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TaylorMade’s new P-790 UDI, Spider Interactive, copper TP putters and more (2018 PGA Show Demo Day)



At the 2018 PGA Show Demo Day in Orlando, TaylorMade displayed a number of new products including a P-790 UDI 17-degree 2 iron, an extended Spider Tour putter lineup — including new Spider models, Spider “Interactive” putters and Spider ARC putters — and the new Hi-Toe wedges officially launch.

Check out photos and info regarding each of the products below.

See all of our photos from the 2018 PGA Show Demo Day here.

P-790 UDI 2-iron

The new P-790 UDI 2-iron has the same construction as TaylorMade’s P-790 irons, which have SpeedFoam between the face and body, but the UDI has a lower profile like the company’s previous Tour Preferred UDI iron. TaylorMade says it plans to launch these to the public sometime in the future.

Spider Tour putters

TaylorMade’s ultra-popular Spider Tour Red putters are being released with five new sightlines and hosels options, including (with descriptions from TaylorMade):

  • No. 1 L-Neck: full sightline, 21-degree toe hang, full shaft offset (RH/LH)
  • No. 3 Small Slant: no sightline, 32-degree toe hang, half shaft offset (RH only)
  • No. 3 Small Slant: full sightline, 32-degree toe hang, half shaft offset (RH/LH)
  • No. 7 Double Bend: full sightline, face-balanced, half shaft offset (RH/LH)
  • No. 7 Center: full sightline, face-balanced, center-shaft (RH only)

The new Spider Black models include (with descriptions from TaylorMade):

  • No. 3 Small Slant: no sightline, 32-degree toe hang, half shaft offset (RH/LH)
  • No. 7 Double Bend: full sightline, face-balanced, half shaft offset (RH only)

Taylormade is also releasing a new Spider Tour Diamond Silver colorway in two models, as described by TaylorMade:

  • No. 1 L-Neck: full sightline, 21-degree toe hang, full shaft offset (RH/LH)
  • No. 7 Double Bend: full sightline, face-balanced, half shaft offset (RH/LH)

The new Spider Tour putters, which have 304 stainless steel frames, 6061 aluminum bodies and PureRoll face inserts, will be available in 33, 34 and 35 inch options, come stock with SuperStroke GTR 1.0 grips and black steel finish shafts. They hit retail on January 26 and will sell for $299.

Spider ARC

The Spider ARC, which was first spotted in Justin Rose’s bag at Augusta in 2017, is a full mallet that TaylorMade says is its highest MOI (moment of inertia, a measure of forgiveness) Spider putter, and it’s made for stability, alignment and a forward roll. It has a stainless steel “ring,” an aluminum body, and a Pure Roll insert.

Spider ARC Red and Spider ARC Silver putters will hit retail on February 4 for $299. They come in 33, 34 and 35-inch lengths, and come stock with SuperStroke GTR 1.0 grips and black finish steel shafts.

See all of our photos from the 2018 PGA Show Demo Day here.

Spider Interactive

In conjunction with Blast Motion, TaylorMade’s new Spider interactive putters use chips in the butt-end of the SuperStroke grips that have accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes in them to determine where the putter is in space at a given time. Coupled with the Spider Interactive app, the system offers feedback on stroke tempo, stroke speed, putter rotation, loft change and lie change. According to TaylorMade, a 0.6 back swing and 0.3 forward swing (a 2:1 ratio) is best.

The Spider Interactive putters can be USGA conforming (yellow chip) or non-conforming (white chip), and they will sell for $399 starting March 23.

Copper-colored TP Collection putters

TaylorMade is staying tight-lipped about these copper-colored TP Collection putters with red face inserts, but at the PGA Show Demo Day range, the company had them out in Soto, Mullen 2 and Ardmore 3 models.

Hi-Toe wedges

Taylormade’s Hi-Toe wedges, that have already been used by Dustin Johnson and Jon Rahm to win tournaments, are coming to the public. They’re milled grind wedges with raised toe sections to raise CG (center of gravity) to produce a lower ball flight with more spin.

Made from 8620 carbon steel with aged-copper finishes and ZTP-17 grooves, the Hi-Toe wedges will be available in 58, 60 and 64 degree lofts (64 is right-hand only). They will come stock with KBS Hi-REV 2.0 115 gram shafts, Golf pride Tour Velvet burgundy 360 GEC grips, and will sell for $169 starting on March 2.

See all of our photos from the 2018 PGA Show Demo Day here.

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  1. Robert Parsons

    Jan 24, 2018 at 2:44 pm

    The HiToe wedge will only be a hit for me if it has the flat leading edge like the one DJ plays.

  2. HeineyLite

    Jan 24, 2018 at 10:53 am

    Hopefully the UDI comes in left. Looks sweet!!!

  3. Dat

    Jan 23, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    Dig the putter finish for sure!

