So, before we get to the review, a little about me.  I’m Nick, work in the industry as a the Sr. Director of Rules and Competition for a PGA Section and Amateur Association in the Southwest. I played college golf at a top 25 Division 1 University (they’re top 5 now…WOOOHOO, but that’s probably because I’m not on the squad anymore).  

Had a good amateur career (State Am Champs, US Am, Pub Links etc) and dabbled on the mini tours with limited success.  I’m currently an amateur awaiting reinstatement, and will go back to the USGA and Amateur lifestyle that I crave (and prefer…but that’s neither here nor there).

Also, to give you an idea how I move it (and how I’m closer to an average joe…here’s my gamer driver…Notice that I only swing it 110…Gamer is Titleist 913 D3 with UST Mamiya Attas Elements MK6 X-Flex – 43 3/8″ – 272 CPMS – D2 SW)

Anyways…why am I here…well, I love this community, and haven’t contributed as much as I’d like…but have an opportunity to share some amazing data and opinion about a product that’s had some buzz.  UST Mamiya recoil prototype iron shafts.

First question to answer, why did I consider graphite?…Well, my hands, fingers, and wrists are a little beat up.  Doctors said it’s a little tendonitis, with some bad genes, but anyways, the vibrations hurt…especially when it starts to get chilly…so the tinker-er that I am, I thought graphite would be a great solution.  More so, I seem to see more and more guys on tour with shafts like Aerotech and Matrix etc, so obviously guys are starting to consider this as an option…(Matt Kuchar, Sneds etc).

recoil shafts

So first, what am I replacing?

Well, since the Project X shafts came out back in the day (think old Satin ones)…I’ve been using PX 6.5’s… Had them in a number of sets, and actually, since I can remember.  Played them in every professional event I played in for sure, and I almost think that I never had a set of irons since highschool with anything else.  They worked for me.  I never did extensive iron shaft testing, didn’t mind the ‘harshness’ that some people talk about, and never gave it much thought until now.

Fast forward…We have shafts.

via UST Mamiya Recoil Prototype 125 F5 (X) Full Review PICS!!! LIVE HITTING BALLS! Answering Questions! – Tour and Pre-Release Equipment – GolfWRX.

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