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Keegan Bradley signs apparel deal with Travis Mathew



A flat-brim hat, “Air Keegan” spikes and Travis Mathew apparel will be Keegan Bradley’s uniform for the 2014-2015 season. The company announced on Monday that Bradley has signed an apparel deal with Team Travis Mathew.

[youtube id=”3eX6j3pWdkI” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Bradley is ranked No. 28 in the Official World Golf Rankings, but he’s near the top of the fashion rankings on the PGA Tour, especially now that he’s on board Team Travis Mathew. The younger, hipper Southern-California brand should blend better with Bradley’s Air Jordan golf spikes and flat-brim hat.

“We are excited to welcome Keegan Bradley to the Travis Mathew family.” said Travis Mathew CEO Travis Brasher. “He is a perfect fit for our brand and exemplifies the Travis Mathew culture both on and off the course.”

Bradley previously wore Tommy Hilfiger apparel.


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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. Pat M

    May 16, 2015 at 9:50 pm

    KB and Pepsi are idiots.

  2. Rich

    Jan 23, 2015 at 4:31 pm

    Keegan Bradley is possibly the biggest dork of all time. Nothing will change that, especially not those stupid air Keegan shoes he wears.

  3. RG

    Dec 18, 2014 at 5:43 am

    So in a game where grown men use stuffed animals for headcovers and put neon colors on their clubs people in this forum are commenting that flat billed hats and MJ shoes are ridiculous??!! I’ve got news for you mental defectives, Golf is ridiculous!

  4. The Hammer

    Dec 17, 2014 at 11:40 am

    Its the style these days, look at 3/4 of younger golfers and they are wearing flat bills and snapbacks, its the current trend! Everyone thats saying that they look stupid are just jealous they cant get paid to wear trendy clothes and play golf for a living…bottom line. Plus the Jordans look sweet, its no different that someone wearing yellow nike shoes or any other crazy colored shoes. All these comments are just people hating that he has style and they dont. Thats it.

  5. theFairwayMole

    Dec 17, 2014 at 9:19 am

    Best part of the clip: 0:07 – 0:09.

  6. TheBrokenTee

    Dec 17, 2014 at 2:04 am

    Just wondering, is there any way to buy air jordans?

  7. tom

    Dec 16, 2014 at 7:51 pm

    This guy is really looking for attention wearing Jordans on the golf course. Ridiculous.

    • Beacher50

      Dec 17, 2014 at 1:22 am

      Naw, he’s just being paid well to look ridiculous.

  8. Carlos Danger

    Dec 16, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    Flat bill hats are the “Bluetooth” of golf.

    I dont care what clothing company he signs with, a tall dorky white dude in high tops and a flat bill hat looks horrible. Maybe if he was working at one of the cell phone kiosks at the mall it would be acceptable, but not golfing.

    Did someone tell Rory he looks like a character out of the Hobbit movies (more than usual) in his flat bill hat?

    • Beacher50

      Dec 17, 2014 at 1:27 am

      Everyone looks dorky in those hats, and one day they will realize it to. A young coworker wears a flat billed hat, to work even sometimes, and he has upward ambitions, I told him the first thing he needs to do is ditch the hat. Not one executive is going to take him serious when he wears a hat like that to a golf outing, much less to the office. Facts are facts, and unless you’re a rapper your not going to get far with the traditional business man when dressed like a punk.

      • RG

        Dec 18, 2014 at 5:39 am

        This comment brought to you by bias and stupidity.

  9. Supermangolf

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:57 pm

    Awesome sign for both sides! TM gets one of the greatest players in regards to raw talent and intensity, I mean we all know Keegan for his impressive Ryder Cup debut. And Keeg wins with one of the best companies in the industry, really nothing to complain about with anything TM designs. Maybe less stripes though, stay with the clean cut solid colors and bold collars, that gray hat he has on in the video looks awesome.

  10. Brodie Hock

    Dec 16, 2014 at 9:15 am

    I am less likely to wear TM now…

  11. Beacher50

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:31 am

    Flat brimmed hats should be banned…and ears tucked in, talk about dorky looking.

    I have to think one day (like those of use who had long hair and wore bell bottoms back in the day)that those wearing flat brims with their ears tucked in well say “what were we thinking!!!”

    • Billy

      Dec 16, 2014 at 1:16 am

      Idiotic comment. It’s just a hat.

