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Golf 101: How to hit it really far (with Tips from Harmon, Gankas, and Killen)



Tiger Woods, Jack Nicklaus, Dustin Johnson…all World #1’s who hit it a mile and oddly enough got to it in very different ways. But what about us? The weekend warrior that also wants to hit it as far as our bodies will allow? I want a foolproof way to hit the golf ball a mile.

Every golfer wants more speed, more distance, more swag, all of it. Yes. I said it.

Have you ever heard a golfer say, “I just hit it too far?”

No….The answer is no.

Like my recent “how to hit a draw” piece, the distance tips have been offered up 1000’s of times,  everyone from Freddie Couples to Freddy Krueger has offered up tips. The game has changed so much even in the past few years with technology, speed training, video, and brute strength but since the beginning of time, the essence of hitting it far remains the……get that clubhead moving as fast as possible. Simple.

In my 25+ years of playing this game, I have heard some really good nuggets to build speed and some….well, others.

Tips like:

  1. Get the hands away from the head at the top AKA Extension and Width
  2. Wide Stance
  3. Turn back to the target
  4. Coil
  5. Uncoil
  6. Push
  7. Squat
  8. Lag
  9. Release
  10. Hit down
  11. Hit Up
  12. Scream at Impact
  13. Hit it left-handed
  14. Happy Gilmore
  15. 50 Inch drivers

Confused yet?

This sums it up…….

So the best thing I could think to do is ask the best coaches in the world to give me ONE golden nugget each. I was fortunate to get the council of Golf Digest Top 100 Teachers Claude Harmon III, George Gankas, and Matt Killen and this is what they delivered.

Claude Harmon III:

“Switch em’”

“For the average golfer, with a driver, you have to  improve the angle of attack. Most average golfers hit down on the driver (launch it low, spin it too much). And they hit too up on their irons. So switch the two. Learn to hit up on the driver to increase launch and reduce spin and hit down and compress the ball for control with your irons. “

George Gankas:

“Scoobie Speed”

Matt Killen:

“Learn to turn the shoulders AND the hips”

“Stick an alignment in your belt loops with the longer end facing the target, as you coil make sure the point of that stick gets as close to the ball as possible…that’s what a full turn feels like. And ONE MORE thing! If that trail leg wants to straighten out, that’s a good thing.”


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Johnny Wunder is the Director of Original Content, Instagram Manager and Host of “The Gear Dive” Podcast for He was born in Seattle, Wash., and grew up playing at Rainier G&CC. John is also a partner with The Traveling Picture Show Company having most recently produced JOSIE with Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. In 1997 Johnny had the rare opportunity of being a clubhouse attendant for the Anaheim Angels. He now resides in Toronto, On with his wife and two sons. @johnny_wunder on IG

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Robert Johansson

    Dec 31, 2020 at 6:21 am

    No idea what they are talking about and they are suppose to be professional golf gurus

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The Wedge Guy: Top 7 short game mistakes



I’ve written hundreds of articles as “The Wedge Guy” and answered thousands of emails in my 30 years of focused wedge design. So, I thought I’d compile a list of what I believe are the most common mistakes golfers make around the greens that prevent them from optimizing their scoring.

So here goes, not in any particular order.


Probably the most common error I see is a tempo that is too quick and “jabby”. That likely comes from the misunderstood and overdone advice “accelerate through the ball.” I like to compare playing a golf hole to painting a room, and your short shots are your “trim brushes”. They determine how the finished work turns out, and a slower stroke delivers more precision as you get closer to the green and hole.

Set Up/Posture

To hit good chips and pitches, you need to “get down”. Get closer to your work for better precision. Too many golfers I see stand up too tall and grip the club to the end. And having your weight favored to the lead foot almost guarantees a proper strike.

Grip Pressure

A very light grip on the club is essential to good touch and a proper release through the impact zone. Trust me, you cannot hold a golf club too lightly – your body won’t let you. Concentrate on your forearms; if you can feel any tenseness in the muscles in your forearms, you are holding on too tightly.

Hand position

Watch the tour players hit short shots on TV. Their arms are hanging naturally from their shoulders so that their hands are very close to their upper thighs at address and through impact. Copy that and your short game will improve dramatically.

Lack of Body Core Rotation

When you are hitting short shots, the hands and arms have to begin and stay in front of the torso throughout the swing. If you don’t rotate your chest and shoulders back and through, you won’t develop good consistency in distance or contact.

Club selection

I see two major errors here. Some golfers always grab the sand or lob wedge when they miss a green. If you have lots of green to work with and don’t need that loft, a PW or 9-iron will give you much better results. The other error is seen in those golfers who are “afraid” of their wedge and are trying to hit tough recoveries with 8- and 9-irons. That doesn’t work either. Go to your practice green and see what happens with different clubs when given the same swing . . . then take that knowledge to the course.

Clubhead/grip relationship

This error falls into two categories. The first is those golfers who forward press so much that they dramatically change the loft of the club. At address and impact the grip should be slightly ahead of the clubhead. I like to focus on the hands, rather than the club, and just think of my left hand leading my right through impact. Which brings me to the other error – allowing the clubhead to pass the hands through impact. If you let the clubhead do that, good shots just cannot happen. And that is caused by you trying to “hit” the ball with the clubface, rather than swinging the entire club through impact.

So, there are my top 7. There are obviously others, but if you spend just a bit of time working on these, your short game will get better in a hurry.

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