There are moments in the history golf which have propelled the sport forward: Francis Ouimet’s 1913 U.S. Open Victory, Ben Hogan’s triumph at Merion, Bobby Jones’ Grand Slam, Nicklaus’ 1986 Masters Win, Tiger Woods’ incredible performance at the1997 Masters … and then, there is Jesper Parnevik’s “Gangnam Style” remake, posted three days ago to YouTube by the Swede’s wife, Penny.

I assume the majority of readers have unfortunately been acquainted with the international YouTube driven phenomenon that is PSY’s “Gangnam Style.” If not, the you can watch the video is below. On second thought, to the unfamiliar: run, don’t finish this article, don’t pollute your minds with the song’s contemptible yet utterly irresistible backbeats and ludicrous dance moves.

The first point of note about the Parnevik video is that it is a serious labor, replete with lip synching to the entirety of the song, coordinated scenes, costumes, wigs, dance sequences and precise editing. The Parnevik’s put a lot of time into the absurd offering, which is reportedly a birthday gift for a friend. All this begs the question, what other “gifts” have the Parnevik’s given in the past — video of he and his family dancing to “Crank That” by Soulja Boy?

On Morning Drive yesterday morning, Parnevik said the video took 15 to 20 hours to edit and that he did it himself. Apparently, Parnevik routinely shoots and edits video. Parnevik said also that Mark Calcavecchia, Rickie Fowler and Camilo Villegas were originally slated to appear in the video. It’s a great tragedy the world didn’t get to see Calc gyrating in a fluorescent wig.

[youtube id=”9bZkp7q19f0″ width=”600″ height=”350″]

Additionally, it seems the Golf Boys (Click here to watch their video) have a rival in the form of three Swedes—Jesper Parnevik, Richard S. Johnson and Fredrick Jacobsen, and three Americans—Will MacKenzie, Dustin Johnson and Mark Turnesa. Hopefully the dynamic sextet will collaborate again to produce … absolutely nothing. Let’s hope they stick to the range, rather than the recording studio.

Parnevik himself is the real star in the video. The “Spaceman” plays the part of PSY wearing a slim-fitting pink suit and pink aviators. His wife and children act as both backup dancers and his doting female entourage. The other tour players dance around in bold colors with wigs on head.

Will Mackenzie, clad in canary yellow, is a pretty capable dancer. Dustin Johnson, however, for all his athleticism, is surprisingly lacking in rhythm. At 3:22 in the video, Johnson plays (I believe/ hope) his girlfriend, Amanda’s Caulder’s nearly exposed behind like a drum. There are a number of other bizarre quasi-sexual moments throughout which blend unusually with children playing dress-up and prancing around.

The PGA Tour is full of less than compelling personalities: bland golfers playing bland golf. Parnevik, with his signature up-turned bill and flamboyant clothing has always stood in stark contrast to the legions in khaki, bad visors and oversized shirts. From a certain standpoint, then, I am glad to see professional golfers in a casual setting having a good time acting goofy.

I am glad to see Dustin Johnson, the 15th ranked player in the Official World Golf Ranking, dancing around in a wig to an atrocious pop song. I’ll even condone the frivolity as the PGA Tour season is effectively over and assume he put the clubs away for a couple days.

On my first viewing of the video (which I was pretty sure would be my only viewing), my prevailing thought was, “I don’t think you would have seen Ben Hogan or Jack Nicklaus or even the more ebullient Arnold Palmer participating in such shenanigans.”

Then, I realized I had actually had the term “shenanigans” enter my consciousness in a semi-serious fashion and felt like a geezer shaking my cane at children having fun. I remembered, too, hearing anecdotally that Ben Hogan did “The Twist” on top of a table at gala after his 1953 ticker tape parade.

Perhaps, I need to lighten up. At least the Parnevik video features lip-synching, which is a step-up from the Golf Boys (notably, Hunter Mahan) “rapping,” and most of the golfers keep most of their clothes on. Ultimately, I’d welcome another offering from Parnevik and company before a sequel to “Oh Oh Oh.”

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