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Adidas TechFit PowerWeb Review



“Equipment for your body” is the new mantra for Adidas Golf. They have taken that to a whole new level with their TechFit PowerWeb base layer.

Adidas has had a successful line of compression products already used by players like Sergio Garcia, Natalie Gulbis, and Justin Rose. PowerWeb is the next step in the evolution of compression products. I’ll admit it right away, I usually hate wearing long sleeves to play golf. I’ve always found them restrictive and binding. Living in Texas doesn’t afford me the opportunity to get used to long sleeves either. The idea of testing a compression product left me a little worried about how my own biases would affect the outcome. However, after a few rounds wearing the PowerWeb my mind has changed.


It seems odd devoting a technology section to an undershirt. However, TechFit PowerWeb products are designed with quite a bit of technology in mind. There some research supporting the idea that compression products keep muscles warm, supported, and lead to better performance. The PowerWeb garments are golf specific versions of products which have already been successfully used in professional track and field, soccer, football, and tennis. According to Tiss Dahan, Adidas Golf’s Global Director of Apparel, “Our parent company found that with PowerWeb athletes are jumping higher, running quicker, and are much more confident. How much is psychological and how much is physiological is difficult to measure but we believe it is a combination of the two.”

The base of the product is ClimaCool – a polyester base which wicks away moisture. A large mesh panel located in the mid back helps promote ventilation. However, the key to the PowerWeb are the strategically placed thermoplastic bands which help enhance compression in key areas such as the core, and back. The bands in the midsection help promote core stability and take pressure of the lower back. Upper bands are used to promote posture without restricting shoulder movement.


One of the best words to describe the TechFit PowerWeb is “experiential.” You simply have to try it on to see the benefits. The first time I put it on, I felt my back straighten, shoulders roll back, and navel draw in. It is a feeling I haven’t experienced in any other compression shirt I’ve tried before. On the flip side, other compression shirts I’ve worn in the past have been a nightmare when it comes time to take them off. The PowerWeb is a snap to remove with the fabric stretching just enough to make getting it off a breeze.

Out on the golf course the support the PowerWeb provides is very beneficial. The core reinforcement it provides for the core is noticeable especially towards the end of the round. Although it won’t prevent you from getting out of good posture, it served as a good reminder to maintain proper golf posture.

As I mentioned earlier, warm Texas winters and year round golf have ingrained a phobia of long sleeves that I have not been able to break. I’ve found most long sleeve garments to be restrictive. However, what struck me about the PowerWeb was the large range of motion it allows. In fact, once you put the PowerWeb on, it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it – other than the core and posture support.

The best part of this product is how comfortable it is. The ClimaCool fabric kept me dry in warm conditions. I’ve worn my long sleeve shirt on days which started windy in the mid forties and warmed up into the seventies. Not once did I have any inclination to take it off because it was too warm. Small details like flat seams and light weight make it really easy to layer under clothes. A little extra length in the tail was a welcome addition so I wouldn’t have to worry about my shirt tails coming un-tucked.

Although the Power Bands perform as claimed their silver color leads to a bit of a dilemma when it comes to wardrobe choices. Every white polo I wore over the PowerWeb allowed the bands to show through. Although switching to a dark shirt is an easy fix, it would be great to see this product with the same performance attributes which blend under clothes more subtly.


Will the TechFit PowerWeb transform you from a 12 handicap to a 5? Probably not. However, it is an incredibly comfortable base layer which provides more support than similar products on the market. However it does not sacrifice flexibility to achieve support. The potential for this product will be realized further when the thermal versions made for cold weather are introduced later this year.

Currently available as a warm weather shirt in short and long sleeves as well as a compression short, there is a product available for the summer conditions you’ll face. While it may be a bit more expensive than some of the other options on the market, my only advice is to try it on before making up your mind. The difference between the PowerWeb and every other product on the market will be apparent the second you put it on.

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Apparel Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa Golf Shoe



The Product

The new Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa, available in North America now, selling for $250 at (only available on Adidas’ website, this shoe will not be at retail).

The Pitch

From Adidas: “The adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa® is the epitome of performance golf footwear, designed to offer micro-adjustability in two separate zones. The first is the independent main dial with high strength Boa lace that when combined with the forged 360 wrap creates unparalleled power for your swing by locking the area between your midfoot and forefoot. The second provides micro-adjustability from the middle to bottom instep for a customized fit, feel, and support. The Boa Fit System activates both zones to deliver the ultimate in power, stability, and performance.”

Our take on Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa

BOA technology, a ratcheting cable system that replaces laces for securing the shoe, has been around for a while now. It was a radical departure when it first hit the market and traditionalists viewed it with some skepticism, but those who tried shoes using the system became hooked on the ease of use, secure feel, and reliability of the system. I have had to replace shoelaces, but I have never had a cable fail in a pair of shoes with Boa technology.

With the TOUR360 XT Twin Boa, Adidas has introduced the next step on Boa technology (pun intended). The shoe has a sleek, technology-forward look that is associated with Adidas products. It even looks good in the size 13 that I sport. The color selection is limited, to say the least. You can choose from white with green trim or white without green trim. But the star of the show is the Boa technology, which is implemented in two dials located on the outside of each shoe, replacing the one dial on previous iterations.

Each dial controls the fit for a different part of the shoe, and the ratcheting dial gives the wearer the most precise fit available. The real advantage over laces is that the Boa system stays secure longer and is easier to tighten than re-tying shoelaces. It’s so easy to reach down and give a couple of clicks that it became routine for me to check on each tee box to make sure I had a good fit before teeing off. Equally pleasing is the quick release on each dial that gets you out of your shoes at the end of a round without the terror of facing a wet double-knot.

