TaylorMade launched its new SLDR MiniDriver this week at the WGC-Cadillac Championship, giving us the first in-hand photos of the company’s yet-to-be-released driving fairway wood.

The club is roughly half the size of TaylorMade’s SLDR driver — it’s estimated to be about 250 cubic centimeters, while the SLDR driver is 46occ — and also looks and functions differently. It’s color scheme is essentially inverted from the SLDR driver. The SLDR Mini has a matte silver crown and a black sole, while the SLDR Driver glossy charcoal-painted crown and a matte silver sole.

The SLDR Mini we photographed has a printed loft of 12 degrees, but unlike the SLDR driver it has no sliding weight or adjustable hosel. Check out more photos of the SLDR Mini below, including comparison photos from TaylorMade’s Tour Van.

Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the SLDR MiniDriver in our forum.


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Click here to see what GolfWRX Members are saying about the SLDR MiniDriver in our forum. 

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  1. A good idea but total whiff on this one TM. Why is the head 250cc!!! you should have made a 380 or 400 with a pro trajectory and 12-13 degree loft!!!! THAT is a mini driver, THIS is a strong 3 wood.

    Need an OEM to give me a complimentary 1 and 2 wood. Two tee options, 20-30 yard gap, one distance premium, one accuracy premium.

  2. It’s an option…some will buy it, some will buy it with purpose to use it, others will wait and buy it for half price. Either way, It’s another option from TM. Can’t hate them for it.
    My opinion, looks nice, but takes 1 of the 14 seats in my bag, and I don’t really know who I would kick outta the party to accommodate a club I don’t have any knowledge of, or know the value of its purpose/usefullness (made that word up) vs. say 3 wood, utility, rescue, etc. Def not pushing the 712u out:)

  3. A lot of times i practice with older persimmons to get my hand eye coordination synced. I really think that these large club heads have too much drag with the large faces, hence one reason they are harder to work. A deep face is nice and all, but whats the give and take? Faster clubhead speed or more speed across the sweetspot/hitting area? Practice practice practice. If it was easy, everyone would do it

  4. 2 steps forward 1 back?? Does any one know of a comparison test between modern 460cc drivers and older 250cc Big Berthas types by man or machine. I would bet the results are closer than you think. If they wouldn’t make up something new whether it helps or not , sales would go down. Show them the $$$$$$.

  5. Finally!!! A new release from Taylormade!! It’s been so long since they put out somethimg new I was stating to worry. And what a release! A “Minidriver”… I didn’t even know I needed one. Thank you TM, you make my golf life complete.

  6. Looks a lot like my Cobra Long Tom 2 wood. If it’s anything like my 2 wood it will save a lot of guys several strokes. I struggled with the driver forever. I got my Long Tom and changed shafts and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. My drives don’t suffer either I hit the 2 wood as far as I’ve ever hit a driver. I would definitely give this club a try as a driver replacement for sure.

  7. It is a “thriver.” A Driver that you can hit fairways with and off the deck. It is essentially a 2W. I assume this is for stronger players like Tiger Woods that hit 3W off the tee but are looking for a little more distance. It could help those that have an issue with the larger heads.

  8. this club would fit well in a Star Trek movie.
    I like how TM use rest ot the white paint from the RBZ and mix it with some of the new paint – to get this lovely grey ish color. Some master brain at work – respect

  9. You can’t design or buy your way out of poor technical execution.

    If you can’t grip down on a driver and swing at 75% of normal to hit a stock fairway finder shot then put the clubs on the bay.

    This $300+ club will not cure bad swings. Look at Phil as an example. Callaway tinkering to mask technical flaws which are there for everyone to see if you can find YouTube.

  10. Seems strange that in the niche market where very advanced players get very picky about face angles, that this club wouldn’t be adjustable.

    But it really does seem like the ‘club of the year': the small driver. Callaway, Ping, Taylormade; they are all doing it.

