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Could a scratch golfer break 85 at Augusta National?


A classic barstool debate: Could a scratch golfer break 85 at Augusta National? Many variables to consider, sure, but it’s a great essential question, which golfer929 has parlayed into an equally great thread. See the thread.

The best rounded mallet-style putter ever? 

2013 odyssey versa

Ah, the rounded heel-shafted mallet. A classic of the flatstick universe. Zach Attack, after singing the praises of his Odyssey Black #9, asks the community for its favorite putters in the mode of Phil Mickelson. See the replies.

5-hour rounds at public courses 

2016 Sime Darby LPGA - Day 2“Without marshaling it is a free for all,” contends David69, after one too many maddeningly slow plods around a golf course. Further, he suggests that at public/packed venues, he’s rarely seen the pace of play in a reasonable range at a course without marshalling. So why not more marshalls, he wonders. While “money” might be the obvious answer, the discussion here is a good one. See the thread.

Rating the course raters 


Top-100 lists are a big part of the golf industry. No matter how much we malign them, the rankings are important to courses and determine where people play golf. But at the heart of these lists lie the course raters and the criteria that guide them. We don’t want to spoil this excellent thread by saying more. Check it out.

Wilson Staff love

Wilson Staff FG Tour M3 Forged-1

Nic19 has been very impressed by the resurgent power of Wilson Staff, once one of the most storied brands in golf history, and more recently one that looked on its way out of the industry. See what other WRXers have to say about Wilson in particular and brand ups and downs more generally. See the thread.

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  1. 85 gets neat almost every year by a scratch golfer in the Masters. I can not remember his name “Knox maybe”. He is the club champion at Augusta National and serves as a marker for the odd Number player if needed. Reports are that he has actually beat his opponent a few times over the years but his score is not posted. However it is well below 85

    • Read the forum before you comment. The stipulations are:
      He says he could do it and would not only break 85, but 80 as well! Stipulations are no caddie, no cart, no walking the course beforehand, and 1 hour warmup before the round. Sunday tournament conditions, from the back tees.

      That’s a lot different from the club member who has played the course >100 times. Jeez.

      Playing it for the first time with no caddie and no walking the course beforehand would be pretty tough I would guess.

  2. I’ll first preface this comment with anyone could shoot 85 or higher on any given day anywhere…it is golf after all. But Augusta? Look…I have the upmost respect for the place and everything, but Augusta is far…FAR from the most challenging golf course around. I’ve been there a few times for the masters, and I can think of 10 public golf courses off the top of my head that are infinitely more challenging than Augusta, and myself and friends (that aren’t scratch…closer to 3-5) shot closer to even par on. Augusta is more of less a fairly wide open golf course, and with greens that are that perfect it’s hard to miss inside 10′. Now if you’re asking could someone break 85 in the ACTUAL Masters, under tournament pressure, maybe not. A lot of people freak themselves out if they don’t have the experience…but a casual round? Augusta isn’t even remotely close to one of the more challenging courses in America, let alone the world.