WATCH: Why Your Lead Arm Always “Lags” Well


Did you know that Sergio Garcia, Jordan Speith, Henrik Stenson and many more top golfers are lead-hand dominant? This means they’re wired to deliver the club through the ball with the lead side, creating the proper “lag” in their swing.

The vast majority of golfers know what lag looks like, but they don’t understand how to achieve it. They’ve never been told that the lead side is already designed to “lag.” In this video, I’ll show you some easy steps to bring your awareness to what you need to do to properly lag and release the club so you can hit more on-target shots. Enjoy!

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  1. The overall concept here is something not talked about enough in golf instruction, but is spot on, and that is we need to be more dominant with the lead arm. Anyone who is a chronic slicer should try swinging lead arm only, and I guarantee won’t slice one of them (after they’ve grooved solid contact swinging this way, which takes a little bit). The struggle I have when trying doing this is bringing the right arm back onto the club. Once I do, it takes over again and I swing right back over the top. I wish the video had more info/drills on ways to keep the right arm passive.

  2. This is a video I have been searching for, played golf for 20+ years left handed (right hand dominant) and I always struggled with what to do with the left hand. After hitting some balls using this method it feels much more natural.

  3. Interesting but won’t work. Throw a ball with your lead arm and then with your stronger arereleasing the hand with a snap. I guess the Teacher has never really looked at and broken down Sergio, Jordan, stenson or any of them. They all hit with right, or throwing hand if a Leftie it is the Left hand hit. Hitting with the lead arm usually will result in a push, like turning hips too fast. Just swing the club and hit with your throwing arm and the body will naturally go with it.

    • What Shawn is trying to demonstrate is the effect of gravity when free swinging around the lead shoulder. It’s a pendulum-like action that accelerates due to the force of gravity on the arm and club.
      A perfect example is one armed golfers who can hit the ball 250+ yards. Perhaps the trail hand slows down the lead hand and messes up the gravity swing.

  4. “lag” is the angle between the lead arm and the clubshaft. The lag action is called “flailing”, and what you are doing is simply flinging the club with your lead arm.