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Featured Writer Awards and Rankings

At GolfWRX, we strive to recognize the vast amount of golf knowledge that exists in the community. To do this, we created the Featured Writers Program, which provides an outlet for leading members of the community to share their passions with the world.

The Featured Writers Program has also instituted a performance-based system of awards and rankings that allows the very best writers to gain exposure in a prominent position on the front page and throughout the site.


Featured writers can win an award in one of three ways: Amount of views, Editor’s Choice and Writer of the Month.

1) Amount of views: Each time a story is clicked on, it gets a view. If an article reaches a certain threshold of views, it will receive an award: bronze, silver or gold, based on its popularity.

bronze Bronze Medal = 20,000 views
silver Silver Medal = 40,000 views
gold Gold Medal = 60,000 views


2) Editor’s choice: Views are great, but the best stories don’t always win a popularity contest. That’s why our editors can recognize an exceptional story, regardless of page views.

editor choice Gold Medal for Editor’s Choice


3) Writer of the Month: Each month, our editors will award a writer who has contributed work that proved to be exceptional in insight, style, body of work or timing.

author of the month Gold Medal for Writer of the Month


Rankings are based on seniority and/or merit. Celebrated writers who join the GolfWRX Featured Writers team can earn an immediate Senior Writer ranking. Less experienced writers can also move to the top of the rankings by providing exceptional content on a regular basis.

CLICK HERE to learn how to become a GolfWRX Featured Writer.



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