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    Adams a12OS Iron Review

              Review by: Editor tbowles411 Before I get started, I want to thank GolfWrx and Adams Golf for the opportunity to not only review, but receive a set of the 2012 a12OS hybrids...

    • Posted 718 days ago
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  • adams cb3
    Adams Idea Black CB3 Forged Irons: Featured Review

    by goldenhawk Reviewed: Adams Idea Black CB3 Irons, 4 to GW, KBS Tour 90 R Shafts About the reviewer: I am 41 years old, playing to a 15~16 HC. I get to play once or twice a...

    • Posted 720 days ago
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    Nike VR_S Forged Review

      NIKE’s most technically advanced forged irons combine high-speed performance and meticulous craftsmanship for longer shots and better feel. NIKE’s highest COR face in a forged iron, and a design that moves weight off the face combine...

    • Posted 749 days ago
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    Mizuno MP-53 Review

    Review by Editor: Ryan Sakowski Pros: A ‘Game Enhancement’ iron that packs TONS of forgiveness. The compact design and thin top line will appeal to a wider range of players. Superb turf interaction! Cons: None; period. I’m...

    • Posted 749 days ago
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    Callaway RAZR X Black Irons Review

    by golfware Pros: Forgiveness is my MIDDLE name! Long is my FIRST name! The black hides lot of Super GI features into a pleasing compact GI head. HOT all over the face. Plenty of offset to hit...

    • Posted 762 days ago
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    July 2012 Editors Choice- Best Players Irons

    The GolfWRX Editors’ Choice Awards recognize the very best in gear. We tested, fitted and debated to develop the list in lieu of spending countless hours in the GolfWRX forums obsessing, reading, writing, buy and selling as...

    • Posted 773 days ago
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  • miura
    Miura Forged Review

    Miura 501-cb Irons- Mr. Miura was striving for the ideal ball flight; enough offset to promote playability, the perfect head size, and a sole grind that would accommodate a broad range of players. Miura Company spent two...

    • Posted 778 days ago
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    Wilson Staff Ci11 Irons Editor Review

    By displayname: Wilson has been an established name in the golf world for decades and in recent years has been gaining popularity with their D and C series of irons. Building off the Ci9 irons, the Ci11...

    • Posted 780 days ago
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  • rocketballz iron
    TaylorMade RocketBallz Irons Review

    by Johnny FROM Taylormade: Our Longer is Longer Engineered for extreme distance and pinpoint accuracy. Inspired by metal-wood construction. Fast-flexing faces and innovative Toe-Bar technology for exceptional feel and sound. Click here to see more photos and...

    • Posted 781 days ago
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    Wilson Staff Di11 Editor Review

    WRX Editor Review by Agent Jim I was waking up Monday morning afternoon and thought how cool it would be if the clubs arrived. I work midnights, so being up at 12:30 is early. I had nothing...

    • Posted 798 days ago
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  • ping anser iron
    Ping Anser Iron Review

    Editor Review by Richard A. Pros- Hit the sweetheart for feel and forgiveness. Ping launches the “Super Car” of Irons. Forged, milled, exotic material for weighting, CG and MOI. Touch of class with weight ports in the...

    • Posted 802 days ago
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    Ping S-56 Review

    Review by Editor: Ben Jackson Backstory: About a month ago I got a set of Ping S56′s and have since fallen in love with them. Prior to this set of irons I had gamed Titleist AP2′s for...

    • Posted 809 days ago
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    TaylorMade MC Forged Review

    I’ve owned nearly every TM iron since the late 90s. Here is the list: the original Rac MB and Rac CB, also gamed the old Lehman 300 Forgeds, the 05 TP CB (my personal favorites), the TP...

    • Posted 809 days ago
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    Ping G20 irons – a Players SGI Editor Review

                In June Ping Golf hosted GolfWRX < << LINK TO THE ARTICLE >>> to tour their facilities and introduce the Ping Milled Anser putters and their G20 line of irons and...

    • Posted 846 days ago
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    2011 TaylorMade MB Irons- These are sweet! Full Review

    TaylorMade MB Iron Review Pros: The first thing I did with these irons was check the lofts, lies, and legths. And the good news is they were all spot on perfect, which is rare. The grips were...

