The Axis 1 Golf putters may be the stereotypical black sheep with their looks, but that does not mean golfers should not give a second look to them.

Thanks to its perfectly balanced design, Axis 1 says that its putters will help golfers roll more of their putts on line.

Axis 1 putters have the center of gravity in the middle of the club face and aligned to the axis of the shaft. Its patented heel counterweight causes more weight to be on the front of the club.

According to Phil Long, Axis 1 vice president of sales and marketing, Axis 1 putters could be the answer to the looming anchored putter ban. He said the putters offer the same balance and stability as an anchored putter.

Despite the advantages of the putter, most comments in GolfWRX’s forum showcasing the putters from the 2013 PGA Merchandise Show Demo Day tended to dwell on the unorthodox look of the putters.

[youtube id=”j53cmg8o1Gg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

For those golfers who look past the non-traditional look, there are two variations from which to choose. There is the classic-looking blade Eagle putter, which weighs 340 grams. It sells for $299 and comes in three different lengths — 33, 34 or 35 inches.

There is also the slightly heavier, modern-mallet putter, the Umbra. This 350-gram putter also sells for $299 and comes in the same three lengths as the Eagle. Golfers can also get the heavy version of the putter for $349 and is available in either 34- or 35-inch models.

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    • I have been playing golf since I was 14….I’m now 64. I am also considered an avid putter collector. I have used Scotty Camerons, Bettinardi’s, Edel, Palombi, Piretti, C&L, Sunset Golf, Odyssey, Lajosi and others. I took a severe gamble on the Axis1 Eagle putter. I watched all the YouTube videos I could find and checked the website. I admit, the design initially looked more than just different. But, after listening and reading about the putter I just had to try it. I have been using this putter religiously for close to a year now. Sure, I get the usual “stares” from onlookers on the practice green and lots of questions. I challenge everyone I meet to putt a few balls with this putter and then putt with their own brand of specialty. The look on their faces spell volumes! They are quickly convinced how the Axis1 Eagle provides immediate “feedback” when the clubhead meets the ball. My putting has improved considerably since using this putter. On putts inside 15 feet, I am as confident of making the putt as I am with a 3 footer! My scores and handicap have both dropped as a result of not missing the “money putts” inside 5 feet. At 64 I still carry an 8 handicap which I am quite proud of. I post every score no matter what course I play or what tee box I play. My handicap is legitimate enough to play courses of varying slope rating and know that I will play pretty close to my handicap. The look on the faces of my playing partners is what I treasure! Due to the “weird” shape of the putter head, when I make a long “bomb”, my partners just say “Snaked Again!” I am such a believer in this putter that I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone. Anybody and everybody uses a Cameron or Ping or Odyssey? Just because those companies spend multi-millions on advertising doesn’t mean they are “the best” putters? If one was the best, why wouldn’t all the other putter makers just close up shop? I have been an insurance salesman for 42 years, but I feel like I could sell these putters to anyone! If you are sick and tired of 3 putting with your fancy Cameron or Bettinardi, take a chance like I did. This might be the best money you have ever spent on a golf club! I would love to try the Umbra or the newest model clubhead offered by Axis1. I sincerely feel like this company is a winner and if I ever get a chance to play “against” you, I WILL make a believer out of you!

  1. This putter will not twist off line no matter how soft of a grip you have. It promotes a tension free feel. The look is disgusting but what gives if the face twists when you make contact. I putt straight back and through with a doubele interlocking grip so it works for me…those who putt on an arc might think it feels weird in their hands.

  2. Was thinking the same thing, do centre shafted putters have a COG at the centre? The shaft will be on the same axis.

    Don’t think you can charge $299 for a putter that looks like that, halve the price and you might start getting people buying.

  3. Yes I would agree the look of the putter seems to be the biggest sticking point. I would feel very uncomfortable over the ball using that.

    The price seems a bit excessive as well.

    Be interested to hear any feedback from anyone that has used one.