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Gary Woodland announces new equipment deal with Wilson



Alongside Justin Rose’s move to Honma, the  worst-kept secret during this season of equipment changes is finally out, as in the last hour, Gary Woodland confirmed his new deal with Wilson Golf.

Woodland took to Instagram to announce the news, after experimenting with Wilson’s clubs over the past few months.

Wilson Golf president Tim Clarke, while talking to about Woodland’s new deal, confirmed that the big-hitter had been a target of theirs for some time and on hearing that the 34-year-old was open to signing a new equipment deal, stated

“We jumped at the chance to talk and he was receptive to trying some of our stuff out. It started with the prototype blades and kind of went from there.”

Per’s report, Woodland will play at least 10 of the company’s clubs this season.

Of those clubs, it appears unlikely that Woodland will use Wilson’s new Cortex driver, at least not at this moment, however there is the possibility. Speaking on the prospect of Woodland perhaps putting the club in play at some point in the future, Clarke stated

“There are incentives (in the contract). The driver is one of those clubs, and Gary does have a Cortex driver with him in Hawaii. Obviously, the goal would be to have him as a marquee brand ambassador and get him in as many products as possible. And that would be inclusive of the golf ball at some point.”

Woodland is expected to use Ping’s G400 driver during round one of the Sentry Tournament of Champions, but we’ll be sure to keep an eye on his bag.

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Gianni is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito



  1. Vince

    Jan 5, 2019 at 5:33 pm

    Willson has great clubs been playing them for past 6 years ,fg’s,V1″s, V2″s and just started playing forged F5 irons all have been great quality sets,so play your name brands and I’ll play quality forgings…Vb

  2. billgriffith8

    Jan 4, 2019 at 9:51 pm

    As of right now (1/4/19), looks like the move to Wilson is working pretty well for him at the Sentry…

  3. Speedy

    Jan 4, 2019 at 2:27 pm

    I’d rather play Honma.

  4. joro

    Jan 4, 2019 at 11:07 am

    Wilson is back with some great stuff. I have to laugh at the ignorant comments from people who know nothing about clubs. If it ain’t Callaway,, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping, it ain’t no good. You should try it, then make your asinine comments.


    Jan 4, 2019 at 10:44 am

    A mistake. Wilson has turned into a “gimmick” company (made for TV infomercials), which is too bad, since they made fantastic clubs generations ago, only to either lose their way or discard golf in favor of other sports which contributed more to the bottom line.

  6. WRX speculation

    Jan 3, 2019 at 8:40 pm

    That Cortex on that Tour Z shaft must be a tank!

  7. Elliott

    Jan 3, 2019 at 8:23 pm

    Woodland might as well be playing Wilson’s Sam Snead Blue Ridge specials from the 1970s. Hate to see his game go downhill, but it’s a sure thing now. Sad…

    • Bonerbreath

      Jan 4, 2019 at 12:42 am

      How you figure he game is going to fall apart lol wilson makes amazing irons, he will be experimenting all year with woods…and wedges are wedges everyone just copies vokey anyways..gary is goinflg to add to wilson staffs major win count and continue to be a leader!

      • Benny

        Jan 4, 2019 at 7:49 am

        Well said. People think because Wilson is in a box store like Target or Wally World the product is bad. But people shoot par or better with worse clubs. Wilson is still one of the leaders in won tournaments and major wins. They make great gear and Woodland almost won the last tourney while getting a hole in one.
        I never liked this guy but saw him walk over and personally help a man who had fallen over. Gary is a great dude and hope to see him have a break out year.
        I challange anyone to try the V4 irons and not love them.

    • Crusin

      Jan 4, 2019 at 10:25 pm

      Thru 36 @ Tournament of Champions.

      1 G. Woodland. -12 F -6
      T2 B. DeChambeau-9 F -5
      T2 R. McIlroy. -9 F -5
      T2 K. Tway -9 F -2
      5 M. Leishman. -8 F

    • Crusin

      Jan 5, 2019 at 8:44 pm

      Another update. Downhill for Gary.

