“My math is different from anyone else,” Phil Mickelson told reporters ahead of the British Open at Royal Birkdale.

It seems, much like his math was different in 2013 when he unleashed the Phrankenwood, Mickelson’s Open calculations have again returned a different result.

Lefty looks to be scrapping the driver in favor of a Callaway Epic 3-iron bent to 16 degrees, per a Golf Channel report. He will also carry a 3-wood this week; it’s a 13.5-degree Callaway GBB Epic Sub Zero with a Mitsubishi Fubuki K 70X shaft.

Mickelson has carried an Apex UT 3-iron this year, which he’ll reportedly keep in the bag in addition to the driving iron.

Interestingly, we also spotted Mickelson testing an insert-less putter, deviating from his Odyssey Versa #9 White with a Microhinge Insert.

phil-mickelson-new-putterWhile he looked to be going back and forth between the milled-faced putter on the putting green, it looks like he continued testing the non-insert putter during his practice round, judging from on-course images like the featured image on the story.

Stories of Mickelson’s equipment tinkering are legendary on the PGA Tour. But if this switch up works the same way as his last major pre-Open shakeup, he’ll be holding the Claret Jug.

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  1. Now we know he missed the cut without a driver, maybe it’s time he admitted he needs lessons . Can’t keep it on the fairway with any driver Callaway can make him ‘ must be the club, right ?

  2. Go lefty. Easy to drive it OB judging by the wet windy first round so far. Won’t be surprised if a lot of drivers are banished this week and everyone is at the practice tee perfecting worm burners.

  3. Wonder what it is about having a keyboard in front of them that makes some guys feel the need to try to act like a tough guy when in reality they probably live in their parents basement and still get tucked in by their mommies.

  4. More of the same old same old re Phil. leave his family out of this please. It’s his decision to do what he feels is right. And when it comes to his family that’s his business .

  5. He has used that putter on and off since 2011. It’s an odyssey 9 black series with a different face mill than retail. For some reason, come July he tends to test that putter at the Scottish and The Open. Nearly won in 2011 using it at St George’s.

  6. After reading every comment, you guys are awfully cynical towards this article. You do realize that this is a golf website and in reality nothing it reports is very important and this is what this site reports correct?? The driving iron is way overrated but I will tell you I own a Callaway XHOT Deep 13.5 and it does keep the ball lower with less spin which makes it run out. With roll, I hit is as far as my driver. However, it is a draw bias an has a mean hook when it is swung improperly.