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19th Hole

‘Pretty warped stuff’ – Announcer blasts leader’s drop at PGA Championship



Mito Pereira leads the 2022 PGA Championship through Saturday afternoon, but a free drop has been a source of controversy amongst announcers and fans.

On the ninth hole, Pereira hit a tee shot that drifted left into the rough area of the crosswalk, which fans traverse through for the event.

The Chilean was granted a free drop, which allowed him to drop in the fairway, and it’s fair to say not everyone was pleased with the ruling.

On Sky Sports, on-course announcer Wayne Riley described the decision as “pretty warped stuff”, with the Aussie saying on air:

“I can’t believe this drop. Where that ball is, he’s got to keep the flag in line. He’s not going backwards. That, to me is quite be able to get it onto the fairway. That’s pretty warped stuff.”

Fellow commentator and winner on the European Tour, Nick Dougherty, declared the decision as a “monumental break”, and the reaction on Twitter was even more stinging:

The 27-year-old was granted relief under a local rule allowing players free relief plus an additional club length from “abnormal course conditions.”

Riley went on to say the ruling was “just one of those”, while Pereira went on to make bogey on the hole.

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Gianni is the Managing Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected]



  1. derek gzaskow

    Jun 11, 2022 at 9:48 am

    WHAT WAS THE ‘abnormal course condition? was he in the walkway?

  2. individualrites

    Jun 7, 2022 at 9:17 am

    So he followed the rules as written and people are upset? Morons.

  3. T-Bone

    Jun 3, 2022 at 11:47 am

    Y’all need to get your face in a Rules of Golf book for the first time in your life. No problem going from fairway to rough when taking relief. Pretty basic stuff.

  4. ChipNRun

    May 27, 2022 at 12:43 pm

    As reporter GM note:

    “The 27-year-old was granted relief under a local rule allowing players free relief plus an additional club length from ‘abnormal course conditions.'”


    A headache for anyone playing in a tournament is trying to sort out whether USGA or a local rule apply in a given case. In the local Amateur circuit events I play, half the first tee briefing goes to USGA/local deconfliction. Likewise, half of in-round ruling requests involve clarifications on USGA/local.

    Note that some purists see the USGA rules as theology. Purists simply don’t like local rules, and will experience a psychological hissy fit when a local is invoked.

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19th Hole

Text message EXPOSES Greg Norman as Mickelson biographer is ‘physically removed’ from LIV presser



Alan Shipnuck shared via his Twitter account that he was physically removed from the first round of LIV Golf Series’ inaugural event outside of London on Thursday.

There has been plenty of controversy surrounding Shipnuck, who spoke with Phil Mickelson back in November 2021 ahead of writing his  book titled “Phil: The Rip-Roaring (and Unauthorized!) Biography of Golf’s Most Colorful Superstar”.

During their conversation, Mickelson told Shipnuck that he wanted to take part in the new LIV Golf Invitational Series because he wanted to use Saudi Arabia’s interest in forming the league to leverage the PGA Tour into giving the players what he believes they are worth.

Mickelson claims that the comments were given to Shipnuck “off the record”, but Shipnuck has disputed that claim.

Shipnuck arrived to St. Albans with hopes of speaking to Mickelson prior to his round, but reported that Mickelson was unsurprisingly not interested in doing so.

Despite being told Mickelson did not want him there, Shipnuck went to his press conference anyway before he was forcibly removed.

Later on Thursday, Shipnuck then revealed on Twitter how he sent a text message to LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman to let him know that he was removed by security.

Shipnuck texted: “Are you aware that I just got muscled out out of Phil’s press conference by a couple of your goons? Luckily for you guys I kept my cool and deescalated the situation. Please call me to discuss.”

Norman replied: “Did not hear. Thanks for letting me know.”

Shipnuck then sent Norman a photo that he had been sent of Norman standing behind him outside the media centre, revealing that Norman was likely very well aware of what was going on.

The drama and controversy surround everything LIV Golf continues to dominate headlines. Round two of the 54 hole event is set to take place at 2:15 local time for a shotgun start.

