I will come right out and say it in the first paragraph. The Nike Air Zoom Elite is the most comfortable pair of shoes I have ever owned.

This is compared to cleats, spikes, sneakers, loafers, sandals, boots, and slippers. It just so happens that they also have a golf outsole designed to help me to transfer the maximum amount of power to my swing.


Simply put, I think these are the most styling shoes I have seen for men’s golf shoes. The color scheme I chose is reminiscent of an old tuxedo shoe. My biggest gripe with men’s shoes is there are mostly two main styles: One solid color (black, white, or brown) and saddle shoes. I don’t know about any of you, but the only people I see wearing saddle shoes besides golfers are little girls and little boys that their mom dress up like little girls.

The Air Zoom Elite come in solid white with silver accents, solid black, the black and white scheme shown, and a brown and white. There are several limited editions that are on the way, but these are the main ones you will find in store right now.


The Nike Air Zoom Elite brings together all of Nike’s technologies into one platform. The Power Platform provides for a stronger push through the ball with channels and the arrangement of cleats. There are a few channels that also run across the shoe to allow better flex of the outsole for a more natural gait.

The heel of each shoe uses Nike’s caged Zoom Air for comfort. Using the latest in thin materials, the lower pressure air chamber cushions the foot like no other shoe I have ever worn. One of the problems that some systems face is that they can make it feel like there are lifts in your shoe. The Caged Air is thin and keeps your feet close to the ground.

They come with a limited two year warranty and one year against defects. I actually can attest to Nike standing behind their warranty as I have utilized it myself. I had a pair on the SP-7.5 shoes and the air sole in the heel got a hole 8 months later. I took them to the local shop and they called Nike. Nike directed me to pick out any pair in the shop under the retail price for the SP7.5 (none left in my size). Hello Air Zoom Elite.



It can be very hard to quantify the performance of one shoe over another. While wearing these shoes my feet never slipped. They even stayed in place for a ‘Godzilla’ swing (a combination of Bubba Watson, John Daly, and Cecil Fielder) They have a very aggressive outsole, and the Scorpion Stinger cleats can easily be changed. I think the most important part of a golf shoe is the comfort. With the mileage that I put in a pair each Summer, they have to be the most comfortable shoes I own. You can walk in excess of five miles during one round without taking a seat. The Air Zoom Elite didn’t require a break-in period; they were solid right out of the box.

I have a pretty wide foot and my one complaint applied to all Nike shoes. For some reason, they think people want a squared off toe box. Every shoe Tiger wears has one, as well as most of the new line of shoes. It doesn’t pinch quite as much as the SP line, but they are a little snug at the toe.


If you are in the shoe market, you should really take a look at the new line of Nike’s shoes. I feel like they are finally bringing all their technologies from other sports and working them into the golf line.  The Caged Zoom Air might be the best cushioning system I have found in any shoe for any use and the Forefoot Channel eliminates breaking in the soles. The Nike Zoom Air Elite are comfortable, stylish, and a sneaker with cleats


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