      1 G. Woodland. -17 F -5
      2 R. McIlroy. -14 F -5
      3 M. Leishman. -13 F -5
      T4 X. Schauffele. -12 F -5
      T4 B. DeChambeau. -12 F -3

    • Christian

      Jun 15, 2019 at 4:58 pm

      Given how well Woodland is playing at Pebble Beach for this year’s US Open, I would say this comment may go down as one of the most erroneous in Golfwrx history. It is also electronically recorded for future generations to see. Sad…

    • Christian

      Jun 16, 2019 at 11:59 pm

      Woodland wins US Open with Wilson irons. You’re comment is so wrong. Sad…

  8. Mick Calderwood

    Jan 3, 2019 at 6:06 pm

    Great guy hope this works out

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The DailyWRX (9/22/2020): 12 steps back, 1 step forward | Golf ball compression goals | Elk’s truth hammer



Sometimes yah gotta take 12 steps back to take 1 step forward…

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@berndwiesberger after the US Open ???? #USOpen

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Rick looks…pi$$ed off…


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Compression goals from @brysondechambeau. ????

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Truth hammer…If a course is 7,400, they only actually play 6.300 of it. That’s what happens when you can carry…everything.

St’i emit I dnuof a wen emag…….

MD @ynnhoj_rednuw or @johnny_wunder

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An inside look at the world of golf club design



The design process has always fascinated me, especially when it comes to golf clubs.

The ability to create something new while also making them distinctly recognizable within a brand is impressive. The most parallel comparison I can draw would be in the car industry, where new models are released on a yearly basis that both look familiar yet refined. Add in the technological improvements, and you create something worth upgrading to.

The keyword here is “improvement,” because when OEMs release new equipment, the ultimate questions from golfers are “How is this better, and how can it help my game?” There is no doubt we are seeing advancements in technology, but whether those advancements are designed for you or a different segment of golfers is up the engineers behind the products. I have had the opportunity to speak with designers and engineers from multiple OEMs, and they all have a few things in common.

Obviously, nobody is trying to design a worse-performing golf club, and the process to create something new always starts with goal setting.

Pulling levers and reaching goals

Like with any engineering project, end goals are mapped out, with performance and looks as key factors in the success of the project. Thanks to computer modeling, and a deep understanding of materials, it’s not overly difficult for engineers to design to the far outreaches of what’s possible—but the difference between possible and playable is massive.

For example, we have seen extremely low spin drivers enter the market and help golfers hit it further, but to build that Center of Gravity (CG) location into a driver, you have to sacrifice forgiveness. On the other end of the spectrum, you can create a driver that goes very straight with higher MOI but then you lose the potential to maximize distance – its a fine balancing act and engineers are very good at pulling the right levers to balance performance depending on the target demographic.

So to answer one of the questions from the top “how is this better?”, in some individual cases it might actually not be, it could be that a previous generation had all the design characteristics to perfectly match your game. That doesn’t mean designers haven’t actually created a better club, it just means that it’s not better for you!

One of the best examples is in modern-day fairway woods. Unlike drivers where the end goal is to continue to drive the ball as far as possible, with a fairway wood it is a fine balancing act between distance and control. A 3-wood that goes as far as your driver off the tee doesn’t make a lot of sense since you already had a driver, and if it can’t be hit from the fairway, then you are basically wasting a spot in your bag.

Who’s driving the technology?

When we look at the golf industry as a whole, it is a substantial economic driver, but compared to other industries that rely on using the same raw materials to produce products, golf is just a tiny fraction of that business. No other part of the industry better exemplifies this than golf shafts.

They are made from exotic raw materials, including various forms of carbon fiber that can be quite expensive, but when you compare the types and amounts of carbon fiber used in golf shafts versus commercial and military aviation applications, then golf is obviously a very small player. This is why we see golf shaft companies utilizing materials from the aviation industry—the most recent example is the ProjectX RDX line of shafts which uses HexTow® carbon fibers to add more stability to the already extremely stable line of HZRDUS Smoke shafts. Although you might have never heard of Hexcel before this, to put them into perspective, they topped over $3.25 billion dollars in sales last year–that’s near twice the sales of Callaway’s entire portfolio.

