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Will Zalatoris makes ‘selfish’ plea to Tiger Woods



2021 PGA Tour Rookie of the Year, Will Zalatoris may be one of the hottest prospects in the golfing world, but he holds nothing but the utmost respect for 15-time major champion Tiger Woods, pleading with him to ‘get in the damn cart’ if it means a chance of playing with him.

In part of an in-depth interview with Graham Bensinger, the world number 7, and seven time major top-10 finisher, cannot stop eulogising over his golfing idol, even saying it amazed him that Tiger even knows who he was.

Debating the greatest player, the 2022 FedEx St. Jude champion says that Tiger changed the game, so much so that it is hardly recognizable from a few years ago.

Zalatoris explains, “15 years ago, not everyone had trainers, sports psychologists, most people had, just like, one coach,” yet nowadays player’s can just about find room on the on-site training coach, such is the necessity to be super-fit.

“Tiger’s built like a tight end,” said the 26-year-old. “He body is like….his upper body, he is like, just a massive human.”

Asked whether he could see the day when he might play with the GOAT, Zalatoris can’t hide his enthusiasm.

“I would love to play with Tiger at least once, before he is done-done. Just to do it would be an amazing experience,” he says, smiling throughout.

Even past his best, Tiger is still seen as the golfer that changed golf.

“He [Tiger] is the needle, he doesn’t move it. Ive seen him. I mean, I’m playing and I’m like’ Oh my gosh!’ It’s insane!”

Zalatoris is clearly a fan, noticing first hand just how popular Tiger remains. “At the PGA, I played in front of him for two days,” he tells Bensinger. “We had more people following us so they could get a better view when Tiger rolls through!”

The host then asks, “Whats the likelihood you get to play with him?”

“Thats up to him,” Zalatoris replies.

” The part that amazes me is that he has such a hard time walking and he can still play some good golf. Tiger can get a cart if he wants to, but you know he’s never gonna take it, because that’s who he is. And I’m selfishly like ‘Get in the cart. I wanna play with you!’

He tells Tiger,

“You’ve proven people wrong countless times, getting back from injuries, and I’m like, Get in the damn cart!”


Sadly, Will doesn’t have his direct number and can’t text him to arrange a round, though admits close friend Tony Romo probably does.

“I never want to pry his space cos I have so much respect for what he did, even for me and he doesn’t even know me.” says a modest Zalatoris.

“I was laughing at the PGA this year, cos he was standing on the tee and he wasn’t even playing with anybody, and I was going to play with another buddy, and he says ‘Hey, do you wanna go?’ and I’m like ‘you wanna come?’ ”

Zalatoris admits, “I didn’t say it, but like Tiger says, you go, okay I’m going.”

He regrets not asking, saying his buddy bizarrely turned Tiger down.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” I said. I mean, “I respect you trying to stay with me, but the feeling’s not mutual!”

He recalls getting close to his hero at St. Andrews when Tiger came over, slapped him on his behind and said, “Great play, Willy’ and I’m like, “Ooh, that’s him, I know him!”

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19th Hole

‘Never thought I would say this…’ – NFL star Sauce Gardner makes huge claim after picking up golf



NFL cornerback, Sauce Gardner, has recently caught the golf bug and has documented his early golf journey on social media.

The New York Jets star took to X once again on Wednesday, saying golf was harder than football.

“Never thought I would say this, but golf is harder than football.”

I don’t think many would disagree with Gardner’s revelation, but it’s interesting to see a football player say it, nonetheless.

One account, “LIV Golf Insider”, replied to Gardner and it seemed to resonate with the way most fans feel.

“Nobody on the planet thinks football is harder to play than golf.”

Gardner is running out of time to work on his golf game with football season right around the corner.

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19th Hole

Jon Rahm gives refreshing answer when asked to rate his season ahead of LIV Golf Andalucia



Prior to the 2024 season, LIV Golf signed Jon Rahm for a mega deal reported to be in the range of $600 million. Rahm currently sits second in the LIV Golf individual season standings, but many would argue he’s underachieved so far this season.

The Spaniard is yet to win a LIV event and has also been extremely disappointing in majors as well. He finished T45 at The Masters as the defending champion, missed the cut at the PGA Championship and was forced to withdraw from the U.S. Open with an infection in his toe.

LIV Critics have attributed Rahm’s lack of major success to the fact that the LIV schedule is lighter and doesn’t require the players to practice as much as they had previously. At this week’s pre-tournament press conference at Valderrama for LIV Andalucia, Rahm was asked if the move to LIV is the primary reason for his struggles.

“Is the format less competitive than before?” said the reporter.

“No.” Rahm answered.

“It’s not easy to win golf tournaments, I’ve been close. I just haven’t gotten it done.”

While he didn’t attribute his less than stellar season to being on a new tour, he did admit it wasn’t his best when asked to rate his performance this season.

“There’s been weeks where I feel like I scored a lot better than I felt.”

“And there’s been a couple weeks where it could have been better.

“I haven’t won yet so that would deduct quite a bit from it.

“I would say maybe six to a seven out of 10 if I had to say. But the year is not over.

“[There is] still a lot to play for.

“It would not be unheard of to see a player finish strong and change that to maybe a nine out of 10.”

Rahm will begin his quest to turn his 2024 season into a “nine out of 10” this week in his home country at LIV Golf Andalucia.

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19th Hole

‘Absolutely not’ – Rory McIlroy explains why he has no regrets over media snub following U.S. Open collapse



Some time has passed, but Rory McIlroy’s pre-tournament presser ahead of his return to action this week at the Scottish Open was dominated with talk of his U.S. Open collapse at Pinehurst.

After his final round at Pinehurst, Rory sped off in his courtesy Lexus, choosing not to speak with the media. A decision that drew criticism from some media members and golf fans alike.

At this week’s event, McIlroy was asked if he regretted that decision.

“Absolutely not. No. There’s nothing that I could have said that was – not that – I mean, it would have been good because you guys would have been able to write something about it or have a few quotes from me. No offence; you guys were the least of my worries at that point.”

Despite the disappointment, the four-time major champion is already focused on winning the next one.

“Yeah, I stewed on what happened at Pinehurst for a couple of days, but then, yeah, thankfully I can go home and look at what I’ve achieved in the game and sort of feel okay about myself.

“Yeah, look, it was a great opportunity. It passed me by but hopefully, when I get that next opportunity, it won’t pass me by.”

McIlroy will tee it up at the Renaissance Club this week as the defending champion at the Scottish Open.

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