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Bridgestone’s 2013 E5, E6 and E7 golf balls



At $26.99 per dozen, Bridgestone’s new E Series golf balls for 2013 won’t provide the same amount of spin and trajectory control as the company’s more expensive tour-caliber golf balls, but for some golfers that could be a good thing. Thanks to swing-speed specific constructions and aerodynamics, the E Series balls will actually help certain golfers hit their shots farther and straighter than they would with tour models.

All golf balls are made to come off the driver with maximum speed, but different balls are created with different materials and constructions that change launch angle and spin. As a general rule, golfers with less swing speed need more spin off their driver to maximize carry distance. Golfers with faster swing speeds and those who struggle with slices and hooks need a golf ball that spins less off the driver.

Bridgestone E5

Target: Golfers with a swing speed around 90 mph.

Bridgestone Golf E5

Construction: To make up for these golfer’s slower swing speeds, which is about 15 to 20 mph less than most PGA Tour players, the E5 is made to spin more off the driver than tour-quality golf balls to help golfers with slower swing speeds hit their drives farther.

“If you’re playing a tour-quality golf ball with a 90 mph swing speed, you’re sacrificing a significant amount of carry distance because the ball is not staying in the air long enough,” said Corey Consuegra, Bridgestone’s golf ball marketing manager.

While the E5 is a two-piece golf ball, it features a urethane cover, a trademark of higher-priced, multi-layer golf balls. Not only does the urethane cover help the E5 spin like higher-priced golf balls around the green — it adds much needed spin with the driver as well.

The E5 also lacks the spin-reducing middle layer featured on the E6 and E7 models, which will give golfers a higher launch and more spin with their woods, hybrids, irons and wedges than the other balls in the line.

Aerodynamics: As with all the 2013 E Series golf balls, the E5 features Bridgestone’s new 226-dimple pattern. It has four less dimples than the previous pattern, which allows the surface coverage to be expanded by 2.5 percent. The E5’s dimples are also shallower than those on the 2011 E5, which gives the ball a higher trajectory for longer carry distances.

Bridgestone E6

Target: Golfers who hook and slice the ball.

Construction: The E6 is Bridgestone’s “spin killer,” which helps golfers who slice and hook the ball reduce spin to hit it farther and straighter. That’s why each of the golf’s balls three layers was designed to help golfers lower the spin on their shots with every club in the bag.

As a general rule, lower compression almost always equates to less spin off the tee. That’s why the E6 has a compression around 50, more than 20 points lower than the compression of the E5, which Consuegra said makes it the softest multi-layer golf ball on the market. While the ball’s surlyn cover won’t spin as much around the greens as the E5’s urethane cover, it is 3 percent softer than the cover on the 2011 model, which gives it a little more check around the greens.

Aerodynamics: The E6’s dimples are deeper than previous models for a lower, straighter trajectory that will be less prone to hook or slice.

Bridgestone E7

Target: Golfers with swing speeds around 100 mph who hit the ball fairly straight.

Bridgestone Golf E7

Construction: The E7 has the firmest compression of all the E Series golf balls – around 75. This gives the E7 a lower trajectory than the lower compression E5 and E6 golf balls.

Golfers with a swing speed around 100 mph who struggle with control might choose Bridgestone’s E6 for its straightness off the tee. However, golfers with swing speeds in that range who hit the ball fairly straight will get more distance with their driver with the E7 because of its firmer core, which was tweaked to be firmer than the 2011 version.

Like the E6, the E7 has a surlyn cover, which means it won’t spin as much on wedge shots as the E5 or other urethane-covered balls.

Aerodynamics: The E7 has four percent shallower dimples than the previous model to push the flight higher.

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  2. Joe Cool

    Jun 7, 2013 at 4:00 pm

    I found an e6 in the jungle one day. It was a one-hitter that someone had lost. I put it in play (a friend at work uses these) and it’s a very nice ball, good feel. But for 28 buxabox, I’ll stay with my GAMER
    V2’s I’ve been using forever. At 20 a carton, you won’t beatem.

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