Photo by S. Ramadier – Airbus

The same goes for club heads. Maraging steel, for example, which is used in both fairway woods and even some iron faces, wasn’t developed for golf clubs, it was developed in the 1950s, and was primarily used in military applications including rocket casings. We still use it today even though it was developed in the age or persimmon woods—How’s that for a mind-bender?


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Morning 9: Bryson’s coach: “Change the rules and he’ll still win” | Reshaping the game? | Wunder’s “Love/hate”



1. Reshaping the game?
Golf Channel’s Rex Hoggard…“There will be those who contend the USGA went light on the setup and paved the way for DeChambeau’s paradigm-shifting performance. That’s the same crowd who came down with a convenient case of statistical amnesia when Tiger Woods won the 2000 U.S. Open at 12 under, ignoring that he was the only player under par at Pebble Beach.”
  • “DeChambeau was the only player in red figures (6 under) at Winged Foot, but it’s not the number, as one USGA type explained late Sunday, it’s how he arrived at that number that will keep rules makers awake at night.”
  • “All of the dogma that bound the fabric of the game has unraveled. DeChambeau ate it. All the caveats that came with strongman golf – it’s not controlled enough to work on a “true” major championship test – have been mown down like 5 ½ inches of Winged Foot rough.”
  • “For those who clung to the notion that thick rough and firm greens were all golf needed to bring the body builders back to earth, the sky has fallen.”
2. Bryson’s coach: Even if you change the rules, he’ll find ways to win
BBC report…”Try to make it tough for Bryson and I’m telling you he will figure out how to beat you,” said his coach Mike Schy.
  • Schy told BBC World Service: “The reality is if you make it so Bryson can’t play he will figure it out.
  • “They can easily change this whole situation by scaling the rough on courses and they aren’t talking about that.
  • “Instead of having the same rough 200 yards out from the green, you scale it. At 200 yards it’s an inch and a half deep. At 60 yards it’s six or seven inches deep. The game can go back to strategy and risk and reward if you scale the rough in the right way.
  • “If you scale the rough it becomes back to how it used to be.”

Full piece.

