How To Control Your Wedge Distances By Using Simple Systems


In this video, I share how to control your wedge distances by using one or more simple wedge distance control systems. Watch the video to see what I mean.

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Advanced Fellow of the PGA
Head Golf Professional
The Marriott Forest of Arden
The Golfing Machine Authorised Instructor
TPI Certified Fitness Golf Instructor
PGA Swing Lecturer
PGA Swing Examiner
PGA Qualified in 1999, Achieving 3rd position Trainee of the Year

Former Academy Coach Wales South West Squad
Performance Director Midland Performance Golf Academy
Coach to GB & I Squad Member
Head Coach to Birmingham University Teams
Coach to Solihull College AASE England programme
Coached Numerous County Squads including Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Derby.

I am a highly self-motivated full time coach committed to improve players of all standards. Through continually developing my skills and knowledge I am considered one of the leading coaches and have been recently voted in Golf Worlds top 100 coaches. Having excellent communication skills enables me to be able to deliver first class tuition to all levels of golfers and this is reflected in my achievements from my players and personal accolades.


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  1. Practice to develop feel and then practice more and then play lots. And when you are done? Play more and practice some.

    All I know is that when my wedges are on I shoot my lowest scores.

    Oh, and find yourself an 18 par three course with lots of short short holes. That will really help.

  2. As a feel player I used to ignore a Pelz like system approach. But now I use a system approach but it still relies on feel. It’s quite simple: find a park near your house, or soccer field. I have a hitting mat. take my shag bag of balls and hit 10 balls hip to hip with my 60 degree wedge. The average of the ten balls in the landing area flies 42 yards. (I put a stick in the ground with a flag and used my bushnell for the correct distance). Walk back and begin again, 10 balls with a chest to chest, then full swing with easy down swing, then my full swing, so I have 4 distances. Then I repeat with my 56 degree, 52 and 48. I do it early in the morning with no wind. you this guaranteed you will get short clubs close to the hole.

  3. I’ve tried this and it works but I only have really 1 position for each wedge. Far from ideal but I have a hard time finding some place to test out distances and positions. My question – is a trackman or similar simulator accurate enough to do this with wedges? If it is, I can book a couple hours at my local fitter.

  4. Very hard not to overlap what others teach, but finding instructors teaching same thing is a real clue to what may work…over my shoulder on my book shelf are over 100 golf books that have nothing in common with each other (maybe grip, maybe) and one wonders why it is so hard to play golf, golf instruction maybe the biggest deterrent to good golf….