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GolfWRX Launch Report: 2023 Cobra AeroJet drivers, fairway woods, hybrids



Cobra AeroJet drivers and fairway woods

What you need to know: Building on the LTDx platform, Cobra’s new AeroJet family of drivers includes three models: AeroJet LS, AeroJet, and AeroJet Max. An elevated, internal bridge structure (PWR-Bridge Weighting) in the sole of the club is the centerpiece technology of the line, which places CG low and forward.

2023 Cobra AeroJet drivers: What’s new, key technology

Advanced Aerodynamic Shaping: Producing 1.5 mph more clubhead speed in robot testing compared to the LTD line, AeroJet drivers feature progressive aerodynamic shaping and unique weighting configurations for maximum clubhead speed and precise mass configuration.

PWR-Bridge Weighting: Suspended in the sole of the club like a bridge, the 13-gram PWR-Bridge positions CG low and forward for spin reduction and a flexible sole for enhanced energy transfer.

PWRSHELL Face Insert: This technology, debuting for the first time in a Cobra driver, produces a larger sweet spot.

H.O.T. Face (Highly Optimized Topology): An A.I. designed variable thickness face produces more efficient spin and speed across the clubface.

Thin-ply carbon fiber raw finish…in the club’s crown and sole is 30 percent thinner than “normal carbon fiber,” according to the company, contributing to lower CG and more discretionary mass for engineers to dial in launch and spin.

Jason Dufner’s Cobra AeroJet LS driver

An in-hand look at Jason Dufner’s Cobra AeroJet driver on Tour.

Additional model details

AeroJet LS

  • Low launch, low spin
  • Neutral to fade-biased
  • Smaller profile at address
  • 2 weight ports in the sole (with 12g and 3g weights) are positioned forward in the heel and toe


  • 12-gram fixed back weight for higher launch, MOI
  • Higher launching than the LS while still being low spinning 
  • Neutral shot shape

AeroJet Max

  • Maximum stability with an optional draw bias
  • Placing the 12-gram weight in the rear, 3 gram in the heel = stability with a small draw bias
  • Placing 12-gram weight in the heel = more substantial draw bias

What Cobra says

“The aerodynamic package in the new AeroJet family of drivers is our most advanced to date,” said Mike Yagley, Vice President of Innovation, COBRA Golf. “We continue to balance the aggressive streamlining with optimum mass and resilience properties to give players maximum club head speed and ball launch characteristics for increased distance.”

Pricing and availability

Price: $549

AeroJet LS: 9, 10.5 degrees

Comes in RH/LH with a choice of 3 premium aftermarket shafts in select flexes including: MCA Kai’li White 60 (x-stiff and stiff); Project X HZRDUS Black Gen4 (stiff) and MCA KAI’LI Blue 60 (Regular). Lamkin Crossline grips come standard.  

AeroJet: 9, 10.5, 12 degrees

Comes in RH/LH with a choice of 3 premium aftermarket shafts in select flexes including: MCA Kai’li White 60 (x-stiff and stiff); MCA KAI’LI Blue 60 (regular and stiff), and UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 4 (Lite), and 5 (Regular). Lamkin Crossline grips comes standard.  

AeroJet Max: 9, 10.5 12 degrees

Comes in RH/LH with a choice of 2 premium aftermarket shafts in select flexes: MCA Kai’li Blue 60 (regular and stiff), and UST Mamiya Helium Nanocore 4 (Lite) and 5 (Regular). Lamkin Crossline grips comes standard.  

AeroJet Max is also available in a women’s edition. 

At retail: February 10

More photos

Cobra AeroJet

Cobra Aerojet Max

Cobra AeroJet LS

2023 Cobra AeroJet fairway woods


What you need to know: Like the AeroJet drivers, 2023 Cobra AeroJet fairway woods feature PWR-Bridge weighting, PWRSHELL, and H.O.T. Face technology as well as carbon fiber crowns. CG is low and forward for speed and low spin. AeroJet LSM, AeroJet, AeroJet Max. 

Jason Dufner’s Cobra AeroJet 3-wood

AeroJet LSM

  • Low-spin model
  • Forward weighting for lower trajectories, more workability
  • Two forward weight ports with 12g and 3g weights that can be positioned in the heel or toe.

Gary Woodland’s Cobra AeroJet LSM 3-wood


  • Aimed at the widest segment of the fitting bell curve
  • 12g fixed weight is in the rear of the sole for forgiveness, high launch

AeroJet Max

  • Most forgiving model
  • Draw bias
  • 12g and 3g weights can be positioned in the back or the heel of the sole

Pricing, specs, and availability

Price: $329

AeroJet LSM fairway is offered with the MCA Kai’li White 70 shaft in stiff and x-stiff flex, and a Lamkin Crossline grip. Loft offerings include a 3W with a nominal loft of and 14.5 (adjustable between 13.0 – 16), and a 5W with a nominal loft of 17.5 (adjustable between 16 – 19).

The AeroJet fairway is offered with a choice of UST Helium Nanocore 5F2 in Lite flex or Kai’li Blue 60 in regular or stiff flexes. Loft offering include 15 (3W) which is adjustable from 13.5 to 16.5, 18 (5W) adjustable from 16.5 to 19.5, and 21 (7W) adjustable from 19.5 to 22.5.

AeroJet Max shaft choices include UST Helium Nanocore (5F2 Lite or 5F3 Reg flex) or Kai’li Blue 60 in stiff flex. Loft offering include 15.5 (3W) adjustable from 14 to 17, 18.5 (5W) adjustable from 17 to 20, and 21.5 (7W) adjustable from 20 to 23.

AeroJet Max is also available in a women’s model (available in 3W (18.5) adjustable between 17.0 to 20.0, 5W (21.5) adjustable between 20.0 to 23.0, 7W (24.5) adjustable between 23.0 to 26.0.

AeroJet hybrids

AeroJet hybrids

  • New shape with lower heel, more rounded crown, and slightly raised aft
  • PWR-BRIDGE weighting

AeroJet One Length

Both the standard AeroHet hybrid (available in 2H (17 degrees), 3H (19 degrees), 4H (21 degrees), 5H (24 degrees), and 6H (28 degrees), and One Length model (available in 3H (19 degrees), 4H (21 degrees), 5H (24 degrees) come with KBS PGI premium aftermarket shafts (85 -S, 75-R, 65 -A), and Lamkin Crossline grips standard. MSRP: $279

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  2. dat

    Jan 9, 2023 at 2:50 pm

    Getting pricey compared to where they have been, which was one of Cobra’s biggest advantages.

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