    • Ben

      Dec 16, 2014 at 8:15 am

      Oh Beacher… stop being an old fuddy duddy. I can assure you the guys who like flat brim hats talk about you too. How can you still wear saddle shoes to play golf?

      • Beacher50

        Dec 17, 2014 at 1:20 am

        Talk to me in 10 years, even an ol fuddy duddy like me will be around yet.

    • RG

      Dec 18, 2014 at 5:33 am

      Of course they will…it’s the cycle of life. This generation is entitled to it’s own look. Let’s try and keep our underwear in our pants though.

  12. Conservative White Guy

    Dec 16, 2014 at 12:30 am

    Kb is a perfect TM type and those Jordans are awesome!

  13. RAT

    Dec 15, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    Keegan is not the Travis Type and the Air Jordan’s suck!

  14. Kasey

    Dec 15, 2014 at 8:27 pm

    So happy to see him join TM. What a great move for both. LOVE the Jordans too. Keegs is paving his own way, like Rickie did a few years ago. It will do nothing but good things for him. The stuffy, middle-aged may not like his clothing or shoe choices, but their opinions don’t matter much. #gokeegs

    • Pat

      Dec 15, 2014 at 8:38 pm

      LOL. And most people don’t take kids like you seriously either. The hipster look is only appealing to teenagers and kids in their early to mid 20’s which is a tiny segment of the population.

      • kess

        Dec 15, 2014 at 10:10 pm

        His look doesn’t quite qualify as hipster. I see the dirty little hipsters all over DC. But a young look is fine and appealing to the 18-34 demographic is the Mecca for marketing.

      • JustTrying2BAwesome

        Dec 15, 2014 at 10:21 pm

        And though the under 30 are a smaller segment, they also spend tons of money to look good. Old people in general could care less if they look good, or fashionable, especially on the golf course. Also, the old people are only getting older. At some point, and probably relatively soon, will stop being able to play altogether. The under 30 crowd is the future of the game, and if it’s going to thrive, there has to be an excitement to get kids into it. If flashy clothes and/or clubs do it, then flash it up kids. If you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

      • Conservative White Guy

        Dec 16, 2014 at 12:29 am

        You call that hipster?!? that’s about as hipster as Arnold Palmer on a Sunday.

        This signing is a perfect match and those shoes are sweet looking. MJ is as old as a goat now and yet still moves the needle.

    • other paul

      Dec 16, 2014 at 12:08 am

      Who is going to carry golf forward when old people die? Young people. The next generation of old men playing are going to look great doing it. But first we need the old people to teach us young ones to play. Best short game lesson I ever got was from an 83 year old man who couldn’t hit the ball 100 yards but chipped it inside 10′ on every hole (drove me nuts)

      • Beacher50

        Dec 16, 2014 at 12:33 am

        Young people turn into old people….yup you can’t fence time, and your thoughts on what looks good and acceptable will change as well.

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Morning 9: Why Reed was the right Prez Cup pick | Undercover Tour Pro: We know the cheaters | Jason Day



1. Reed was the right call
Golfweek’s Adam Schupak praises Captain Woods’ selection of one Patrick Reed…”Woods could have justified the selection of the hot hand, Kevin Na, who has won twice in his past 10 starts, including at the Shriners Hospitals for Children Open in October. He could’ve picked Rickie Fowler and few would have batted an eye. He could have ignored the standings and current form and gone for veteran leadership and taken Phil Mickelson or went with his gut and Jordan Spieth.”
  • “But Woods made the right call in taking the 29-year-old Reed to round out his team going to Australia this December, despite the fact that, as the saying goes, his baggage doesn’t fit in the overhead compartment.”
  • “Definitely was fired up to get the phone call from Tiger saying that I was a pick and that he can’t wait for me to be a part of the team and that I’d bring a lot to the team,” Reed said in a conference call with media on Tuesday night. “That means a lot, especially coming from one of the greatest golfers ever to live on this planet. For him to trust in me and the team to trust in me means a lot because it means that I’ve worked hard and that I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing, and that’s try to go out and play the best golf I can.”
2. What’s eating Jason Day?
Golf Channel’s Will Gray…”Day has had a mediocre year by his lofty standards, as the former world No. 1 is down to 29th in the latest world rankings. That’s his lowest position since before the 2013 Masters, and it’s a byproduct of a solid but unspectacular stretch that has included just one top-10 finish since the Masters.”
  • “Speaking to reporters at Mayakoba, Day shared that he didn’t have a trainer for most of the year, a decision he regretted after a back injury sparked his withdrawal at Bay Hill and lingered throughout the season.”
  • “…He also pointed the finger to a revolving door on his bag. Day has employed four different caddies this year, including a short-lived union with Steve Williams. He’s back to friend David Lutterus this week on the El Camaleon course.”
  • “I went through three caddies – I’m on my fourth – and my back was injured. Like, that’s not a good formula for success,” Day said. “What do I need to be successful? I need to not have to worry about any of this. All those things that I was worrying about throughout the year is a distraction.”