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Mizuno announces new JPX 919 Tour Forged irons are coming August 29 (via cryptic Twitter post)



While cryptic, it does appear Mizuno is announcing via Twitter that its new JPX 919 Tour irons are coming on 8/29/18. One would have to assume that means they will be launched on 8/29, not actually hitting retail on 8/29, but that remains to be seen.

We recently spotted a number of new irons on the USGA conforming list, including the JPX919 Tour irons pictured above, JPX919 Forged and JPX919 Hot Metal irons from Mizuno. So it’s likely that the JPX 919 Tour Forged irons won’t be alone in the JPX 919 family when they hit retail.

The JPX 919 Tour iron specifically pictured in the Tweet above seems to be the replacement for Mizuno’s JPX 900 Tour irons that Brooks Koepka used to win this year’s U.S. Open and PGA Championship. Learn more about the original JPX 900 Tour design from Mizuno’s Chris Voshal on our Gear Dive podcast.

Diving a bit deeper into the picture from Mizuno’s Tweet, it appears the JPX919 Tour irons will utilize Mizuno’s familiar Grain Flow forging, and will be made from 1025E; that’s based on the hosel stamping that says “GF Forged HD 1025E.”

Stay tuned for more info from Mizuno.

See what GolfWRX members are saying about the JPX919 Tour irons here.

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USA Stars & Stripes, European Flag Chrome Soft Truvis golf balls arrive



Getting you in the Ryder Cup spirit a little more than a month from the competition in Paris, Callaway announced Chrome Soft European Truvis golf balls and new Chrome Soft X Truvis Stars & Stripes balls today.

The Carlsbad company is also bringing its popular Chrome Soft Truvis Stars & Stripes balls back to market.

The new European Truvis balls features a European-themed white, blue, and yellow design. Both Chrome Soft Truvis Stars & Stripes balls include a patriotic red, white, and blue pattern.

All models of these made-in-the-USA golf balls will be available at retail August 24th and will sell for $44.99.

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An Interview with T Squared putters, started by a high school golfer



I’ve coached high school golf for over 15 years, and I thought that I had run out of “firsts.” Then, Anthony Tuber, one of our varsity six, told me that he builds putters. “Sure,” I thought. You purchase the components and assemble putters. Nice hobby to have. “No, coach, I build them from scratch. We have milling machines.” If that doesn’t catch your attention, not much will.

As a coach, you encourage your golfers from a base of experience, but I don’t have any club-making experience! The last time I played around with metal was in middle-school metal shop. In this particular case, the student is the coach, and the golfer is the teacher. I’m now the proud owner of a T Squared putter, and continue to be the proud coach of Anthony Tuber. He might be the next Bob Vokey, or Scotty Cameron, but for now, he is a varsity golfer and high school student. Oh, and he happens to make putters. Rather than write a review that might be perceived as biased, I decided to do a straightforward interview with T Squared Putters. If you want to learn more, visit the company website, or follow them on Twitter and on Instagram.

Question 1: What type of research and field testing did you do, prior to building your first putter?

Prior to making our first putter we bought a bunch of putters to see what we liked and disliked about them. Then we took those putters and tested them to figure out which roll we liked the best. The roll is determined by the weight of the putter the length and the groove pattern. After we completed the testing we drew up a design and shortly after that we had our first prototypes. We then tested those prototypes and they rolled exactly how we wanted. Time went by while we used these first putters but then we really wanted to see the competition. We went to the PGA Merchandise Show and that’s where we found out that we had a superior putter.

Question 2: Is there a style of putter that you like, that perhaps served as inspiration for some of your designs?

We bought and tested dozens of putters but two putters caught our eye and those putters are the Scotty Cameron Squareback and the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Notchback.

Question 3: Can you tell us a bit about the materials/components that you chose for T Squared Putters?

We use American-made 303 stainless steel in all of our putters, but we also we use 6061 aircraft aluminum for the insert on the 713i.

Question 4: How do you balance your responsibilities and commitments, with your T Squared production?

During the school year academics are my number one priority. Over the summer I have been balancing my Tsquared putters work while working on the progression of my golf game. Fortunately I have a team that is very supportive of my vision for T Squared putters.

Question 5: Any chance we will see a mallet-style putter from T Squared?

Yes, we are currently testing other mallet putters to determine the most desirable features for our mallet putter. We are anticipating a prototype soon.

Question 6: Are you a better putter now that you know so much more from the design and production side of putters?

Yes, I have an entirely different perspective when I stand over every putt.

Question 7: How do you get the word out about the quality of your putters?

We have been very active on social media. The golfers that are currently using a Tsquared putter have been spreading the word. We have also been attending local golf tournaments to establish our brand.

Question 8: Do you hope to make a career of this venture, or do you envision it as a step along the path of a 21st-century businessman?

Yes, as golf is my passion I hope to take Tsquared putters to the next level. Golf will always be a part of my life whether it is professionally or recreationally.

Question 9: Finally, what question haven’t we asked, that you wish we would? Ask it and answer it, please.

I haven’t been asked how this process has affected me as a person. As a 17 year old I have a new appreciation for patience, persistence and hard work.

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