For quite a while, Scotty Cameron fans have been longing for a putter that was reminiscent of the original Studio Stainless line.

Clean lines, simple visuals, and no insert are just a few of the changes many golfers wanted to see in the update to the Studio Style series. It seems that Cameron is paying close attention to what his fans want, because the announcement of the Studio Select putters this week seems to include everything golfers have been asking for with a few improvements added for good measure. The biggest change with this line is the amount of customization possible. Head weight, shaft length, lie angle, neck style, and grip can be selected to fit a golfer’s individual preferences. The Studio Select will be made from 303 stainless steel and feature three prominent red dots in the cavity and face which are very popular on Cameron’s Tour putters including one belonging to a Mr. Eldrich “Tiger” Woods.

In his previous models, Cameron held fast to head weights which corresponded directly to shaft length. The shorter the putter, the heavier the head needed to be in order to maintain proper feel. The Studio Select has two circular weights drilled into the sole so head weight can change to fit the corresponding shaft length. According to Scotty Cameron, “Most putter heads are only weighted for 35-inch shafts and therefore, are much too light for shorter lengths, or too heavy for longer lengths.  Too often the same heads are placed in shafts of all lengths.  The result is the golfer having to hit at the ball instead of being able to stroke the ball, and that creates distance control problems.  The Studio Select putter line delivers a wide range of specifications and options, designed to accommodate a wider range of golfer requirements.”

In addition, the Studio Select will also be offered in two head shapes, Newport and Newport 2 as well as three different neck styles including plumbers, short flair, and the mid slant neck many golfers have missed. Not only can golfers pick a putter that suits their eye, but they now have a tremendous amount of control over the amount of toe hang on the putter. So a putter can now fit your stroke as well as your eye.

The lie angle of the putter can be adjusted anywhere from 69 to 73 degrees. The standard grip will be the new red Cameron Cord, although six different grip options are possible including, Black Studio Design, Red Studio Design, Black Baby T, Red Baby T, and Red Winn AVS Midsize. The Studio Select putters will be available March 15 at a MSRP of $325.

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  1. Rich,

    Shouldn’t be a problem getting one at any store around late March or early April.

    I would imagine checking with one of our sponsors would give the opportunity to pre-order one as well if you’re that impatient.

  2. I have been anticipating the release of this putter since I saw a sales sample online. This may be a novice question, but will I be able to walk into Golf Galaxy and purchase one of these, or are they only going to be availbel via ordering?

  3. This is the best Newport series from Cameron in years. The classic lines, no insert, personalized weights/lengths/necks all demonstrate attention to detail and responsiveness to customer feedback. If it performs as well as the Studio Stainless line, I think this will be a great success.

    The only thing I see that is a negative is the inability for the customer to adjust the weight (via a weight kit). We’ll see how long Cameron holds out on the opportunity to up-sell an additional accessory!