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19th Hole

‘I would love for a bomb to drop on it’ – Tyrrell Hatton snaps club and goes on epic rant over Abu Dhabi hole design



Tyrrell Hatton, who took part of the legendary ‘thumbs up’ campaign on the European Tour at the start of 2021, is probably the player most likely to be voted ‘must mic’ for any event.

Indeed, Ryan French, posting as @acaseofthegolf1 on Twitter, posted after the first round that – ”I would pay $30 a round for just a feed of Hatton mic’d up, unedited, for all 18.”

Winner in Abu Dhabi at the course of the same name last year, the 30-year-old is also a two-time winner of the Alfred Dunhill Links and should have taken to the Yas links like the proverbial duck to water.

Vibes were good after he won the Hero One Yard Fairway Challenge at the start of the week when proving too straight for both Rory McIlroy and Colin Morikawa, but it doesn’t take much for our hero to lose it a touch, and he didn’t let us down after the 18th hole on Saturday.

Having birdied the par-5 in his first round, he recorded a double-bogey seven in the wind on Friday before posting a quadruple-bogey on the hole on Moving Day.

“It must be one of the worst par fives that I’ve ever seen in my life and, over the last two days, I’ve clearly played it about as well as it was designed,” said Hatton.

“It’s just really frustrating. I thought I played pretty good yesterday and was not sure how I managed to shoot 77. I really wanted to go out today and make amends and I played so good. I’m six under for 13 holes, I’ve got all the shots back and more and then we get to the 18th.”

Fancy elucidating, Tyrrell?

“What’s wrong with it? Where do you start?” he asked. “It shouldn’t have a bunker in the middle of the fairway and it shouldn’t be over 600 yards from a forward tee. If you hit a good drive as a pro you should have at least a chance to go for the green in two, otherwise the hole becomes a par three, after the first two shots, and that’s if you play it well. Hardly anyone will get there in two today.

“I can’t remember the last time I got a nine, I certainly haven’t had one that I can recall as a pro. I was probably about 14 the last time it happened.”

I’ll let Ryan French sum it up:  “Imagine the stuff we aren’t hearing”

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19th Hole

Unruly fan behaviour overshadows Charlie Woods’ pre-qualifier round for Cognizant Classic



On Thursday, Charlie Woods attempted to pre-qualify for the Cognizant Classic in the Palm Beaches. The round at Lost Lake Golf Club didn’t go so well for Charlie, as he shot a disappointing 86 on the day.

According to The Palm Beach Post, the round quickly became unenjoyable for the 15-year-old. A group of nearly 50 fans followed Woods close to the fairway and ignored pleas from the tournament staff for them to “stay on the cart path”.

“Who are you? The fire marshal?” one fan reportedly said.

The Palm Beach Post also shared that one grandmother pulled her granddaughter out of school in hopes of Woods noticing her. Another fan became disgruntled when Charlie wouldn’t sign a copy of her book, “How I Play Golf,” by Tiger Woods, saying “I live here” when told that Charlie wasn’t allowed to sign mid-round.

Woods was derailed by scoring a 12 on the 7th hole, as well as plenty of other mishaps throughout the round. Unlike most 15-year-old kids, Charlie doesn’t have the luxury of being able to grind through the adversity outside of the public eye.

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19th Hole

We asked Rory McIlroy what his dream all-time version of ‘The Match’ would be…Here’s what he had to say



In the lead up to TNT Sports’ ninth edition of “Capital One’s The Match,” Rory McIlroy, Max Homa, Rose Zhang and Lexi Thompson held a press conference.

While answering a question from GolfWRX, Rory McIlroy did his best to reveal what four players in the history of golf he’d hypothetically like to see play in “The Match”.

Vincenzi: “If you could create a match in this format between any players in any era, what match would you create and why?”


“I think one of the cool things about golf is being able to or at least trying to compare generations. So, I was always a big fan of Shell’s wonderful world of golf growing up. And obviously you had a lot of the greatest players ever to play those matches.

I mean, it’s hard. I think there’s too many great players in the history of the game to try to, to just put up a foursome together because, you know, off the top of my head, I’m like, ok, Sam Snead and Hogan, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tom Watson, Lee Trevino, Seve. I mean, you can go on and on down the list and I’m a pretty big historian of the game and I, I really appreciate where the game has come from and what it’s evolved into and how that has benefited me and all of my peers up until this point. So, I think it’s hard to create a foursome and a format that would really do the history of golf justice.

But take your pick, there’s so many different ones that you could do. But I think trying to compare generations, being able to compare Hogan to Tiger, for example, in both of their primes would be something that would be really cool to watch.

There you have it. If the next version of “The Match” was Ben Hogan vs. Tiger Woods, who would you pick?

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19th Hole

‘Yuck’ – Cringe driving range mansplaining incident towards PGA pro goes viral



While a female golf professional and coach was on the range, she received some unprovoked swing tips from an amateur onlooker.

“What you’re doing there is you’re coming back too slow,” the random man said to Georgia Ball, who has almost 200,000 Instagram followers based on her excellent golf tips she puts out on social media.

“I’m going through a swing change at the minute, so…,” Ball responds.

The man continues to try and “help” and says he’s been playing the game “for 20 years”.

You can see the full video on Ball’s Instagram page (@georgiagolfcoach) here:


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by Georgia Ball (@georgiagolfcoach)

The most infuriating part of the video is certainly after she makes a great swing, the man tries taking credit as if his advice is what produced the result.

The man takes a beating in the comment section so make sure to check out the post, with even Hollywood actor Don Cheadle calling the incident “yuck”.

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