  11. If they made this thing in a 9° loft and slapped a steel shaft in it, we would have a winner. I have not played golf very long. Started out with the modern 460 cc heads and i do okay with them, but when im in a pinch or just not hitting it well, i swap out my 910 d3 with an early 80s macgregor eye o matic. Deadly accurate and well long enough. Modern driver heads weigh between 196-204 grams. So do all the vintage clubs! This club could be the real deal. As long as its more durable than Previous taylormade (caved faced) models

    • So you get the taylormade caved toe too?? Lol 2 rounds after I got my R1 black, I had to take it back for that reason, not to mention almost all of my previous tm drivers haha.

    • If you had a 9 degree driver head that was small in size with a 43.5″ steel shaft, you’d have a 1993 Callaway Big Bertha with the True Temper Memphis 10 shaft. Like I have in my basement. One of the best and most fun to hit drivers I have ever used. Without any doubt, the best driver I have ever owned, for hitting the ball off the deck.

      • Im still looking for my dads big bertha head in the woods behind #7 tee box. He loved that club.it was killer. Head flew off after completing his follow through. Freak power golden gloves heavyweight boxer champ 1974 ;)

  12. Good amount of people only hit 3 woods off the tee. So why not get a larger one that will be more forgiving and longer.

    I personally want one so I can hit it off the deck as well. Even though I dont do it often, I would like that option.

    • just an assumption its probably so that when you are looking down at your ball you can a-line the symbol in the middle of the ball and have the ball positioned in the sweet spot (middle of the club) if it was located directly in the middle in order to a-line the ball to it you would have to be looking down at the club face directly over the club. Again just an assumption I truly have no facts… Ha!

  13. Ask yourself one question: is a 12 degree fairway wood really going to lower your score? Most players don’t have chance at hitting this off the ground and those that can won’t need it in their bag. Sure, it might be cool to hit off the tee. But, for the average player, I doubt that the 12 degree loft and small head will produce straighter tee shots. If anything, the average player will still end up in the tall grass but have 10-15 more yards to the green than usual. This club seems like something that even an advanced player wouldn’t use very frequently.

    • My guess would be to have this in place of a driver, have a 5 wood in place of a 3 wood then your usual iron set and wedges. This club is less likely to go as offline as a 460CC driver would do.

    • I’m with you, bro. Quite frankly cannot understand the purpose of this club. It’s tee shot equivalent of a chipper! It’s a unitasker, one trick pony that is too big to be a traditional fairway wood but not forgiving enough to replace the traditional driver. Why not get a 12* SLDR driver and get the extra forgiveness? Why not get a 13° fairway wood and have a more versatile club?

      • The purpose of the club – the competition has one on the market. How much of a percentage of golfers visit this web site, or one which is similar; you’re in the know, good for you. TM didn’t get to be so big by selling to us (we educate ourselves), but to buyers who go and buy at will. It’s all marketing, well we’re doing it now, free of charge to boot.
        As all have said, buy in 6 months for a fraction of the cost. I played a similar club (Titleist PT 13 degree 3 wood) that club was to people a golf with what a Nissan GTR was to street racers. The fact I had one, could actually play it brought a sort of respect for my game, especially after I would let them try the club. Remember, TM here to sell clubs even if it contradicts what they just said. TM will make and people will buy. Golfers will wait for the clearance price.

  14. Yea, I don’t get this size. Seems like such a small niche market. If people wanted to use a smaller headed driver to find fairways…why not just buy an old callaway great big bertha

    • I think this club is for people with high swing speed, but are willing to sacrifice 10 yards of distance in order to hit one or two more fairways a round. Or at least that is why I would use it.

      • Or it’s designed for players who want extra distance than their current fairway woods provide.

        I hope we see some tests between this and old titanium drivers that are similar in size.

        • Speaking as someone who bought a Callaway XHot Pro 3Deep 13 last year, I can confirm that these kind of clubs do go pretty far. I’ve measured one drive (I stress it has only happened once!) at just over 300 yards. Good alternative to a driver if you’re not confident with the big stick.

          • I have a TM R9 and I don’t think it goes any father than my old Cobra 380cc driver. In fact it doesn’t go much farther than my TM Superfast 5 wood. My 5 wood is the same length as the old drivers and goes a lot straighter. Today’s 46 inch drivers are too long to control.