3. Paynes Valley Cup 

Jason Lusk for Golfweek…“After the narrow fairways, high rough and impeding tree lines at Winged Foot’s West Course in the U.S. Open, the top players in the world surely could use a little relaxing width in a golf course.”
  • “Four of them will get plenty of opportunities to swing away Tuesday, as Tiger Woods welcomes Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose to the opening of his new Payne’s Valley layout at Big Cedar Lodge. That foursome will tee off at 3 p.m. Eastern (on Golf Channel) in the Payne’s Valley Cup on Woods’ first public-access design in the United States.”
  • “Named in honor of Ozarks native Payne Stewart, the three-time major winner who died in a plane crash in 1999, Payne’s Valley will be the third 18-hole course at Big Cedar.”
4. Bamberger’s take
The eminent scribe…“DeChambeau may be too young to really understand what he just did. Tiger, at 27, was like that. He wasn’t when he won the Masters last year, at age 43. This game of golf, especially alongside this thing called life, has a way of growing up all who play it for keeps. DeChambeau is not married. He does not have children. Like Justin Thomas and Matthew Wolff and Collin Morikawa and Viktor Hovland, he’s in a period in his life where he can devote himself to one main thing: getting better at golf. Tiger remembers what that was like. It won’t last forever. Even Hogan found that out.”
  • “The winner of this 120th U.S. Open, and its $2.25 million first-place prize, was asked what kind of mental strength he takes, from doing things his own way.”
  • “It’s a lot of validation through science,” he said. “If I hit a 40-footer and it says 10.1 miles per hour on the device, I know that I’ve executed it correctly. If I see the ball go two feet past that 40-foot mark, I know it’s perfect. I know I’ve done everything I can in my brain to make my perception reality. I’m trying to make my perception of what I feel and what I think and turn it into proper reality.”
5. Love/hate with Johnny Wunder
I LOVE what Bryson’s success is going to do to change the game, not only from a “what is possible” standpoint but the trickle-down effect it will have on the average golfer. Think of it this way: Bryson has become the test subject for not only physical optimization but also golf club launch optimization, stability-hell, footwear optimization. Like with Tiger in 2000, the game will shift in a new direction. That’s exciting.
I HATE what Bryson’s success is going to do to change the game. The separation between the tour and actual golf will become even greater and the nuance of the game will be lost to speed and power. Gone are the days were a true craftsman can have designs to play on tour and compete. The path to the tour will be speed first and strategy second. The PGA Tour is looking more and more like the NFL every day, and at some point, the courses we love will become completely unrecognizable. No. 1 at Augusta is 450 yards. In the next 10 years, somebody will get to that green on the tee shot. That scares me. It will be great TV though…
6. Zalatoris cashes is
Golf Channel’s Will Gray…”Zalatoris shot 70-71 over the final two rounds in difficult conditions to move all the way up to a tie for sixth at 5 over. He finished the week alongside world No. 1 Dustin Johnson, and his top-10 finish means he’s exempt for next year’s U.S. Open at Torrey Pines.”
  • “I just found out that obviously top 10 gets us into next year, too, so that’s obviously pretty exciting,” Zalatoris said Sunday. “I’ve been really working hard over the past couple of years, and nice to finally see it pay off on the big stage.”
  • …”But Zalatoris’ result in one of the most lucrative tournaments of the year highlights the disparity in pay between the biggest events and those on the developmental circuit. In 16 Korn Ferry starts this year, while distancing himself as the circuit’s best player, Zalatoris has made a total of $403,978. For his T-6 performance at Winged Foot, he eclipsed that total and cashed a check for $424,040.”
7. Takeaways for Wolff
ESPN’s Bob Harig…“The Sunday struggles are the kind of thing that might send a golfer into a funk, causing him to wonder what went wrong and making him the subject of conjecture about how difficult it might be to recover from such a collapse.”
  • “But for Wolff, there should be no such fear. In this case, especially, there is no shame in finishing second — not when you completed 72 holes in even par on a golf course where many expected the winning score to be over par and not when DeChambeau did otherworldly things and was the only player in the field to break par on Sunday.”
  • “Keep in mind that Wolff, 21, was playing in just his second major championship. Only 15 months ago, he won the NCAA individual title for Oklahoma State, and soon after, he turned pro. This was his first U.S. Open; you have to go back to Francis Ouimet in 1913 for the last time a player won the championship in his first attempt.”
8. Grillo seeks out Como’s Sean Martin on Emiliano Grillo linking up with Bryson DeChambeau’s coach…“They do share one thing in common: a swing coach. Both work with Chris Como, the Dallas-based instructor whom DeChambeau effusively praised Sunday for guiding him through the radical transformation of his body and game.”
“Como’s ability to assist one of the game’s most obsessive tinkerers, and another student with a more laid-back approach, is credit to an under-appreciated aspect of coaching. It’s not just what you know, but how you convey the information to your students. Como can be give DeChambeau the data he craves or tailor his teaching to Grillo, as well.”
  • “Chris is always 100% into it. He adapts to your personality,” Grillo says. “I’m super different to Bryson and we both really match well with (Chris). That’s what makes him very special.”
  • “Grillo said he isn’t planning a Bryson-esque transformation – “I enjoy a lot of other things, and I don’t think adding weight for my job is a priority,” he says – but he has been helped by Como’s instruction. Whereas DeChambeau loves to rely on Trackman readings and his background in physics, it has been a simple key from Como that has benefitted Grillo.”
9. Browsing the GolfWRX Classifieds…
Member TheRawEdge – TaylorMade SIM Ti 3-wood…It’s been proven to be one of the longest 3 woods ever made, and now this if your chance to get one, for a great price with a very expensive aftermarket shaft.
Member Paranorml – The Buck Club ( sneaker head ) cover…If you like to collect rare covers and also happen to be a sneakerhead, then this cover, along with some of the others in this listing are for you.
Member Wintohla – Cameron inspired by JT Putter…Scotty Cameron “Inspired By” series putters are a hot commodity and the weld neck JT is already proving hard to find – better scoop this one up quick.
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