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John Daly explains Tiger Woods beef from 2019 PGA Championship



John Daly and his son John Daly II recently hit the headlines for winning the PNC Championship, with the father-son combo seeing off a strong effort from Tiger Woods and his son Charlie.

Following the win, the elder Daly took the time to appear on the Full Send Podcast, where he shared several stories from his colorful career on and off the golf course.

During the show, John Daly was speaking about his love for Tiger before host Bob Menery interjected, saying, “He did make a comment though, he busted your balls once”, referring to the 2019 PGA Championship when Tiger was asked about Daly using a cart, responding: “As far as JD taking a cart, well, I walked with a broken leg, so,”

On the podcast, Daly was quick to blame the media for the incident and said that Tiger even apologized for his comment.

“Yeah, but he didn’t know the facts because the media, ‘the media’ (sarcastic gesture) didn’t tell him I had diabetes and I had a bad two knees and my hips out and all this stuff. He apologized to me at dinner the other night. I mean, he’s fine. I love Tiger.”

Daly also added that he was one of the first men to text Tiger following his car crash in February and that Woods greatly appreciated the words of comfort from the 1995 Open Champ.

“Look, I was the only guy that texted him going through all this. Besides JT (Justin Thomas) and a couple of other players, when he had that wreck, I was the first one to say ‘Hey man, get better and do good.’

And at the dinner, when I was Santa Claus, he says, ‘Man, thank you so much for the texts. It means a lot to me.’ And that meant a lot to me.”

Check out the interview in full below.

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Gianni is the Managing Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at [email protected]



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  8. Paul Starr

    Feb 2, 2022 at 12:15 pm

    With all his health problems, there he sits smoking. He must have a death wish. Bladder cancer can be linked directly to smoking and drinking. He has so much talent.

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  26. Jake Forrest

    Jan 13, 2022 at 1:26 pm

    I can never forgive JD for that beard. It is hideous.

  27. Palmer

    Jan 12, 2022 at 12:32 pm

    JD is a legend… On the other hand these three with Full Send are complete tools. Might be one of the dumbest interviews i have ever seen. Get a grip and ask a real question without saying the word “fu*k” 9 times a sentence. Brutal. Complete waste of time.

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  33. BobbyG

    Jan 4, 2022 at 1:58 pm

    The media loves JD though and they will hump or suck anything to make a story no matter how false it may be. Without JD, there is not much else to report, right? LOL! He reminds me of Biden telling stories about all he has done and who’s he whipped.

    • Joe R

      Jan 9, 2022 at 1:13 am


      You same? Don’t forget to take your ivermectin!

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  36. Drumpf

    Jan 2, 2022 at 1:17 am

    Let’s go Brandon? Lol…go drink some bleach!

    Going back to the capital this week?

  37. CrashTestDummy

    Jan 1, 2022 at 1:30 pm

    Tiger received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. So, there’s that. ?

  38. Mike

    Jan 1, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Damn shame a GOLF thread has to deteriorate into political rantings.

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  40. Jack T

    Dec 29, 2021 at 3:29 pm

    Daly was the “only one” that sent a text to Tiger other than JT and the other players…..

  41. Truth

    Dec 29, 2021 at 3:24 pm

    Daly blaming the media, typical tRumper. Daly had diabetes due to his alcholism and weight, just another excuse for a career that could have been much more. Hopefully his son doesn’t follow in his steps.

    • Jom

      Dec 29, 2021 at 6:05 pm

      Lol….you trump derangement syndrome victim are just so hate filled and downright evil.
      I’ll pray you find jesus….but I doubt it.
      Seek professional help for your TDS moonbat.

    • jim

      Dec 29, 2021 at 6:08 pm

      ?TYPICAL leftist.
      So filthy
      So disgusting in the derangement.
      Lol…trump is still living rent free in your empty skull.

    • Anglo Saxon

      Dec 30, 2021 at 11:28 pm

      The goyim know, Truth. We’re onto (((your))) games now.

    • CrashTestDummy

      Jan 1, 2022 at 1:28 pm

      Tiger received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Trump. So there’s that. ?

