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I play with an iomic putter grip and I have loved it. I like the feel and the texture of the grip and I thought their iron and wood grips would be worth a shot. The price turned me off but I am willing to to give them a try to see what all the buzz is about.

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Iomic makes the best feeling grip around. As stated above I play midsize or just a little smaller so I had to build these up. especially since they were already a little small.

Sticky 2.3

The Sticky felt great when I first put it in my driver. I really thought it would be hard to not like this grip. I was worried about the white getting to dirty but I figured I would just clean it. The 2.3 is about the same size as standard grips so I added 3 wraps of tape under it and it felt great. The grip is very tacky or really more of a grippy feel. It does not stick to your hands but you feel like you always have a very solid grip on the club. The problem with this grip, at least for me, is that it started to wear and I mean quickly. Within a month I was seeing signs of wear on the grip where my thumb and palm of my bottom hand rest. For a grip that cost this much, it was a deal breaker. This is the only grip of the group that I had early wear problems with. Others have not had this issue but it happened to me.

One other issue that we found in testing. While the white grip looks awesome on week one, after a few weeks of tossing the club in your bag the black cap on the butt end seemed to make marks on all the grips of the clubs in the bag. As you pull the club out and then put it back the black butt end was making marks on the other grips. Sure you can spend the time to soap and water but why? Why did they add a black cap to a white grip? While it does hide the dirt that can gather on the bottom of the bag you cant have that same black mark-up the white surface of all the other grips in the bag.

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The iomic diarrow is pretty much exactly like the golf pride multicompound. It feels firm and has a cord bottom and soft top. I could not justify spending more for pretty much the same grip but it did feel good and looked great.

The x grip to me is the best iomic grip out there. It is firm but soft, tacky or grippy feeling and it showed no signs of wear at all. Since it is a smaller grip I had to add 5 wraps of tape under it which kind of made it look short and fat to me but besides that it was an amazing grip. If you are looking at these grips especially if you have smaller hands (I wear and XL glove) I would highly recommend them if you are willing to spend the money on a quality grip.


James Shih gave us the scoop on IOMIC Grips in the video below.

IOMIC focuses on grip technology, which is often underestimated when compared to the technology put into club heads and shafts.Our revolutionary approaches include the development of a new grip material called “IOMAX,” which gives golfers great feel and control. The launch of our Color Grip Series helped us gain attention in the industry for the wide variety of colors they offer.

These grips are manufactured in Japan with a combination of five elastomers with excellent resistance to the elements and available in a wide variety of color, sizes and weights. Add a little color to your golf game. $199 (set of 13)

Here is James Shih in a tech interview…

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  1. I put an absolute x on my cameron newport 2. I used to have a super stroke 3.0 and putted great….always have. I was told how good these iomic grips are so I gave it a shot……… AWEFUL!The toe wanted to swing open and I lost at least 6 strokes.good bye!

  2. I have been playing IOmic grips for about 3 years and I haven’t found a better grip for feel. My current set of Sticky grips have been on my set of irons for over a year and a half (6 rounds a month all year) with plenty of life left in them.