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19th Hole

‘It makes me want to puke’ – Chamblee rips LIV Golf stars in scathing attack



What a week for golf!

The much-discussed LIV Golf series started yesterday amidst huge analysis of the morals and legitimacy, and yet over 100,000 tuned in to the YouTube channel to see what all the fuss was about.

Whilst that has all been going on, the long-standing RBC Canadian Open has started, with defending champ Rory McIlroy giving a clear opinion on the rebel tour, while the DP World Tour kicked off the second Scandinavian Mixed event, a mixed men’s and women’s tournament, to some eyes a better way of ‘growing the game.’

Naturally, and some might say sadly, the LIV event has grabbed all the headlines.

Participating players have been grilled at the press conferences about their thoughts on their resignation from the PGA Tour and human rights issues surrounding the Saudi-backed series, some with pre-prepared and scripted answers, some not quite so erudite.

And then there were the organizing authorities.

The USGA has decided to allow LIV players that are qualified to still take part in next week’s US Open, whilst the PGA Tour have said ‘no thanks, goodbye’, with McIlroy today saying he welcomed that decision.

Golf Twitter has gone crackers during the week with very few staying away from contributing to the hundreds of topics that surround, let’s face it, quite a minor event.

Then there’s the pros.

Golf Channel analyst, Brandel Chamblee, made his feelings clear in a speech broadcast by Sky Sports News, saying the players that have joined the LIV series make him “want to puke”.

He continued, with genuine passion and vitriol.

“When it comes to the richest sports stars in the world, Phil Mickelson is 11th. He’s ahead of Kobe Bryant, he’s ahead of David Beckham, he’s ahead of Kevin Durant, he’s ahead of Lewis Hamilton.”

“You’re talking about him being ahead of icons in sports that are far more popular worldwide than the game of golf. And yet why is it that golf has four of the highest paid athletes of all time? Why is it that Phil Mickelson is 11th, in terms of the stratosphere he does occupy, as an athlete… that athletes who have made less money than him but play a sport that is widely more popular. Why is that? It’s because of the image of the golfer.

Because of their independent contract nature. Because they show up and, generally speaking, play a game that is self governed and self policing. It is a game of integrity. It’s because corporations want to align themselves with these players. It’s because of the philanthropic aspect of the game of golf.”

“So when I hear these players say that they are ‘growing the game’… it makes me want to puke. They’re destroying the game. And they are destroying their reputations.”

With absolutely no regret, the former professional concludes his feelings with a biting thought.

“This is one of the saddest days in the history of golf. Watching these players come together for money and show to the world…they are showing us that they are the greediest, most self serving, self interesting, wilfully blind players in the world of golf today.”

What a week to be alive.

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19th Hole

‘Bullsh*t of an excuse’ – Tennis legend blasts ‘pathetic’ LIV Golf players



On the eve of the RBC Canadian Open and the Scandinavian Mixed events on either side of the water, the LIV Golf International Series continues to hog the headlines.

Impossible to ignore, it seems everyone has a view on the moral rights, or wrongs, of taking part in the Saudi-backed series, and current and former sports legends are of no exception.

Martina Navratilova, 18-time Grand Slam champion, was prompted to make her views known after Graeme McDowell’s response to one reporter’s question this week.

Under intense scrutiny at the press conference, G-Mac was asked about the controversial Saudi funding and admitted that the “Khashoggi situation was reprehensible,” before saying that “we are proud to help Saudi if they want to use golf to get to where they want to be.”

The nine-time Wimbledon ladies champion didn’t hide her feelings and called the comments, “pathetic”, adding, in frustration, “How exactly is golf going to help women in Saudi?!”

Explaining further her view on political morals over cash, the nine-time Wimbledon champ made clear her own experiences when invited to play at a controversial event.

“In the 80’s, Chris (Evert) and I were offered a lot of money to play an exhibition in South Africa and we refused. Something called #principle made that an easy decision,” she wrote, before saying “I am so disappointed with my fellow athletes for doing this… seems everybody has a price.”


And so it goes on…..

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