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It looks like Tiger Woods was going to stick to Nike golf clubs



After all that, nothing. That’s how most golf fans feel about Tiger Woods’ withdraw from this week’s Safeway Open, just three days after the 14-time major champion committed to teeing it up in his first PGA Tour event in 15 months. Had Woods decided to play at Silverado Country Club this week, however, many golf fans may have experienced a similar let down over another much anticipated moment in the Tiger Woods saga.

Ever since Nike decided to shutter its golf equipment business on August 3, speculation has been rampant on what golf clubs Woods would use when he returned to professional golf. Despite all the rumors, it appears that Woods may have only made limited equipment changes for his planned PGA Tour debut, and possibly none away from the Nike brand.

A Snapchat screenshot was posted by member blblco02 yesterday in our “Tiger’s clubs for Safeway” thread that indicates Woods was likely going to stick to Nike clubs at the Safeway Open. Member blblco02 said the photo was taken at Spyglass Hill, a golf course on the Pebble Beach property where Woods was said to be on Monday.


Join the Conversation: See the forum post here. 

The elements of the photo make it hard to question its authenticity. The white Tiger Woods-logoed staff bag is topped with 2016 Ryder Cup clubhead covers (Woods was a 2016 Ryder Cup vice captain), as well as Tiger’s signature tiger head cover. It’s strapped to a golf cart that appears to have a pair of Nike prototype Tiger Woods golf shoes in its basket, which Woods was seen wearing at the Ryder Cup.

Inside the bag are Nike’s VR Pro Blades, the irons Woods used to win five PGA Tour events in 2013. He also used them during the 2014 season. Woods was last seen with Nike’s Vapor Pro irons in his bag, which he used for the 2015 season.

The bag also includes at least two bonded-hosel Nike drivers, which appear to be Nike’s Vapor Fly TW prototypes that landed on the USGA’s Conforming Club List this summer.

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  1. NW

    Oct 14, 2016 at 10:51 pm

    Creature of habit.

  2. Kevin

    Oct 11, 2016 at 12:21 pm

    Maybe this is why his game is vulnerable. He is playing inferior equipment :/

  3. OhioGolfDude

    Oct 11, 2016 at 9:45 am

    I can say this does not surprise me in the least. I think I would have been more shocked had he come to an event with a bag full of new equipment. He has an entire winter season to choose new clubs from the sounds of it has a lot of choices to consider.

    • rymail00

      Oct 12, 2016 at 1:11 am


      The prospect of him coming in with new clubs was something I would of like to see (only because maybe there’s something that possibly fit his game better, and possibly performed better). But it seems Nike basically went all for TW from the start. Meaning they would of done literally anything possible with their whole design team to build a set he’d play (JMHO from over the many years), down to the exact looks of each club, irons woods etc., and specs. I’m sure that was a looooong and tedious process, one that took longer than the time Nike closed their doors to now (granted TW probably knew way before other normal staff players and maybe could of had another OEM go through that whole process). I’m not saying another company wouldn’t do that, but probably not in that short of time…

      But honestly WTF do i now…..this is all just a guess lol.

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Why do LPGA pros have far greater driving accuracy than PGA Tour pros? – GolfWRXers discuss



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“Russell Henley leads the PGA Tour this year in Driving Accuracy at 74.2%.

If he played on the LPGA his Driving Accuracy would rank 53rd.

Wondering what factors are most relevant here:

  • Are these stats collected the same way or are there important differences?
  • Do LPGA players prioritize hitting fairways because it’s more difficult for them to escape the rough, or perhaps to maximize GIR?
  • Are the fairways on the LPGA Tour just that much wider on average?
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  • golferdude54: “Tiger averaged over 298 yards hitting over 70% of fairways in 2000. They’ve made the fairways wider and driver and ball technology has improved so much since 2000 and yet I’m positive no one is averaging over 298 yards while hitting over 70% of fairways.”
  • bazinky: “In my opinion, it’s a mistake to look at golf driving accuracy without taking into account swing speed and driving distance. If you have two golfers that both hit the fairway on 80% of their tee shots, but one has an average driving distance of 260 and the other has an average driving distance of 300 yards, they are NOT equally accurate. A longer driver has to have a much lower off-line angle dispersion to hit the same number of fairways.”

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  • philly2kuk: “I’m a 12 and just switched from set gap to vokey gap to match my other wedges. It’s been great; suddenly nearer the pin and can pull off lots of different shots I couldn’t do before. However, if you’ve lost confidence, then it may be worth trying something else to satisfy that itch.”
  • Tyler724: “I would guess you may have grinds that are not a good fit for you. I am a mid-capper and could not imagine going to a thicker cavity back wedge for my higher lofts. I play my set A (gap) wedge but use a 54 and 60-degree Vokey with no issues. Play around and find a grind you like and practice as much as you can to get comfortable with it.”

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19th Hole

‘Best bag I’ve ever seen!’ – TaylorMade’s 2023 U.S. Open staff bag is turning heads in LA



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Unquestionably, one of the standout items from this week’s event at Los Angeles Country Club has been TaylorMade’s staff bag and headcovers.

The bag, featuring colors that give off LA Lakers vibes and logos such as palm trees synonymous with the West Coast city, has got our members talking, with plenty of love for the new addition.

Here are a few comments from our members on the bag and headcovers, but make sure to check out the entire thread at the link below for more photos and to have your say.

  • Frank Newport: “Very cool. Very Lakers. Best bag I’ve ever seen. The artist James Haunt did a great job of capturing the vibe of the city.”
  • obsession: “Very polarizing design but I think it looks dope!”
  • KyleKoz17: “I like that they aren’t afraid to throw some color in their stuff sometimes. The same old gets boring to me.”

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