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2012 PGA Show wrap up from the GolfWRX staff



2012 PGA Show Update.

Before I get rolling we have so much to post. All weekend and into next week we will be posting and loading video, photos and opinions of all the great things we captured.

Before I get rolling we have so much to post. All weekend and into next week we will be posting and loading video, photos and opinions of all the great things we captured.

Click here to see the discussion in the forums…

Tuesday afternoon to Friday night six gearheads from GolfWRX armed with a digital armory went to Orlando for the PGA Merchandise Show with one objective… to cover the show for our readers. Not sure if we did a good job but certainly we tried our hardest. Here is a summary of the trip and I am sure the crew will add some of their thoughts.

Every year the guys that go down change. This year we had a final number of 6 guys and this is the roles they took…

Zack (KascoPro) to help out with Instruction and security ūüėČ
Zak to Manage of the writers and help look out for special products. Also did a lot of interviews
Rob (HipCheck) to help manage this circus, do interviews, take photos and much more
Greg (PGA43) to take 17,893 photos and 79 videos (i wish) and talk for 21.5 hours a day like the iron man of media
Ryan (Gxgolfer) to keep the video running, gears turning, driving like crap and break the site on Tuesday to allow us to not be able to serve pages.
Myself Richard to sit in meetings most of the time and them escape to try to do what I love to do… walk the floor and see gear, companies and members.

Along with the 6 guys we took we must have had half or more of the attendees that are members and sudo reporters there. So many now are more than aware but active members. I will not single them out in fear of missing some but I must have met 300 guys and some gals that are active posting members here. It is always the best part of going down to the show to shake hands and say hello no matter how and where I am being pulled to and from.

We met with the CEO’s, Presidents, executives, managers and most importantly the designers and engineers of most of the OEM’s. We interviewed many of them and we are working to post up a lot of them now. As we always do we look to develop relationships and content that will lead to our readers excitement. We look to be inspired and are motivated by you our readers to provide more and more of things you want to see and hear. To connect golfers to the game.

Tuesday afternoon four of the six go tin earlier and headed to the convention center to get the credentials. Then we looked in the convention center to see the place a few days before it opened. WOW… 50% of the booths were ready and it was cool to see it before it was ready.

I will add some pics and description of what we did along the way…

Here is a pic of the before from Tuesday

Then we we went to lunch and Ryan broke the freaking site. We couldn’t serve pages all afternoon Tuesday. Real big time huh?

Checked in to the hotel and then we went to the Nike speed event. Sterling Sharpe (217 yd VR_S 6-iron). Suzann Pettersen looking on.

Got home and crashed. Then Wednesday was the all day at Demo day. All six of us got in the cherry mini van and got lost cause Ryan (Gxgolfer cant drive or do two things at the same time. Like listen to directions and drive I guess. Real sad stuff.

We had a great time at demo day. Here are some cool things we saw…

Great weather and a full house of companies…

Ran into Jeff McCoy of Scratch Golf. He is the lead grinder next to Don White. He showed us a burn mark from a putter head that whipped through a buffing wheel in an accident. The head was 400 plus degrees and landed on his forearm. Took some skin on impact…

Here is a shot of Greg taking one of so many videos you will see with the industries best…

The new and could be a best in show Adams sick Hybrid…

Tom Stites, Cindy Davis, Beth Gast and the whole Nike crew were great. Speed baby. Here is the video and the buzzz…

Click here to see the discussion in the forums…

True Tempers new Satin PXi shaft. Here is the video to…

Fourteen beauty…

TaylorMade Madness!!! There was a line that had to be 50 people long at one point just to hit the equipment on launch monitors. They were killing it. So crazy they had bleachers to house the watchers. Rocketballz 3 wood and hybrid killed it an dthe drivers are well fan favorites all the time. Wedge buzz also.

The Mighty MP-59 form Mizuno had a glow cast over it. Just AWSOME! An the wedges along with the other iron sets made Mizzy very crowded. We will have full video up for that… http://www.golfwrx.c…m-the-pga-show/

Other great sights…

Crazy Yonex. Fresh looks from them. Lots of pop and excitement… We will have a lot of video to explain the brand and equipment…

Tour Edge love. They have some serious buzzz with this 2 wood they have out… We will have some great video live today

Odyssey Sickness. They had their new tour truck that will travel to clubs and tour stops to give us consumers the same treatment the tour gets…

Cleveland style…

Oakley sickness also. Killer truck…

Cobra gone crazy. Puma lost their mind and ran a sport bar with a DJ at the range…

After Demo day I went back showered and met with some big shot at some big huge gigantic company and had an awesome hour long drill down into equipment trends, social media and building things that our members want to see. Had dinner at Texas De Brazil and went back to work into 2:00 am to wake at 6:30 to go to the show in the convention center.