Full piece.

3. We know who the cheaters are
The Undercover Tour Pro says on the PGA Tour, everyone knows who the cheaters are but there’s little to be done…
  • “Earlier in the week, I remember nearly spitting out my drink when I read what Phil Mickelson said in his press conference. His quote was, “I know a number of guys on tour that are loose with how they mark the ball and have not been called on it. I mean, they’ll move the ball two, three inches in front of their mark, and this is an intentional way to get it out of any type of impression and so forth, and I think that kind of stuff needs to stop.”
  • “Now, if there’s anyone prone to hyperbole, it’s Phil. The truth is, there’s exactly one guy who is known to mis-mark his ball by two or three inches. Ask any player about cheating, and they’ll all tell you the same name. I was paired with this notorious individual recently, and I witnessed it. Using his hand to obscure the distance behind the ball, he picks up his coin so fast that you almost can’t be certain of what you’ve just seen. But when you see it enough times, it becomes pretty obvious. What’s more, this was just after the anchor ban, and he was using a long putter. He wears baggy shirts, but I could tell that he was anchoring. After the round, we got into a heated debate in the scoring trailer when I refused to sign his card. He claimed that if the end of his grip touched his chest, it was accidental. The way the rule is written, it’s all about intent, and an official signed his card.”

Full piece.

4. Ancer grinding for Prez Cup form’s Cameron Morfit…”Ancer, 28, made history earlier this year when he was one of eight players to earn a spot on the International Presidents Cup Team, which will take on the U.S. at Royal Melbourne, Dec. 12-15. He is the first Mexican to make the International side.”
  • “It’s a big deal for a Mexican to be on that team,” said countryman Carlos Ortiz. “We’re all going to be watching.”
  • “That’s a sentiment shared by others, but Ancer, who last season finished 21st in the FedExCup, has been admittedly slow to let it sink in. He’s simply been too busy.”
  • “I know it’s big,” Ancer said at El Camaleón Golf Club, where he played a rain-delayed nine holes in the pro-am Wednesday. “I get so caught up in like just playing good every week. I’m just so focused when I’m doing that, kind of (need to) take a step back and really think this is something that’s never been done before, which I’m really proud of and I’m really excited.”
5. Fast Eddie gets his card
Eddie Fernandes, five times a Q-School failure in the early 2000s, reborn as a long driver…
  • “…I’d been to Stage 2 once before, but I’d never felt as optimistic as I did this time. Going into the tournament I’d won seven straight mini-tour events-averaging 67.4 strokes per round. I’d coasted through Stage 1.”
  • “And then I missed the cut. Peaked too early, I guess. I was 34. My wife, Eileen, was pregnant with our first child, and I just thought, Eddie, it’s time. Time to take a break from golf and get on with life and having a family.”
  • “I probably played only 20 rounds between 2004 and 2014. I worked as a video-surveillance consultant and opened my own business. I worked in restaurants. I tried a lot of things. And for a long time, I didn’t miss golf. I was focused on providing for my family. But I guess the itch was hiding there somewhere.”

Full piece.

6. Tough decisions 
Golf Digest’s Keely Levins…”Previously in Q school, any college players who earned LPGA membership had to decide immediately whether they would turn pro and play the next season, forgoing any remaining collegiate eligibility. Starting last year with the launch of the Q-Series, collegiate players could turn pro right away and start the LPGA season with the rest of the Q-Series graduates, or defer their status until the end of May and the completion of their collegiate spring season.”
  • “While more flexible than the old rules, the current choice remains difficult. Turn pro right away, and you leave your college team mid-season and miss out on the chance to play in the NCAA Championship (or the newly created Augusta National Women’s Amateur if you’ve qualified). But wait to start your the LPGA season in June, and you leave yourself fewer events to earn enough to be among the top 100 on the money list at season’s end and keep your status for the next year. Failure to finish in the top 100 then puts those players right back where they started: Q-Series.”
  • “In 2018, the first year of the new deferral option, two collegiate players made the choice of skipping the early LPGA events to stay in school: Jennifer Kupcho and Maria Fassi. Both enjoyed the benefits of remaining amateur; Kupcho won the inaugural ANWA and Fassi claimed the NCAA individual title. And then both also retained their LPGA cards after turning pro in June. Kupcho’s rookie season was highlighted by a T-2 at the Evian Championship, helping her finish No. 38 on the money list. Fassi played in 11 events and earned $129,164, good enough to finish No. 98.”

