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In-hand photos and more info on Titleist’s new 2018 “CNCPT 02” irons



Back in September, a photo of Titleist’s new CNCPT irons surfaced in our GolfWRX forums. With little information on the new irons, however, much was left up for speculation.

Now, we have a better look and a bit more information on the new Titleist CNCPT irons, thanks to Instagram user brianoleksa. According to his post, the irons are called “Titleist CNCPT 02” irons, and Oleksa gained “5-6 mph” of ball speed during his fitting with the irons compared to his previous Titleist T-MB (2-5 irons) and Titleist MB (6-PW).

A look down at address — Oleksa’s irons are equipped with Nippon N.S. Pro Modus3 130X shafts, with a black ferrule by request:

And here’s a better look at the letter that Titleist sent to Oleksa along with the irons:

As always, our GolfWRX members are going in depth about the irons, trying to uncover any information possible about the irons.

Here’s a taste of what they’re saying, but make sure to check out the full thread to see all of the discussion.

  • wesstlee18: CNC-PT is a play on words, a bit more clever than a vowel-less name. CNC meaning milled…
  • MattyO1984: Seems like people are forgetting that these are a concept iron. How many concept cars would you look at it and instantly think, yeah that looks good I must have them? This is an extended test that Titleist can do with the various concepts. They are not going to release them to the mass market (they sold what 1,500 set of the C16). They’ll use them them to see what works, what doesn’t work, what people are ready for, what people aren’t ready for and then I’d be sure that you will start to see the successful elements beginning to be incorporated into future AP lines. 
  • John Golia: Two head styles.  AP2 and Ap3 like.  Cast heads. Lofts similar to AP3. More ball speed. Longer distance. 8 piece set $4000.00. More info to come as I get it. (Subject to change)  
  • Farrow: That’s not a badge. The back is all one piece of metal. The area that says “CNCPT” is just a blasted finish instead of high polish. I’m guessing they welded a face plate or something to a forged/CNC’d body. 
  • BDoubleG: Was talking with a Titleist rep yesterday. I was lamenting that Titleist hadn’t made real driving iron since the 712U. He told me that I should give these a try, as they are being released in early spring – with a price tag of $800 (Canadian) per head. 

We’ll update this post with more information as it becomes available.

See what GolfWRX members are saying about the Titleist CNCPT irons.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. ogo

    Oct 30, 2018 at 12:00 am

    From the main forum…. just a bunch of irrelevant twitter-sized blurts expressing their feeelings about what they see. Talk about adolescent mindlets.

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Bettinardi releases military-inspired BB8-Wide Armageddon putter in honor of those who have served



Bettinardi Golf has unveiled its limited-run military-inspired BB8-Wide Armageddon putter in honor of those who have served, with a portion of the proceeds going to the Veteran Golfers Association.

Limited to 250 pieces worldwide, the new release from Bettinardi features a unique full tactical F.I.T. Face over Honeycomb face milling which is designed for extra soft feel at impact. The neck, bumpers, and sole of the flat-stick features engravings inspired by military insignias used in the army.

Handpainted in a military-themed “sniper” navy, gray and white color scheme, the putter is milled to 355 grams from Soft Carbon steel and comes with a matching Made in USA headcover and a red Lamkin Deep Etched Cord grip.


The BB8-Wide Armageddon putter costs $550 and will be available to buy at Bettinardi specialty dealers around the globe on May 23, and online in the Hive on


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Forum Thread of the Day: “Ball in the thick rough – what club to use?”



Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from jjfcpa who asks fellow members what their preferred choice of club is when their ball is in thick rough. A variety of irons and hybrids are mentioned by our members who delve into the discussion of course management.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • RainShadow: “For me, that sot would be a 7 iron, open the face a little and play a runner up to the front of the green. Open face will help a bit with getting stuck in the grass.”
  • golfgirlrobin: “Club choice depends on whether you’re willing to accept a bogey or whether you insist on making double.”
  • ChipNRun: “I would try a hinge and hold action. Take a half swing with plenty of hinge action and punch down on the ball with limited follow-through. Use the big muscles of the shoulders – you don’t want to hurt yourself trying to muscle it. Probably choose something between a PW and a 7i. You’ll need to hold firmly with L hand, so the grass doesn’t wrap around the hosel and deloft the club face.”
  • kcd38: “If it is 200 plus from the green and a decent lie, hybrid. If it is less than 200 from the green and sunk down a little, I usually go with my 8 iron and play the face slightly open knowing the grass will grab the hosel and shut the face. Definitely need some speed to get out of the thick stuff.”

Entire Thread: “Ball in the thick rough – what club to use?”

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WRX Spotlight: Ping Moonlite



Dear stand bag,

I love you, I really do. I appreciate all of your features; your wide top, 9 pockets, and your ability to so easily fit on a riding or push cart when needed. But sometimes I need a break, sometimes it feels like even after a whole day spent together we really didn’t get the opportunity to know each other. You do a great job carrying my clubs, but depending on the day & course some of those clubs didn’t even get to enjoy a single swing – they were literally just along for the ride. That’s why I want to let you know that we’re going to have to take a break once & a while, you know, for me to get back to my roots. Sorry stand, it’s not you, it’s me.

I just got a Ping Moonlite.


Dramatic, and silly? YES. Honest? You bet!

Weighing in at around two pounds with a double strap, and with enough room for 14 clubs, the Moonlite is a walker’s dream bag. Even at its small streamlined size, the Moonlite is no pushover — in fact, the main strap on the bag is designed to stand up and make it easier to pick it up and get back on your shoulder (Ping thinks of everything). Unlike many of the minimalist bags on the market Ping’s focus is on technology, problem solving, and ease of use – which is essentially their entire design ethos anyway. Everything you need and nothing to weigh it down.

Not to take away from other minimalist bags on the market but coming in at only $100 its also far and away the best value you’re going to find. Not to say other minimalist bags from specialty manufacturers don’t offer something both functional and unique – because they do! But it’s a bit like comparing a well designed extremely functional nylon backpack to a Gucci bag, they hold the same stuff but send two very different messages. When talking about function, features, technology, and value, the Ping is the king of that category — and it’s not even close.

Speaking to the features the MoonLite has a nice list of them to make carrying a breeze

  • 2 Way Top
  • 4 Pockets
  • 10L pocket volume
  • Ergonomic straps
  • Water-resistant valuables / phone pouch
  • Ball, apparel, & water bottle pockets
  • Holds 14 clubs ( with standard and midsized grips easily )
  • Water-resistant belly to keep clubs and grips dry on wet dewy mornings

Water-resistant Valuables pouch

Main storage pocket with extra divider

Secondary strap mechanism – engaged

Secondary Strap removed in seconds – it’s that easy.

My personal stance is that given the opportunity, I would use this bag as my “gamer,” but thanks to some shoulder issues that flare up from time to time (thanks a lot, hockey), I split between the Moonlite and a normal structured stand bag for my push cart (official #PUSHCARTMAFIA team member). The Moonlite easily holds 14 clubs and a few extra shafts (strictly for WRX testing purposes), but I primarily use it when carrying nine clubs or fewer during the afternoon rounds or when I know I’m headed to a shorter course. I like the water-resistant pocket and the easy-to-use system to convert the bag to single strap. As a walker and someone that has a big appreciation for minimalist golf and the <14 clubs movement, this is truly what I want in a “Sunday” style carry bag.


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