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The bending action of the right arm in the golf swing is an extremely important element to a good swing. Often times, we can’t do what we want with the club because we’ve positioned the right arm in such a way that doesn’t leave us any choice but to move the club poorly.

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Athletic Motion Golf is a collaboration of four of golf's brightest and most talented instructors who came together with the sole purpose of supplying golfers the very best information and strategies to lower their scores. At AMG, we're bringing fact-based instruction that's backed by research and proven at the highest levels on the PGA Tour straight to golfers through our website. Our resources will help you "clear the fog" in your game and understand the essentials of playing great golf.



  1. A. Rutkowski

    May 5, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Might be interesting to show a right arm skeleton instead of a left arm if you are going to talk about right arm bend.

    • Daniel

      May 6, 2018 at 8:52 pm

      Umm… it is a right arm.. the figures are facing towards you.. pretty obvious

  2. BT

    May 5, 2018 at 4:46 am

    I liked it. Thanks.
    Might be interesting to see a pro vs am pitching – what are the pros doing from 60 out to fire the ball in low and hard with spin?

  3. xpc

    May 4, 2018 at 11:18 pm

    I think this is deceptive in focusing on one aspect. 1 the pro greater bend at address may well be because of greater shoulder slope. 2 With the pro hands high at transition the r elbow can only be less bent as the left arm is straight. With the am a high hand position is only achieved by flexing the left arm i.e. it is artificially high and the right elbow flexes accordingly. 3 the shoulder turn is much less. This it appears to me is the old correlation is not causation without real analysis of process.

  4. Yoker

    May 3, 2018 at 8:56 pm

    nteresting…. and in the BS the Pro is wider while the Am is compact. But in the DS the Pro trail arm is tighter while the Am is disconnected.
    The Ams have it reversed …. lol

  5. ChipNRun

    May 2, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    As a one-time baseball player, I have battled over-the-top forever in my golf swing.

    Also, I am now 67, and have moved to a rather compact swing. Above all, I want a balanced stance with weight on heels for full shots.

    In my takeaway, the right elbow hinges smoothly as I rotate to the top. Then, my downswing starts by dropping the hands slightly, triggering a nice right hip turn and hit a fairly high draw.

    I may be losing our on distance a bit, but I have decent control.

    I also fear that the barely bend right elbow would result in a slide on the takeaway, rather than a rotation.

    Am I missing something?

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Brooks Koepka’s grip secret



Here is a great video on understanding what allows a great player to get through the ball and deliver hardcore to his targets. Without this part of his grip, he would be hard-pressed to deliver anything with any kind of smash factor and compression. See what you can learn from his grip.

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Swing speed vs. quality impact



In today’s age of hitting the ball as hard and as far as you can on tour, I am amazed at the number of amateur golfers who totally disregard the idea of quality impact. In fact, you can hit the ball further with better impact than you can with poor impact and more speed (to a point.) Sure, if you can kick the clubhead speed up 10 MPH-plus versus your normal speed, then this is not a requirement, but in reality most players only swing a few MPH faster when they actually try. Yes, this is true, I see it day after day. You might think you can swing 10 MPH faster but rarely do I see more than 2-3 MPH tops.

I had a student that came in the other day and was obsessed with swinging harder but when he did his impacts were terrible! When I put him on Trackman and showed him the data he was astounded that he could swing slower yet produce more distance.

Here was a typical swing he made when swinging faster 105.8 mph where the impact was low on the face and the ball carried 222.3 yards.

Here was a typical swing he made when swinging slower 102.9 mph where the impact was much better on the face and the ball carried 242.7 yards.

Now, obviously we know that this works to a certain degree of swing speed but it does show you that focusing on quality impact is a key as well. I’m always telling my players that I want them to swing as hard and as fast as they can AND maintain quality impact location — if you can do both then you can have it all!

The best way to understand impact quality without dismantling your swing is to use foot spray to coat the face of the club then hit a few balls to see where impact normally occurs and see if you can adjust.

If you can, great, if not, then go see your teaching professional and figure out why so you can find quality impact once and for all!

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How to warm up for golf PROPERLY



Leo Rooney, Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance, shows you how to get ready to hit balls and/or hit the golf course.

Who is Leo Rooney?

Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance
B.Sc Exercise Physiology

Leo Rooney played 16 years of competitive golf, in both college and professionally. He got a degree in exercise physiology and has worked with anyone from top tour players to beginners. Leo is now the Director of Performance at Urban Golf Performance and is responsible for the overall operations but still works closely with some elite tour players and the UCLA Men’s Golf Team.

He also has experience in long driving with a personal best 445-yard drive in the 2010 European Long driving Championship.

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