Full piece.

7. Aidan Kramer: scholar, golfer and philanthropist
That’s how Golfweek’s Adam Woodard introduces the collegiate golfer.
  • In the little downtime Kramer has from hitting the books or golf balls, he enjoys watching football and movies or playing ping pong, like most teenagers. That said, he’s unlike most his age, especially when asked about his dream golf foursome. His answers? Bobby Jones, Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer (upon realizing he forgot himself, he would later bench Hogan).
  • For the last two years, his free time has also been spent working with Orlando’s local Fairways for Warriors organization, which is dedicated to decreasing the number of veterans who commit suicide and helping them readjust to civilian life when they return from combat.
  • “They use the game of golf to bring people together and form camaraderie between veterans,” explained Kramer. “It’s really been amazing to see the impact (Fairways for Warriors) has had on veterans in the area.”
  • “Kramer not only volunteers. He also started an equipment drive for the veterans in need through donations from local golfers, equipment manufacturers and clubs in the area.”
8. Video-game based friendship
Excellent stuff on a unique friendship from Cameron Morfit...”Not quite a year after a chance encounter on “Call of Duty,” Harold Varner III finally met gamer pal Arturo at the Mayakoba Golf Classic on Tuesday. Carlos Ortiz, one of seven players representing Mexico here, and Preston Lyon, Varner’s childhood friend and agent – both of whom also know Arturo through the game – were also on site.”
  • “They’ve spent hundreds, maybe thousands of hours together, but this was the first time they had met in person.”
  • “I can’t believe this is happening,” said Arturo, a 22-year-old college student from Mexico, smiling through his braces. He wore jeans and a red Tommy Hilfiger sweater and admitted to being too nervous to have slept much the night before.

Full piece.

9. The man who played too much
Tamar Lapin of the NY Post...”One of Britain’s most exclusive golf clubs gave a member the boot for teeing off too much – and the golfer is striking back with a lawsuit.”
  • “John Cawood, 72, is taking a swing at the Sunningdale Golf Club in Berkshire over claims the club revoked his membership for allegedly playing more than 30 rounds a year, The UK Times reported.”
  • “The club charges a reported $77,000 to join, with high-profile members including former James Bond actor Sean Connery, Hugh Grant and ex-soccer pro Gary Lineker.”
  • “Cawood, a retired lawyer from Australia, was paying a yearly discounted overseas membership of about $1,500 – until members in 2011 began to gripe that he was hitting the green too often.”
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Morning 9: Kuchar on caddiegate | Billy Mayfair’s messy DQ | Tiger in for Genesis



By Ben Alberstadt
Email me at and find me at @benalberstadt on Instagram and golfwrxEIC on Twitter.

November 13, 2019

Good Wednesday morning, golf fans. 
**Just a reminder we’re looking for advertisers for 2020. Drop me a line if you’d like to talk about getting your message in front of the M9 readership.** 


1. Kuchar on caddiegate
Golfweek’s Adam Schupak…”Matt Kuchar concedes he made a mistake last year when he didn’t reward David Giral Ortiz, his fill-in caddie during his victory at the Mayakoba Golf Classic, with a fitting tip for a job well done.”
  • “What happened post tournament with David is something I’m not proud of, made some headlines that certainly I’m definitely not proud of, but I’ve done my best to make amends, to make things right with David, to do things right by the community,” Kuchar said on Tuesday in his pre-tournament press conference.”
  • …”It’s a moment I’m not proud of, but it’s one of those things you do your best as a father to teach kids lessons, and there’s no better thing than to show them – taking the lead and showing them the right steps to take. When you have moments you’re not proud of, you make amends for them, you do your best to make it right and try to keep moving forward and staying positive,” he said on Tuesday. “I think I equate it a lot to team sports, you know. You learn a lot in losses, you learn a lot in hard times. Certainly it’s given me an opportunity for growth, for self-betterment.  I try in situations to definitely not make that mistake again but to be better in so many areas, to try to be more charitable, try to be more giving, try to take more opportunities to do the right things and do really good things.”