Thursday morning and all day was awesome. Here are some random shots of some exciting things I saw and the other 5 saw different things…

Here is a $16,000 Cameron twisty that was being sold at Table Rock Golf. Here is the thread for all the pics…

Ping in da house. We got close up pics of the ping i20 woods line and more irons Pics…

Click here to see the discussion in the forums…

I didnt know there was a Mercedes AMG Golf brand till last week…

Or an Austin Martin…

We will cover this in detail. This is Scratch losing their minds. I love Ari. Ari is th eowner of Scratch and he is more than like us. Gearhead to the core. He made a personal set of irons that are Don While grinds that he sent the heads to England were some crazy itching, engraving, and silver fill treatment like they do for shotguns. Some famous guy did them and he named all the iron heads a different name for the old historical names at the turn of the century. Freaking off the hook. Could be the best looking piece of jewelry I have ever seen. He is going to game them to. I love that. No iron headcovers here.

New Footjoys with some cool (I mean really cool) designs to give better performance. Grippers under you heel to prevent slip. gel tech in the structure around ankle to feel good and a wider base to aid stability…

Hundreds of Pics to be loaded today and then this crazy party it TMag. They had a booth that was almost 25% of the whole show at the opposite side of the contention center. It was bizarre. Awesome bizarre but it needs to be seen to believe it.
Here you go…

And there was a party with a George Thorogood concert? Yes there was…

Dinner and then


Did I show anyone this? Ohh yea baby…


Vega pics coming…

Click here to see the discussion in the forums…


Swingbite… Not sure it is any good yet but looked cool. Small enough not to look like a bird at the range…

Greg Norman was wearing these. Last week we were wondering and hear we go…

V1 software with Annika…

More great views and better people…

Great stuff. After a 10 year sabbatical from the show Traditional (Japan Forged and USA owned) is make. With his son to help..

So we will be hard at work to try to get it all up ASAP. I have to get off this computer. My Daughter wants me to set up the sewing machine. Wish me luck guys. I will be sewing for the next 3 hours. She wants to make a hat for our dog. That is going to be interesting.

Click here to see the discussion in the forums…

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Whats in the Bag

Jon Rahm’s Winning WITB: 2017 DP World Tour Championship



Driver: TaylorMade M2 2017 (10.5 degrees)
Shaft: Aldila Tour Green 75X

3 Wood: TaylorMade M1 2017 (15 degrees)
Shaft: Aldila Tour Green 75TX

5 Wood: TaylorMade M1 2017 (19 degrees)
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD-DI 8X

Irons: TaylorMade P-750 (4-PW)
Shafts: Project X 6.5

Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind (52 and 56 degrees), TaylorMade “Hi-Toe” (60 degrees)
Shafts: Project X 6.5

Putter: TaylorMade Spider Tour Red

Golf Ball: TaylorMade TP5x


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See what GolfWRX Members are saying about Mizuno’s new ST-180 driver



Mizuno has recently released a new ST-180 driver that we spotted on Tour at the 2017 RSM Classic. The company’s “wave sole” technology makes an appearance for the first time in a Mizuno driver; the design is used to push weight low and forward to reduce spin rates, and the construction contracts and expands during impact to increase energy into the golf ball. The result is a lower-spinning driver, especially for those who hit down on the golf ball, and increased ball speeds across the face.

The ST-180 drivers have a new Forged SP700 Titanium face insert that allows the faces to be made thinner — saving weight from the face while increasing ball speeds — and they feature what the company calls a “Internal Waffle Crown” that saves weight to help shift CG (center of gravity) low and forward in the head.

There’s a slew of custom shafts available for no upcharge. The stock grip is Golf Pride’s M31 360, and the drivers are selling for $399.99, available in stores now.

Below is a collection of early feedback from GolfWRX members, and make sure to join the full discussion. See more photos of the ST-180 driver here.

Note: The posts below have been minimally edited for grammar and brevity.