The shoe is waterproof leather, and it is light and comfortable enough to walk 18 on hilly tracks. I personally would have preferred a slightly wider toe box, but that is nit-picking.

Overall, the Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is a performance shoe that promises, fit, comfort and stability, and it delivers on all fronts. Not everyone has $250 to drop on a pair of golf shoes, but if you want the tech on your feet to match the tech in your bag, then the Adidas TOUR360 XT Twin Boa is perfect for you.

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WRX Spotlight: Linksoul golf apparel



Product: Linksoul golf apparel

Pitch: From Linksoul “Linksoul is more a philosophy than a brand. More of an experience than a clothing company. Linksoul is the collective life’s work of people who care about each other and enjoy collaborating. We believe in creating products we value, with the people we love, for the good of our families and our community. Our roots are in golf. We descend from a long line of golfers, craftsmen and artists. But now we fill our time with many interests, including surfing, skiing, hiking, yoga, travel, cooking, parenting, dog walking…We believe that these everyday practices teach us the most about ourselves.”

Our Take on Linksoul’s golf apparel

Linksoul, whose mantra is “Tempus Fugit” (Time Flies), primarily provides golf clothing made to be just as appropriate and comfortable to wear on the course as off of it. The company has a range of different types of polos, tee-shirts, shorts, and pants available, but it was a button-down shirt from the company which I was most intrigued to check out.

Right off the bat, the brand’s Anza Heathered Button-Down shirt impressed with its ultra-soft fabric. To complement that softness, the shirt is wonderfully light and boasts an excellent fit. The length of the shirt sleeves is ideal, so you won’t need to keep fidgeting before and after each shot, and the comfort and fit combined gives you that added flexibility in your swing. The collar fits naturally the moment you put the shirt on and marks the clear quality that went into its creation.

It seems many are on the fence about whether button-down shirts on the course are for them (I was one of those!), but my take now is that they are the ideal summer shirt on the course. In the heat, comfort has to be the number one priority, and the button-down structure gives you so much more air. With Linksoul’s Anza button-down you’ll experience maximum breathability.

Linksoul offers the shirt in six color codes (White, Black Heather, Tidepool Heather, Ink Heather, Dark Gray Heather, and Dawn Heather). For $80, considering the caliber of the shirt, the only gripe I could make is that there aren’t more exotic colors available!

The brand’s Boardwalker Shorts are another piece of apparel that I found to contain the perfect blend of comfort and quality, as well as looking great. The shorts contain a four-way stretch fabric which gives you a plethora of flexibility during your swing, while the weight of the shorts I also found to be on point. The shorts are lightweight but not so much as to take away from the durability and quality of the shorts.


There is plenty of mobility on offer with the Boardwalker Shorts, while I also enjoyed that the shorts are a classic style length and sit right at the knee.

You can choose from eight different color codes (Black, Chalk, Khaki, Dark Gray, True Black, Bronze, Navy, Army, and River), and the shorts retail at $76. With their no-fuss look, high quality, and a clear focus on comfort, Linksoul’s Boardwalker shorts offer everything you’d want in a pair of golf shorts.

For those that prefer to play solely in trousers, you’ll be glad to hear that the company provide the same product in a pant style—the BoardWalker Pant.

There’s a huge amount to like about the apparel Linksoul is offering up, and at prices which are extremely reasonable considering the quality provided. Their site offers a multitude of polos, button-downs (in both short and long sleeve), shorts, pants, and tee-shirts. If high-quality adaptable golf apparel is your thing, then it’s a company well worth checking out.


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WRX Spotlight: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes



Product: Air Jordan ADG golf shoes (available at Dick’s and Golf Galaxy). 

Pitch: Via Jordan: “Jump up the leaderboard in the Nike Men’s Air Jordan ADG Golf Shoes. Famed for its incredible comfort and lightweight feel, the ADG features a Zoom Air unit for responsive cushioning and an integrated lacing system for a secure, supportive fit. The Integrated Traction pattern offers you enhanced grip on every terrain and the signature Jumpman logos give you extra style on the course.”

Our take on Air Jordan ADG golf shoes

Confined to the feet of Keegan Bradley for years, the iconic sneaker brand seems to have proof of concept in the golf space, as evidenced by the growing roster of tour players (Pat Perez, Harold Varner III), and numerous retail offerings.

We got to test one of said retail offerings: the just-released spikeless Air Jordan ADG. Now, the Jordan style may not be for every golfer (can’t imagine them catching on in Tuesday morning senior leagues across the nation), but if you like the look of Js on the court or street, you’ll love the look of these. Indeed, you’ll probably love the look of all Jordan offerings for the fairway, as the company has done an excellent job of bringing its aesthetic to golf, rather than the opposite (if that makes sense…tacking the Jumpman logo on a pair of saddle shoes was never going to work).

So, appearance wise, the elephant print leather upper and other signature brand elements look great (and the translucent sole is an awesome touch). However, when it comes to golf shoes, particularly of the spikeless variety, we’re always concerned about stability during the swing (both in terms of contact with the ground and within the shoe internally) and appropriate support/comfort for the five-plus mile trek that is a round of golf.

On both of the aforementioned fronts, these shoes are superb. You can feel the comfort and support the instant your heel hits the Jumpan Golf logo on the insole, and the shoes do everything you’d ask a spikeless shoe to do on course. Highly recommended; we look forward to seeing what his Airness’ cordwainers come up with next.

A look at the white colorway, via Jordan, below. 

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