Full piece.

2. Disappointing grandma!
ESPN’s Bob Harig…”Now, a year later and back at the PGA Tour event near Cancun, Mexico, Kuchar, 41, again apologized on Tuesday and noted that he even heard from his grandmother in the aftermath of the controversy.”
  • “That was a tough thing on me and my family, but it was really tough when I heard from my grandmother and she’s reading headlines about her grandson,” said Kuchar, who will have his regular caddie, John Wood, on the bag this week. “I think I’ve always tried to make her proud. I’ve got kids of my own, you try to set a good example.”
  • “I’m disappointed in myself. It’s a moment I’m not proud of, but it’s one of those things you do your best as a father to teach kids lessons, and there’s no better thing than to show them, you do your best to make it right and try to keep moving forward and stay positive.”

Full piece.

3. Tiger commits to Genesis Invitational 
Golf Channel’s Will Gray…“Tiger Woods has committed to play in the 2020 Genesis Invitational, where he will serve as tournament host for an event with newfound status.”
“Woods made his PGA Tour debut at Riviera Country Club as a 16-year-old amateur in 1992, and in February he’ll return to headline the field for what was formerly known as the Genesis Open. Last year the PGA Tour granted the event elevated status, meaning the field will be trimmed from 144 to 120 players, the purse will jump from $7.4 million to $9.3 million and the winner will receive a three-year Tour exemption rather than the two-year exemption that most other tournament winners get.”
4. Big rights push
Via Geoff Shackelford…”When news of CBS securing Champions League rights broke over the weekend, there was a natural question about what this meant for their PGA Tour rights.”
“SBD’s John Ourand considers takeaways from Champions acquisition and notes:”
  • “….I’m told that CBS has put forth an aggressive bid for PGA Tour rights, which is expected to be decided by the end of the year. Last fall, in a minor surprise, it renewed a deal for the PGA Championship. Under the direction of Sean McManus and David Berson, CBS Sports always has prided itself on deep relationships and historically has had success keeping the rights it wants…”


5. Mayfair’s mess
Where to begin with this one? Michael Bamberger penned a massive missive on Billy Mayfair’s Champions DQ.
  • “In the space of seven holes, Mayfair had two serious rules issues. By Sunday morning, golf’s two harshest consonants were beside his name, by then at bottom of the full-field list: DQ. There would be no third-week homecoming. Instead, he was consulting with his lawyer.”
  • “Explaining the ‘advice’ rule at the center of the explosive LPGA Q-School rules controversy Mayfair’s first rules problem on the afternoon – Saturday, Nov. 2 – came on the 11th hole, where he had a lengthy search for ball and, later, a seemingly inaccurate recounting of the search to a rules official.”
  • “His second rules problem came on the 17th hole, where his ball moved at least six inches in the rough. The issue there was not the ball’s movement but how Mayfair described the event to a rules official on the scene, versus what actually happened.”
6. Tiger’s sage advice to amateurs’s Jessica Marksbury discussing TW’s appearance on an Australian radio show…“Throughout the chat, Woods sounded like he was in quite an amiable mood, eliciting laughs from the hosts and giving lengthy, thoughtful answers to questions. Woods even offered some advice for recreational players when one of the hosts confessed to being embarrassed by his play during his most recent round of golf.”
  • “To get better, I would say more than anything, try to make little swings and build up, make bigger swings but hit the ball in the middle of the face,” Woods said. “That’s something I stress with every single junior golfer and every amateur, start with a little pitch shot 10 yards, and then 20, 30. Work your way out and try to hit the ball in the middle of the face.
  • “If you can find the middle of the face consistently, your game is going to improve by so many shots, you’re going to enjoy the game so much more, but if you can’t find the middle of the face it’s going to be quite frustrating, and this game is frustrating enough.”

Full piece.

7. McCumber the surfer
Helen Ross profiles surfing aficionado Tyler McCumber, who is playing his debut season on the PGA Tour. Always interesting to hear from a PGA Tour pro who is passionate about something outside the ropes!…”The beach was Tyler’s happy place when he was a kid, and truth be told, it still is. The PGA TOUR rookie started surfing when he was five or six, first learning to stand up on a boogie board and now riding waves in such far-flung places as Australia, Peru, Portugal and Barbados.”
  • “I just fell in love with the ocean,” Tyler says simply. “It became my favorite hobby. I wish I could have made a career out of it, but that wasn’t going to happen.”

