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Jason Dufner speaks on unreleased Cobra LTDx driver (and his nearly decade-old 7 wood)



When Jason Dufner showed up to the 2022 American Express for his Monday practice round session, he came with a new club in the bag: an unreleased Cobra LTDx driver.

Recently, three new Cobra “LTDx” drivers popped up on the USGA Conforming List, including a Cobra LTDx, an LTDx Max and an LTDx LS. With so many driver options hitting the list, it seems inevitable that a new family of drivers is coming soon to replace the company’s RadSpeed drivers from last year. Yet, that remains to be confirmed.

At the 2022 Sentry Tournament of Champions, Bryson DeChambeau was photographed using what appears to be the LTDx LS model, based on the sole weights. Being that GolfWRX didn’t have boots on the ground in Maui, however, we weren’t able to capture in-hand photos of the new driver design.

Thanks to Dufner’s driver of choice this week in Palm Desert, though, we’re now able to catch our first in-hand glance at an LTDx driver.

Based on a sticker that Dufner has near the hosel, his Cobra LTDx driver measures 8 degrees of actual loft.

Check out more in-hand photos here.

In addition to the photos, I was also able to catch up with Dufner on Monday about his personal experience with the new driver design, even though Cobra hasn’t yet revealed any details about the technology.

“One thing I have been seeing is the strikes have been really consistent off the middle of the face,” Dufner told GolfWRX. “People don’t believe this, but sometimes the driver can droop in different ways. The last couple models I had, I felt like I had been making good swings but was catching it on the toe a little bit. So these have been really consistent off the middle. I’ve seen really good launch windows to my eye, good spin windows to my eye, but I haven’t tested it on Trackman yet.”

Based on the photos, Cobra is going with a weight-back design in the LTDx head, likely to move center of gravity (CG) rearward into a more forgiving position. That could be why Dufner is able to find the center of the face more consistently.

As Dufner explains further below, the last few driver models he used in recent years had a more weight-forward design that were intended to lower spin. The back-weighted design of the LTDx, however, has allowed Dufner to find better windows, find the center of the face more often, and have better overall control.

“They’ve got three different heads now, so it gives me more options…my particular model has the weight is back, and we put a little more weight in the back so it changes the CG a little bit for me,” Dufner said. “It makes it launch a little bit higher and spin a little more, which is kind of what I need. I want to have a certain amount of loft so I can get more ball speed. The more loft you have, the less ball speed you’ll have, because it’s not as flat a surface. So I should see some speed gains…I like it so far. It feels great. I just played 9 holes and didn’t miss a fairway.”

Even though Dufner says he hasn’t captured his performance with the LTDx yet on a launch monitor, the driver is checking all the right boxes in terms of ball flight.

“For me, with a driver, the most important thing is that when I feel like I make a good swing and hit it off the center, does it do what I want it to do? And I’ve seen that very consistently through the 4-5 days that I’ve had it,” Dufner said. “I don’t worry about the mishits as much, because the mishits are mishits. But if you can tighten dispersion a little bit with those, great. It gets a little weird for us when we make a good swing and it goes off the center and it’s left or right or whatever. So I’ve been happy with it and I plan on playing with it. We’ll see how it goes.”

Although it seems set in stone based on his comments, it’s not yet certain that Dufner will use the LTDx come competition time on Thursday. What’s absolutely guaranteed, though, is that he will have his longtime Titleist 915F 7-wood in the bag.

Dufner has used the 915F 21-degree fairway wood since 2014 when the club first launched, and it’s not leaving the bag anytime soon.

“That’s not going anywhere until it breaks,” Dufner told GolfWRX.

Even if something drastic happens in the meantime (knock on wood), Dufner has a backup.

“I have that head, which is the original, and I’ve got another head that I haven’t hit yet,” Dufner said. “So I’ve got at least six more years if this one goes.”

When I asked Dufner if he’s tested any other 7-woods recently to capitalize on newer technologies, Dufner’s answer was simple and matter-of-fact: “No.”