  42. Robin

    Dec 29, 2021 at 12:37 pm

    Tiger must not have many friends. Is it because he has so many things he hides, like his pill popping problem…
    One of the questions you get ask when you are on hard Messi’s , have you ever fell a sleep in a car at a traffic stop.
    He fell a sleep in the morning after just getting up, what a dope.

    • Steve Dwyer

      Dec 29, 2021 at 3:31 pm

      And Daly doesn’t have problems due to addiction? ?

  43. frank cichon

    Dec 29, 2021 at 12:29 pm

    You are right about the media.A JOKE…as is golf coverage on TV….only watch the Majors.If not for PVR …I would not watch golf on TV PERIOD!

  44. Jerome

    Dec 29, 2021 at 10:09 am

    Big John correctly pointed out the media as the cause for the misunderstanding. The media today seem like 8th grade newspaper editors.

    • Mike

      Dec 29, 2021 at 2:22 pm

      Subhuman parasites and useless eaters is closer. The corporatized media lie. On purpose.

      Today it’s better to be uninformed than disinformed.

      • Phree Theengker

        Dec 31, 2021 at 12:33 pm

        Worse than golf equipment advertising propaganda. If we quit watching and clicking they will go away, just as if we quit buying repainted clubs every year.

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19th Hole

‘The hypocrisy is astounding’ – Phil Mickelson takes aim at RBC for missing logo at Saudi International



This morning, Cameron Young played the first round of this week’s Saudi International at Royal Greens Golf and Country Club.

As noticed by Twitter user “EPatGolf”, the 25-year-old PGA Tour player was missing the RBC logo that is typically on his sleeve.

Patterson speculated that the reason for the missing logo was RBC’s reluctance to be associated with golf being played in Saudi Arabia.

Never a stranger to controversy, Phil Mickelson weighed in on the topic, accusing RBC of hypocrisy.

Mickelson has been extremely active on Twitter lately and replied to a Danny Woodhead tweet just a short while ago about a potential LIV vs PGA Tour match with Tiger Woods and Phil as captains, even managing a little dig at his long-time foe.

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19th Hole

Bryson says ‘technology is not up to par’ with modern day ball speeds



In September of 2020, Bryson DeChambeau was fresh off of a dominating U.S. Open victory and went on to win the prestigious Arnold Palmer Invitational later that season. The mercurial budding superstar was seemingly changing the game right in front of our eyes.

Until he wasn’t.

It’s been almost two years since DeChambeau’s win at the API, and the 29-year-old is yet to win an event on any tour since. From a feud with Brooks Koepka, continuous nagging injuries and a borderline obsession with becoming a long drive champion, Bryson has done just about everything besides win golf tournaments.

In an interview with Mike McAllister of LIV Golf, DeChambeau revealed a handful of health issues that have plagued him over the past four years. After undergoing a full body scan conducted by Prenuvo, he found out that he had a retention cyst in his left sinus, among other problems.

“In the first minute of looking at it, he goes, ‘Yeah, you’ve got like four or five problems. You should’ve been in surgery yesterday,’ ” DeChambeau said. “It wasn’t an emergency … but he’s like, that’s a big problem.”

After getting the issues fixed, Bryson says he feels back to how he felt when he was playing his best.

“To get that fixed, it’s been the greatest decision of my life,” DeChambeau said. “My energy level is so much better. My clarity of thought is way better. I don’t know if you can tell, but my speech is a lot more fluent and I’m not stopping as much or pitching as much like I used to last year and before.

“I feel like I’m back to 2018 me.”

Bryson also took some time away from golf, which is something he feels he needed to do with how hard he’d been training over the last few years.

“It’s been six years of nonstop, go-go-go, all golf,” DeChambeau said. “I just needed a bit of a break …

“Last year, I feel like was a reset year. This year is a building year. I feel like it’s an opportunity to show off what I know how to do best, which is play golf at the highest level. I know some people will not believe that playing golf at the highest level is with LIV, but for me it is.