GolfWRX Members comment on the new Mizuno ST-180 driver

TeeGolf:¬†I’ve seen the ST180 driver [in person] and it looks like it sits perfectly square to me. And this is coming from someone who has been playing a Titleist driver set 1-degree open for the past 3 years. It doesn’t look closed at all.¬†

trhode:¬†I’ve been playing the M2 all year. In comparison at address, the ST is very closed. I had 3 customers look at it yesterday too and they all had the same reaction: closed. That being said, I did play 18 on the simulator and hit some monster drives. The head, with the Raijin shaft, seems to be just a little lower spin than my TaylorMade M2. The blue finish doesn’t bother me either.¬†

akjell:¬†Hit this yesterday at the Mizuno demo day yesterday at Eagle Ridge in Gilroy, CA. Far from a hook machine but definitely a bomber. The Mizuno’s reps put me in a Mitsubishi Tensei White 70X and I could hit this this driver on a string possibly a bit better than my M1. Of the Mizuno drivers of late, this has to be the best one.

odshot68: Ordering it today. Was fit and played a round with it. Optimal launch and spin. Tensei Blue 70x at 9.5 degrees. This is definitely not left bias; first Mizzy driver ever.

nmorton:¬†Hit this today and it’s going in the bag. Just a classic head shape that suits my eye. Been messing around with a number of drivers over the past year and haven’t singled one out. Last long term driver I had was the 850. The ST checks all of the boxes for me…looks great down by the ball, sounds solid and performs as good as any other. What really sold me was how well slight mis-hits performed. I had the 12.5 dialed down so it definitely sat open a bit. Didn’t hit the fairway but it looks sharp as well.¬†

evoviiiyou: Had a chance to test the driver with a couple shafts last night. The head is definitely deeper than the JPX900 and the footprint seems bigger from he set up position, very confidence inspiring like the JPX900 but a little improved. Finish and graphics are very similar to the 900 which is very nice if you like the satin Mizuno blue and I do love it just like the satin black I recently had done to my JPX driver and 3 metal. 

regiwstruk:¬†My current gamer is a Titleist 917D3, and this is definitely replacing that. I used a JPX 900 from November 2016 through June 2017 — biggest differences are the sound and that the distance is up there with at least one of the leaders in the market. Anxious to see how it does on the course!¬†

Paul065:¬†It is high launch, low spin yes but I wouldn’t say it was targeted at the average golfer. It’s basically their version of Callaway Epic Sub Zero. Rory used the Sub Zero.¬†

Tommyj:¬†I went down to Carls yesterday specifically to look at the ST180. I’ve read some comments that the face looks closed. When I picked it up it was in the 10.5D position and did look slightly closed but then looked perfectly square at 9.5D and also square at 10.5D which seemed sort of odd. The shape is not for me, I had a Cobra F6 and while the ST180 footprint isn’t that big its still substantial. I like blue on drivers and the ST180 has a real quality look to it with the matte finish, having said that I’m not sure I’d want to be looking at that shade of blue all the time. The sound was an absolute killer for me, it was completely unexpected because I always associate¬†Mizuno¬†with being traditional and understated…¬†ST180 launch was lower than G400 in the neutral setting, about the same when I lofted the Ping down.¬†¬†ST180 was noticeably lower than D2. Longest driver of the three was G400, followed by ST180 then D2. For me the ST180 had the widest dispersion with G400 being the most accurate (by a wide margin).

Discussion: Read more comments about the ST-180 driver here

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Spotted: Justin Rose is testing a new TaylorMade “Hi-Toe” wedge



On Twitter today, Justin Rose posted a photo of a never-before-seen TaylorMade “Hi-Toe” 60-degree wedge. As the name suggests, it appears the toe portion is raised; we’ve seen this high-toe design from other manufacturers, and the benefits of those designs included increasing face area on open-faced shots, and shifting CG (center of gravity) to where it’s more beneficial for wedge play (likely higher for more spin and a lower flight).

The wedge is also stamped with “MG” to suggest it’s a “milled grind” wedge, much like TaylorMade’s popular wedge line that’s in stores now. There also appears to be slots behind the face, likely to also shift CG to where it’s deemed more beneficial.

Talks of a TaylorMade wedge with a high-toe design were actually started by Dustin Johnson a few weeks ago in a press conference. His full comments on that wedge are above, and you can join the discussion about the wedge in our forums.

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