is serious about performance. The Tempo Hybrid are for those looking to achieve a cool, laid-back look on the course.

The Review

Due to Jordan Spieth’s popularity and success in 2015, the release of the UA Drive One, which he wore throughout the year, was almost unbearably anticipated for consumers who care about that kind of thing. And the shoes do not disappoint. Even if you’re just not a fan of Jordan Spieth, or not a fan of the look, these shoes pass every test when it comes to performance for a serious golfer.


They provide tremendous stability in the heel throughout the swing with what Under Armour calls carbon counterlocks, which really give you that “locked in” feeling. And they’re quite comfortable, too, with the leather insole and ample cushioning in the heel and midsole.

Some golfers have complained that the shoes run narrow, or have high arches that cause discomfort, but I found no problem with either.

Also, it’s difficult to ask for more from a spike configuration. They have CHAMP Zarma Tour spikes with the popular Slim-Lok system that you’ll find in the top golf shoes on the market. They have great traction in any weather (and it’s the rainy season in Michigan, so I know playing wet weather well). And the UA Drive One are waterproof as advertised, which is a huge plus for any golfer.


One of my biggest tests for golf shoes is to play a round in them, and judge how excited you are to change out of them when you get back to the car. Even after playing in muddy/wet conditions, and wearing them for the first time, I was not in a rush to get them off. They’re just very comfortable golf shoes.


It’s amazing for a company’s first run of golf shoes to deliver in such a big way. I would have no problem putting these up against the best performance shoes in the industry, and even surpassing them by way of comfort and overall look. They find a sweetspot, offering a modern flare without being too “in your face.”


The retail colorways include White-and-Blue, White-and-Black, White-and-Grey, and Black.

UA Tempo Hybrid


Golfers love to say, “I can wear my spikeless shoes on AND off the course.” I’m always thinking, “Why would I want to wear my smelly, muddy shoes to hangout or get dinner?”

That being said, the UA Tempo Hybrids look exactly like those kind of shoes. Style wise, you can wear these with shorts, jeans, khakis, casual pants or whatever else you have in your closet. They’re versatile, and look very similar to the Tempo Tour shoes, but without the golf spikes… thus “Hybrids.”


The Tempo Hybrid are made for golfers who want performance from their shoe, but also a more laid-back look. Under Armour knocked the look out of the park and provided consumers with four different colorways that each strike a different look and feel. I personally went with the Gravel colorway, as they seemed to be unique compared to other shoes on the market.

This specific colorway captures an “outdoorsy” vibe, and has boot-like laces to complete the look. If I was going for a hike through the woods, these may be my choice.


As golf shoes, they provide great lateral stability due to their spike configuration, but not a great amount of traction due to the spike design. Slick grass or wet weather may cause concern.

My biggest issue with these shoes, however, was the odd tongue design; it wraps around the foot and is quite irritating on the top sides of my feet. It’s something I was not able to get past, and why I never got the chance to play a round of golf while wearing them.

That led me to get a few other opinions. For the purposes of this review, I had a fellow GolfWRX Staffer put the shoes on and walk around. He found the shoes to be “very comfortable” and had no issues with the tongue, but said that the back spikes on the heel kept scraping the ground as he walked. He said “I would never play golf in these because of (the spikes on the heel).” Another GolfWRX Staffer tried on the shoes as well, and said the tongue was bothering the inner part of his feet, and that he would not play golf in them for that reason.


So I was 0-for-3 in getting these shoes tested on the course, which is unfortunate because they look slick in every colorway, especially the Gravel. I hope the next iteration of spikeless shoes from Under Armour corrects the comfort issues, as I’m a fan of the design from a golf-fashion standpoint.

The Takeaway

The UA Drive One hit the mark, and lived up to the hype. They’re the ultimate modern golf shoe, providing stability, comfort, performance and waterproofing.

The UA Tempo Hybrid, however, did not provide the comfort that I expected from a spikeless shoe, but they did achieve the ultra cool, laid-back look that works on and off the course.

For Under Armour’s much-anticipated launch, and its introduction to the world of golf shoes, it offered high points and low points. The “Spieths” were a home run, while the Tempo Hybrid were a bloop single. With issues of comfort to be corrected in the Tempo Hybrid, Under Armour will have some serious staying power for both serious and casual golfers.

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Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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  1. I’m supposed to go buy a golf shoe that was so uncomfortable 3 avid golfers couldn’t even stomach the thought of playing golf in? This is hitting it out of the park? Or its partner-shoe, that gave Erin Hills guy a blister, but if you’ve got the dough, he highly recommends? That sound comfortable? Not to me.

  2. Have owned and still own a pair of Drive One’s, this was after I purchased a pair of Tempo Tour’s from UA.
    The Drive One’s are far superior in most ways to the Tempo’s.
    While I do agree that $200 is excessive for these shoes, I love them and feel they are likely the most comfortable shoe I’ve ever worn in over 30 years of golf.

  3. I bought the Drive One’s the second they came out (huge UA fan, friends think I deserve a sponsorship) and I couldn’t agree more with this review. Fantastic looking shoe, great support and overall comfort level for me is right below Puma’s Titan Tours. After the first round with them (at Erin Hills) I had a nice a blister on my left pinky toe b/c they are a little narrow out of the box and pinched my feet but they’ve stretched out nicely and I’ve had no issues since (2 walking rounds, 2 cart rounds). Yeah they’re pricey but if that’s not an issue for you I highly recommend.

  4. I think I am in the minority of the guys who don’t really care for either of these shoes. Over priced and other brands are making a better looking shoe. Was really hoping for more from UA in the shoe market.

    • Agree. I REALLY like UA clothes and like that they are getting bigger and competing with Nike, BUT their shoes are lacking behind Nike still. They aren’t as comfortable in my opinion and I still think they are a few years away from getting it ‘right’.
      They have done an amazing job with signing the right athletes though…Speith, Brady, Curry. AMAZING

      • Yup. I wear a pair of adidas boost and the puma ignites spikeless and they are super duper comfortable and I honestly think they look better than these. I love Under Armour cloths and I know their golf shoes are just getting started but expected something better looking than these to make a splash in the shoe market. I do look forward to future releases assuming they also lower the prices a bit.

  5. They look a little DNA ish. I don’t mind them, they look okay, logo could be small and on the heel cap.

    but I doubt I will ever buy a set of lace ups again, BOA is great for fat guys. Bring on the BOA

  6. Interesting the drive ones were so comfortable. I remember reading somewhere that Jordan Speith didn’t like them initially due to lack of comfort. Wonder if they did a redesign.

    And if your looking for someone to test out the hybrid pair I’d be happy to and post a review. Not the best looking shoe but not the worst either