Full piece.

8. MacLaren the scribe
Randall Mell on LET golfer Meghan MacLaren’s skill with a pen…”The 25-year-old Englishwoman won her second Ladies European Tour title this year, but she’s making a mark beyond her run at the tour’s Order of Merit title. She has carved out a special place in the game beyond her own golf. She’s a gifted young writer.”
  • “Her blog at is like that wardrobe in C.S. Lewis’ book within the “Chronicles of Narnia” series. It’s a gateway that leads to another world behind the one we see. MacLaren is like having Susan Pevensie in the “Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” as our guide, taking us on an adventure through golf’s hills and valleys, through the challenges young players face.”
  • “MacLaren’s gift is in how delightfully she frames the joy and angst of the beautiful, maddening sport she loves. She writes in a way that makes you feel as if she’s sharing her thoughts with you alone.”

Full piece.

9. “Golf’s ultimate pressure”
Golfweek’s Alistair Tait on what the European Tour Q-School hopefuls will be facing…relative to their tour counterparts.
  • “There’s a lot of pressure riding on this week’s European Tour event. No, not the $7.5 million Nedbank Golf Challenge, but the European Tour Qualifying School.”
  • “There is no pressure in Sun City. These guys have made so much money this season even their caddies are probably looking forward to buying some nice Christmas presents for their loved ones.”
  • “Zander Lombard was the last man into the Nedbank field. He’s earned €516,066.22 this season, $586,671.44 on today’s dollar exchange rate. The guys playing the Final Qualifying Stage at Lumine Golf Club in Tarragona, Spain November 15-20 dream of earning that sort of money.”


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The Dufner signing says a lot about Cobra



Editor’s note: Cobra Golf announced today Jason Dufner is signed to a multi-year full-bag deal.

In all honesty, if you have been following Jason Dufner over the past 9 months, this announcement may not surprise you. He spent 2 years living out every gear heads dream by being an equal opportunity player. He had some epic bags, most notably the drool-worthy National Custom muscle backs finished off with Auburn Tiger BB&Co Ferrules. It was amazing, but even he admits that yes it can be fun messing around but it’s still playing with career fire.

I think it needs to be pointed out that Dufner, believe it or not, is a tough nut to crack when it comes to his clubs. The guy is incredibly smart, precise and knows what he needs….and like Tiger, will not compromise. Those compliments can be a blessing and a challenge for companies all at once. The latter being a guy that is a hard switcher, a hard sell and won’t budge unless it’s perfect.

This critical eye isn’t reserved for only certain clubs, they all have to fit into a very thin pocket. For instance, Jason is a low launch, low spin, average distance player. His lofts are a nod to the late ’90s with a 28 Degree 5 Iron and 48 Degree Pitching Wedge but the guy has no interest in picking up 20 yards. His clubs need to go a certain number every time out of certain flight window. Yes, he looks at Trackman, but imagine selling a car to a guy that isn’t attracted to speed or gadgets but only the granular feel of making a right turn and how far his eyes track over the steering wheel. There are no Trackman numbers for feel and instinct.

But like TaylorMade getting Tiger into an iron he likes, Cobra signing Jason Dufner says more about the quality of work of the people behind the scenes than anything. As a Tour Truck junkie, I’ve gotten to know a bunch of the guys and in particular Ben Schomin of Cobra. As this process went on, I would text him questions about working with JD and I could literally feel his excitement around the process through text.

I can still remember the day late this summer that I saw Cobra wedges in Dufners bag. At that point I knew today was coming. Ben Schomin has become someone Jason trusts, trust that is earned at least equipment wise. Most of the stories around Dufner came around his wedges. The grinds, bounce, shaft, grips need to be perfect and if they are just a whisper off, it’s a non starter. I can only think of a few guys on tour that are like that. Guys that can tell you the yardage and spin numbers on a wedge shot before it even lands…that’s Jason.

So although this signing may seem typical for this time of year, for me it’s awesome. Jason Dufner is extremely interesting to follow, and when he’s playing well, it’s always a good time. But most importantly it’s a testament to the hard work of the folks at Cobra and in particular Ben Schomin. Well done Benny, very well done!


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19th Hole