It’s safe to say Dufner isn’t changing out that 915F 7-wood, which is smart, because it looks like he’s missed the center of the face with it no more than two or three times in the last eight years.

To see the rest of the clubs that Dufner has in the bag for 2022, check out the forum link here.

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He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. Divot Diggler

    Jan 18, 2022 at 8:22 pm

    I love Cobra products ……..My bag has 12/14 Cobra clubs in it …. It is going to be a hard launch for any driver manufacturer in 2022 with the new TM Stealth being recently released.

    • John

      Jan 19, 2022 at 11:50 am

      Its all total marketing hype, come on man, u believe that stuff, really?…

    • Siggy Biscuit

      Feb 20, 2022 at 11:42 am

      Idk I feel like Cobras futuristic yet classy look will sell. Especially with the new breed of Smashers. I think they stand out a little more than the Rogue at least.

  2. Divot Diggler

    Jan 18, 2022 at 8:20 pm

    I love Cobra products ……..My bag has 12/14 Cobra clubs in it …. It is going to be a hard launch for any driver manufacturer in 2022 with the new TM Stealth being recently released. ?

  3. Brandon

    Jan 18, 2022 at 7:51 pm

    Would it kill you to take a picture of the top of the driver? Ya know, the part you actually look at when you address a golf ball?

    • John

      Jan 19, 2022 at 11:51 am

      Instead of whining like a 2yo, try using a thing called GOOGLE.

  4. joe

    Jan 18, 2022 at 10:57 am

    Cobra needs a LOT of help in the industrial design and marketing department. This looks like a cross between a driver you’d buy at Sam’s Club and something from the toy aisle at Walmart.

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The new Golf Pride building was designed to fit into the Pinehurst Resort with its style and location. Jamie explained how they went to great lengths, including working with the people at Pinehurst, in order to create a timeless look. If the Golf Pride logo wasn’t on the outside of the building you would think you were pulling up to the clubhouse of a private club. The off-white brick, large windows, and dark brown timbers welcome you in to the front door and reception lobby.

The building looks small and quaint from the front, but what you don’t see is what Ledford is so proud ofL a retail store, expansive office space, and a whole prototype facility behind the facade. I was lucky enough to get the full tour and what you don’t see is very impressive. From the large employee lounge to the 9-hole putting course that is built into the floor, it is modern and exciting to be in.

Bringing golfers into the world of Golf Pride is one of Ledford biggest opportunities and you can see his excitement when he showed off the new Golf Pride Retail Lab. This part of the building is where a regular golfer like you and I can walk in and get a new set of grips installed while you wait. The Retail Lab will have all the Golf Pride grips on display as well as full-time employees to educate you on anything you would like to know about grips. As a person who has installed a lot of grips in his day, the new Retail Lab doesn’t have the lingering smell of grip solvent yet! A large counter with stools surrounds a gripping station where you can take a seat and watch your favorite clubs get paired with your favorite Golf Pride grips.

Ledford was also very excited to show off another room near the front of the building that is dedicated to a new endeavor for Golf Pride, data collection. Golf Pride has brought in a new engineer to specifically start collecting data on grips. Ledford explained that this process is in its infancy and they don’t yet have many details they can share. Collecting this data will of course influence future products and also provide more opportunity to educate golfers on their grip and regripping needs.

Speaking of new products, the new CPX grip is the first grip to be released in the new headquarters. We got a tour of the prototype facility in the rear of the building and Golf Pride has diverse collection of machinery there. They have some cutting edge machines, that I can’t talk about, working on some of the latest ideas and designs. Right next to those are machines that have been producing grips for decades. It is here were they are creating brand new designs in small batches as well as mimic the high capacity manufacturing methods to ensure that each grip will meet their high quality standards.

Golf Pride knows that being the No. 1 grip in golf isn’t something that just happens by accident and keeping that title takes evolution. Ledford and his team are committed to making the best grips for golfers on all levels and their new headquarters is offering them a place to take that to a new level.


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