    • Posted 865 days ago
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    Single Digit Handicap Irons Poll What type of irons do you play? Blades/CBs/GI?

    There are many debates in the golf equipment circles. Irons brings an ongoing debate. Blade, cavity back or game improvement design? LOOK AT THE POLL AND READ WHAT WE ARE PLAYING Time for all golfers to vote...

    • Posted 1085 days ago
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    Ping S56 Editor Review

    dec 19th Backstory: About a month ago I got a set of Ping S56′s and have since fallen in love with them. Prior to this set of irons I had gamed Titleist AP2′s for two seasons, and...

    • Posted 1163 days ago
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    The Big Review – Nike VR Pro Blades and VR Pro Combo Irons

    The Nike VR Pro Blades and VR Pro Combo sets are the conforming versions of two of Nike’s best iron sets. Aimed at the low and low-mid handicapper, these are enhancements to the respective lines rather than...

    • Posted 1193 days ago
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    The Big Review – MP-63 Irons and MP T-11 Wedges

    The MP-14, MP-29, MP-33, MP-32; all classics and hall-of-famers for better player irons. The recent MP-62? Another staggeringly good iron so what expectations do we have of the new player’s irons and wedges from Mizuno; the MP-63...

    • Posted 1234 days ago
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    The Big Review – Ping S-56 irons and Tour-S wedges

    Already a major winner, the S-56 irons and the Tour-S wedges are the better player’s clubs in the current Ping line up. The fourth of the player’s blade series, the S-56 continues Ping’s attempt to woo lower...

    • Posted 1260 days ago
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  • MizJPX800
    Mizuno 2011 Line-Up

    The new line-up from Mizuno sees 2 new wedges, 2 new putters and no less than 4 new irons. The irons are probably the pick of the 2011 line-up with the JPX lines replacing the higher end...

    • Posted 1318 days ago
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  • The Big Review – Titleist 710 CB

    Titleist have always positioned themselves as the players brand – serious clubs for serious golfers as they like to say. Regular tour wins from the likes of Steve Stricker, Geoff Ogilvy and Robert Karlsson cement this view...

    • Posted 1526 days ago
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  • Nike Golf – Innovation Within Craftmanship

    When I first laid eyes on Nike Golf research and development facility, “The Oven”, in Ft. Worth Texas in early 2007 I could only call myself a bit of a skeptic. As a one-time retail golf store...

    • Posted 1532 days ago
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  • The Big Review – TaylorMade R9 Irons

    Show me a golfer who doesn’t dream of playing blades and I’ll show you a liar. We know that nothing feels like a blade when you pure one from the middle but actually getting one out of...

    • Posted 1591 days ago
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  • Review: 2010 Titleist CB Irons

    You have to think that the 2010 Titleist CB irons are going to be popular. During a week I recently spent testing the 1025 carbon steel forged irons that make up a ¼ of the company’s new...

    • Posted 1604 days ago
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  • Introducing the 2009-2010 Titleist Irons

    Let us hear your thoughts and Questions!

    • Posted 1608 days ago
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  • The Big Review – Mizuno MP-58 irons, MP T-10 wedges, MP Fli-Hi iron

    It could be argued that there are irons and there are Mizuno irons. No other manufacturer has had quite the success and pedigree that Mizuno has had across the entire range of this type of club. From...

    • Posted 1639 days ago
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  • The Buzzz on 710 Irons from Titleist

    Nothing gets the buzz going like shiny new blades.  Titleist really wowed the golfing world with the new 710 MB, CB, and AP2s at the Buick Open tourney at the end of July.  The new 710 MB...

    • Posted 1668 days ago
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  • Ping i15 Iron Sneak Peek

    Last week the LPGA, European Tour, and PGA tours saw the latest digs from Ping Golf. Every 2 years Ping refreshes their products like clock work. We were able to talk to ping last week and the...

    • Posted 1725 days ago
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  • Mizuno Spy Pics have the purists Buzzz’ing

    Mizuno has let the cat out of the bag in Japan. Pics of the new offerings will hit the US before you know it. New MP-68 blades to replace the MP-67. The MP-58 to replace the MP-57...

    • Posted 1727 days ago
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