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In the From the Forums weekly feature, we bring you the hottest, most buzz-worthy topics from our forums for your convenience. I’ll be your trusty tour guide to navigate the latest buzz. Here’s a peek behind the curtain into golf’s sanctuary.

The ball doesn’t go far enough! 


This isn’t “some sort of troll thread,” writes Medic. Instead, he says that given the advancements in other golf technology, the golf ball ought to go farther for the average player and it would go a long way (sorry for the pun) toward increasing enjoyment for Mr. 20-Handicap. It’s an interesting argument, and one that received plenty of blowback. Check out the thread.

Your most recent golf-related impulse buy

PGA Merchandise Show

There are the clubs we pine for, eventually pulling the trigger when the time is right. Then, there are golf-related items that come into our possession in a decidedly less rational and orderly fashion. Rory4Pres asks his fellow WRXers for their most recent golf-related impulse purchases. The answers are as surprising and entertaining as you would expect. See the thread.

Forgotten golf equipment manufacturers 


Nike. Just kidding. This thread, started by JD3, is concerned with equipment brands that long ago left the marketplace. He tosses out the example of Sounder, Seve Ballesteros’ irons of choice. The list is a long one. Rack the attic of your mind (or your actual attic) for examples of some of the fine equipment companies now departed. See the thread.

Glorious putters of the past 

20785f_lgAnother trip down memory lane. This thread features a title probably inappropriate for the main site, so we won’t quote it directly here to save the easily offended from offense. That said, we respect the title’s creativity, and it’s an excellent round up some of the great putters from time gone by. Check out the thread.

The best A-game on Tour 

The Northern Trust - Round One

An eternal debate, this one. Who has the best A-game on the PGA Tour? And what does “A-game” even mean? Do we care? A good bit of banter in this thread. And you gotta respect the argument for Jim Furyk: Dude shot 58 and 59 at his best. Dustin Johnson hasn’t done that! See the thread.

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