Amid rumors that he’d entered a Florida rehab facility for issues related to his prescription drug use, Tiger Woods tweeted for the first time since his May 29 arrest.

Aside from a day-of-his-arrest statement citing an unexpected reaction to prescription medication and indicating alcohol wasn’t involved in DUI, Woods hasn’t made a public comment in the wake of revelations about the cocktail of medications he was taking.

Woods posted the following screenshotted notepad statement Monday evening, signing it “TW” to indicate authorship.

The 14-time major champion failed multiple field sobriety tests, although breathalyzer tests returned 0.00 readings. Woods told authorities he was taking Xanax in addition to painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants.

His court date for the May 29 arrest was moved to early August.

Recovering from an April back surgery, Woods hasn’t teed it up in competition since the Dubai Desert Classic in February.

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  1. I feel bad for Tiger. It’s obvious that he has hit rock bottom. He needs to get people around him that are more concerned with helping him get better mentally and physically than worried about getting their big payday because of him. I have the same problem with my spine that he is going through right now. Almost 2 years ago I had L5 spinal surgery, and I am still having complications from it. I now need to have a fusion surgery as well like he did. The one thing I can tell you is that that type of spinal injury hurts like hell with certain body movements. The medications he is on are exactly what neurosurgeons put patients on after those types of surgeries(opiates, muscle relaxers, nerve relaxers). They are powerful pharmaceuticals, with side effects that make it very difficult to function. On top of that they are addicting as well. Personally, I am not a fan of Tiger Woods as a person, but as a golfer have enjoyed watching him play through the years. I do believe that he was using roids and PED’s throughout his career, but what he is going through now, especially with it being in the public eye is just sad. Doctors are way too happy with pen and prescription pad these days. Prescribing opiates are just an easy way to temporarily cover up a problem. They cause way too many addictions and fatalities. I hope he gets the proper help he needs, and gets off the dangerous pharms.

  2. “Woods told authorities he was taking Xanax in addition to painkillers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants.” … Grown adults with long histories of surgery and pain management should know better than to take 4 different medications and drive. Especially with his kind of money – no reason to be driving yourself anyway. Professional help – better late than never.

  3. like any drug addiction, the first step is recognition that there is a problem. he has done this now, and i would suggest he has a 8-10 year ‘addiction’ he will now try and manage. Good luck, golf needs him back, he deserves to end his competitive days gracefully, not like this.

  4. Quit the social media. That would be a start. But obviously you haven’t figured that out yet with your professional help. May be it’s time for quiet contemplation and no more social media or going out late at night.

  5. God how I miss watching him play golf… all I thought over the weekend that I wonder how a 2000-2009 Tiger Woods would fare, and how much fun that would be to watch him play Erin Hills against all these guys…

    • At his height Tiger may have had the strongest mental game of all time, in any sport. So if a guy with one of the strongest mental games ever is currently struggling, then that can’t fare to well for the rest of us mortals.

      • His mental game was honed for golf and not everyday life/decision making. That’s obvious now. Just because he could focus and do things that seemed extraordinary on the golf course doesn’t mean he should be expected to be superhuman off the course. He never was the person everyone wanted off the course, he never stuck around to sign autographs, or talk to the media more than he was required to do. He never showed a persona of being a great person outside of golf, so its not shocking that he’s had such struggles in his personal life. I wouldn’t let Tiger’s problems pull you down in your own personal life.

      • Tiger’s mental game is woefully overblown. He was the best front-runner ever, but below-average when not leading after 3 rounds. The players with TRULY elite mental games (Hogan, Nicklaus, Jones) all were just as good coming from behind as they were with a lead.