• Bubba 2014 Green jacket
    Practice Habits that won the Masters

    What can average golfers learn from two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson? Here’s a short video that covers a lot of what has made him so successful on the PGA Tour and such an exciting player to watch....

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  • Bubba’s practice sessions with one club helped him feel comfortable enough to execute the shot of his life at the 2012 Masters.
    Bubba’s one-club round is GREAT for your golf game

    I thought I’d share a fun experience that took place last month at Pelican Hill Golf Club, one of the two golf courses where I teach. Bubba Watson showed up with a group of friends with three...

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  • challenge yourself in golf
    Step slightly out of your comfort zone for better practice

    When was the last time that you were slightly scared or panicky when you practiced golf? For many of you the answer will be never, or maybe very occasionally whilst playing a competition against a golfing rival....

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  • Preset
    Sleep for better a better golf lesson?

    Have you ever practiced a golf drill one day and were about to give up, but the next day you tried it and you had a breakthrough? I have noticed this sometimes with my clients and also...

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  • Time vs Practice_pic
    How much time do you really have to practice golf?

    Do you have the time you need to practice your golf? I have had too many clients that come with the excuse, “I have no time with the golf training because of….” or “There are never enough...

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  • money0
    The Real Cost of Golf

    The USGA exists “for the good of the game” and the PGA has authored several initiatives in a concerted effort to “grow the game.” Noble aspirations, indeed. However, where the proverbial rubber meets the road is you....

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  • REAL Golf
    REAL Golf is different than RANGE golf

    Golf is played on a golf course. Golf lessons are regularly taken on the driving range. These are two quite obvious statements, I am sure you would agree. Yet the more I coach, the more I am...

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  • Golf Fun
    Golf is FUN

    I’ve just moved jobs. I’ve gone to a fantastic new place, with a huge number of golfers of all ages and abilities. This has given me time to question why I do what I do. I feel...

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  • Adam Young
    Boost your practice regime with experimentation

    Recent strides in motor learning theory have led to a lot of questions being answered, and even more being asked. But one of the more startling discoveries could really shake up the way you view learning, and...

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  • Talent is Overrated
    Growing Up Golf Part 8: Deliberate Practice

    Up to this point, I have been writing on topics that are geared towards the early stages of golf introduction and development for children. I would like to switch gears on this installment and discuss some interesting...

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  • putting practice
    Implicit Overcompensation: Why putting can be so hard

    By Domenic Crouch GolfWRX Contributor I am going to start this article with a question: Have you ever left a 10 footer halfway and then hit the remaining 5 footer 5 feet past? If so, you may recall...

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  • MPCC Shore (27)
    3 tips to help you reach your 2013 golfing resolutions

    As we move into 2013 and a new year in the life of a golfer, I hear plenty of resolutions withoutcome focused goals. In 2013 I want to: “Lower my handicap by 5 shots” “Break 80 for...

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