“I still have a passion to be the best player in the world. And however, that ranking metric goes is how it goes. That’s for another discussion. But this offseason has been great preparation mentally for me.”

Another interesting take from Bryson was regarding club technology. According to the 29-year-old, technology is not currently up to scratch when it comes to modern day ball speeds, and the Californian believes that when that ever happens, it’s going to “change the game forever.”

“Technology is not up to par with the way golfers can perform at high speeds. Anything over 185 mph – good luck trying to control it right now.

We’re still on a pursuit to who can make a driver that can work it at 200 anywhere and everywhere on the face and still goes in the fairway. When that day comes, that’s going to be eye-opening for a lot of individuals because they will be optimizing ball speeds at 195, which can fly 360 yards. And that’s going to change the game forever. But we’re not there yet.”

DeChambeau will look to start 2023 off on the right foot as he’s set to tee it up at this week’s Saudi International at Royal Greens Golf and Country Club.

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19th Hole

Epson pro reveals the brutal financial cost of chasing your dreams on the developmental tour



Kenzie Wright, a professional golfer on the Epson Tour, has revealed the startling costs that are borne by those trying to make their way up the ranks.

In a tweet posted yesterday, the 25-year-old revealed that the costs of entry fees and yardage books total over $16,000 for the year.

Whilst the LPGA has seen an enormous increase in prize-funds over the last two seasons, with the 2023 schedule worth $101.4 million, the Epson (ex-Symetra) Tour was worth approximately $210k per event over a 21-tournament season.

Nobody is suggesting that the development tour should be ‘worth’ anything close to the star-laden LPGA, but it’s the tour that brings on the next Brooke Henderson, recent winner of the Tournament of Champions, et al.

With Wright making just six cuts from 15 events in 2022, her $8000 prize money goes nowhere to covering a figure that doesn’t include any equipment, travel or lodgings.

Even at the highest level, the role of players’ sponsors is crucial.

Last April, 2017 Women’s PGA Championship champion Danielle Kang, revealed the financial realities on tour, commneting:

 “How about the average tour players? I made $6,000 last week, made the cut; I didn’t break even last week. That’s me budgeting. I have to drive, rent a car, get a hotel room.

“Luckily enough for me I’m sponsored by BMW that provides for me the car. That saves like $500, $1,000 etc.”

In May 2021, Wright, then a promising graduate from the University of Alabama, took to fundraising her way onto the professional ranks via her gofundme page, on which she states that, “Your donation will go towards entry fees, on the road expenses (i.e. gas, hotels) and other tournament related costs throughout the beginning of my career. With your donation, it will allow me to put all of my time and energy into getting myself prepared for the next level.”

Seven months later, Golf Channel revealed the hardship behind the financial reality of moving into the pro leagues.

In the article, Brentley Romine reveals, “When Alabama alum Kenzie Wright turned pro in early June, she didn’t have the ability to slot into an LPGA or Symetra schedule, so she entered the Texas Women’s State Open in Garland, Texas, and won by four shots, turning her $300 entry fee into $17,500. That funded her six-event schedule on the Women’s All Pro Tour, where she made $9,076.25. She advanced out of Stage I of LPGA Q-School and now has some Symetra status for next year.”

The 25-year-old has since been a victim of the Big Money Classic scam in which organizers left both the men and women players out of pocket after being unable to pay out the prize fund. Those players included Nicolas Echavarria, who was owed $20,000 dollars for finishing third, paid nothing, who left believing that his backer had stolen his entry fee.

Ryan French also revealed the struggle at the lower level of ‘the grind’ writing:

“I received a call from one of the women in the [Big Money Classic] field. As I walked her through how to dispute her charges on her credit card, she broke down in tears. In the worst-case scenario, careers could be shortened because of this. I talked to one player who couldn’t sign up for Canadian Q-school because he hadn’t been paid by the BMC.”

Wright saw it necessary to return to the gofundme site, launching a 2022 appeal, at which she received nearly $4,000. However, if the math is correct, this amount leaves her nowhere near the amount it costs to run a one-woman campaign.

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