As was national news, Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI on Monday morning in Jupiter, Florida. In the days following, police reports of the incident, photos of Woods’ damaged vehicle, and dashcam footage of his field sobriety test and arrest were released to the public and disseminated across media platforms.

And the public backlash has piled on Woods. If you go on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or any number of social media sites, you’ll see criticisms of Woods and the incident, and a slew of memes, photoshops and jokes at his expense.

Fellow PGA Tour golfer and two-time major champion Martin Kaymer has come to Woods’ defense via a 2-minute and 5-second video on Twitter, where he urges people to be less critical of the 14-time major champion.

“My wish would be to stop being so nasty,” Kaymer said. “Try to help.”

Here’s the full video:

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  1. It’s pretty hard to feel sorry for someone that has made hundreds of millions, he’s had a tough life (haven’t we all, if you ask each of us?) being discriminated against, etc, etc, etc. But he became the highest paid and most watched golfer of all time, he needs to help himself. He has gotten way more help than the rest of us, while the average adult is in debt rather than being worth millions. Tiger has never owned any of his mistakes or misjudgments making him less likeable everyday. Try being a decent guy Tiger and people might start liking you again, you are just a dude on a rock flying around a sun like the rest of us. The people in Syria that got mustard gassed couldn’t care less about someone breaking a race barrier in golf. Perspective is a helpful thing. Try it.

  2. Blah blah blah, you can love the game but not the player. I don’t give a rats rear end what happens to a athletes social life outside of sports, with exceptions to physical harm to others. Embrace the athlete for what they do in their respective sport, not all this ‘reality TV crap’

  3. I don’t see anybody stopping the nastiness and offering to help Trump, and he is the President of the most powerful nation in the world!
    So what the heck are ya talking about, Martin?
    With all his millions, if Eldrick can’t help himself or ask for help – he couldn’t even call up his mother for help? I mean seriously? That’s the world he’s created for himself? A total cocoon! What about his doctors who prescribe this stuff to him? I think they fairly warned him enough to not be operating a vehicle when he takes the medication as the medication could cause drowsiness etc etc etc….. it even says it right there on the label! Is Eldrick that irresponsible, that lacking in imagination, lacking in any communication skills? The media should be bombarding his doctors and relatives for comments. Where was Cheyenne? His half brothers? Other relatives he can trust? Lindsey Vonn? You do realize, Martin, besides Earl, there are some blood relatives around? But obviously he can’t call them, as they’ve disowned him. And none of Eldrick’s business partners are friends, obviously. Not one of them have come out in the day after to offer their help. All they want is his money and his image to make money. But that’s all going to change now, isn’t it? What sort of backroom deals are being made now, eh?
    Wake up, Martin, this stuff works differently in the US.

    • What a ridiculous comment. Martin tries to say a nice thing to support someone and you feel the need to lash back at him because nastiness is “acceptable”. While there is no doubt tiger made a huge mistake, he is clearly suffering enough through his own legal and personal guilt. Lay off a bit. To the Trump point, Trump hasn’t done anything that has been proven to be legally wrong, so it is a different scenario here

  4. It’s easy for people to judge, they need to walk a mile in Tiger’s shoes. These people don’t know his life, they only know the X amount of years he was on top of the world. Quick to rise, fast to fall. Hate seeing this happen to Tiger. He’s a hometown hero here in Southern California

    • What’s hilarious is how quickly the black community in his hometown dropped him as soon as his infidelity was discovered, no longer treating him like the “black” hero they all thought they had. They all just shook their heads and hoped it wouldn’t become another OJ situation lol

  5. SH ,i think your missing Martins point,he never at one stage condoned what tiger did,he is just saying Tiger needs help,he isnt in a good place ,people coming out with nasty comments doesn’t do anything for anyone apart from the idiots that made the comments,they seem to have this hatred towards someone they dont even know but they get satisfaction out of it,thats very sad.

    • No, I don’t think SH is missing the point; however, I think SH could have said that Martin’s video is a bit post-mortem and late, why aren’t people helping Eldrick during this whole period, as is, period, should be the question, why aren’t there people around Eldrick looking after him at all, should be the question and care that Martin and the whole world should be addressing.

  6. Question,why if they later find a person laying in a ditch, matching the marks on the car? This person cannot live a “dirtbag’s” lifestyle and expect us to forgive, ask Lynsey!

  7. What is missing from this discussion is Tiger’s CY2PD6 status. This gene, when carried in excess as happens in a significant portion of the population, metabolites codeine rapidly, resulting in high opioids levels and the symptoms Tiger suffered. If this was the process his episode may have been unavoidable. Martin Is right. We, and Golf Digest, should support him especially until we knows the facts.

  8. “What if that wasn’t Eldrick?” For one thing we wouldn’t be talking about it and whoever it was wouldn’t be living his life in the public eye. Of course he was a danger to himself and others and that can’t be allowed but he is facing pressures and scrutiny that most of us can’t even imagine. He needs help not jokes at his expense.

  9. Lots of Interesting thoughts and comments on the subject . Sad situation on so many levels. It’s important to point out that this happens all too often. Person gets hurt, has surgery, pain pills prescribed with good cause and intent by health care provider and then the cycle of addiction can start. Happens everyday to good people. Sometimes it progresses to heroin when the pain pills are no longer available as evidenced by the heroin epidemic going on today. Bottom line, addiction is a brain disease that deserves treatment just as any other disease does including cancer, heart disease, diabetes,etc. Tiger and others suffering need help and support. Let’s hope they get it soon. And let’s remind ourselves that it could happen to us all.

    • Well said Big Mike.

      Yes, what Tiger did was unbelievably stupid and he could have killed someone. Lets not forget that. But, equally lets look at the root cause and try and address it. Why can’t we be both appalled and disgusted, but also hope that he gets the help that he needs so he doesn’t do it again.

      It’s what a lot of the big noting simpletons on this forum would want if it was their son/wife/mother/father.

      • So you “know” he made a conscious decision? He intentially or negligently took medication that caused a reaction then decided to drive a car. Likely legal medication, prescribed by a doctor, BTW.

        There’s no chance he simply took the medication he was prescribed and honestly had a reaction that was unexpected, and stopped? Obviously, those who havn’t had to take medication for anything don’t understand that the results are not always expected or predicatable. And since we let companies cover their “you know what’s” with a billion legal disclaimers, it’s up to us to learn what will happen and decide if we can function or not on any medications, since the warning labels on meds have become completely unusable and catch-all litigation disclaimers to protect the companies making them. For example, the over the counter allergy medication in my bathroom says not to drive a car if you take it, but guess what, most of us still do. I’m sure there’s someone somewhere that has had that reaction, and they added that disclaimer to protect them from the lawsuit they fear from that individual. But those same companies will then pay lobbyists to try and convince you that individuals file too many lawsuits anyway…but I digress.

        Last I checked, I thought DUI stood for “driving” under the influence, not sleeping in your car, but hey, maybe it’s the lawyer in me.

        • What are you on about? I reckon he probably (allegedly) necked enough different drugs to knock out a small elephant. I said nothing about just taking the medication he was prescribed but the reality is that neither of us know. I also admitted that what he did was completely wrong but yet you still broke into some unrelated diatribe that, quite frankly has me questioning whether you might be taking something yourself.

  10. Nice comment from Kaymer, although I hope Tiger Woods serves as an example of the need to get intoxicated people off our roads.

    Perhaps Woods can turn himself around … and be an example for treating anger and mental health issues, as well as respecting family values and other people.

  11. As always, best to wait until the facts are out (if they ever do come out..?). People talk about “Forget its TW, what if it was any other guy”, well then likewise it’s fair to await the facts before passing judgement.

    What if it turns out he has taken an overdose and is suffering from chronic depression. Wouldn’t that be awful and painfully sad? Or would people continue to lambast him and tell him to man up.

    The phrase is innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent…

  12. But Martin’s got it wrong. What if that wasn’t Eldrick? And it was some poor dude who was having the same problems and got caught in the same situation? People would have said or asked, “what, you live alone and don’t have anybody to tell you to when to take the pills and not to go driving late at night after you have taken the pills and having come back from a long plane ride?” or some such thing, and may have even quipped, “man, you could have killed somebody, look at what you did to the tires” etc etc. This is why it is a DUI, Martin, don’t you get it? Who cares if the guy is famous and has millions and have had gone through a tough time or whatever. He was a danger to the community driving on the roads like this, and, his tires are evidence of that! Wake up, Martin, idiots could be driving around your neighborhood stoned to their eye balls like this without them knowing and could be endangering your family!

    • Couldn’t agree more. This is the harsh reality that most people really don’t get. Just because someone didn’t die, doesn’t alleviate the problem of people driving around intoxicated, either by drugs or by alcohol.

      That we treat certain members of society by different standards than we would the person standing next to you at the bus stop, or even a good friend or family member, is ridiculous.

      I have seen, first hand, the destruction that comes from having a DUI. But you know what? It was the absolute best thing that could have ever happened to me at that time. As much pain and suffering it caused me for the better part of a decade, it saved my life and potentially the lives of God knows how many people.

      So whenever I hear someone say that we should give someone a break, because no one died…I have to shake my head and laugh. Because the real problem is that this has been probably going on a lot longer than anyone knows. He has been on prescription pain meds for a very long time and could be in the throws of a major addiction problem. As many procedures as he has had and as many bad injuries as he has had, it would be very easy to understand if he were to check himself into a clinic for drug rehabilitation.

      And to me, THAT is the issue that needs to be discussed. I’m tired of the hoopla surrounding him being pulled over and everything that went on with that. Why are people not talking about the obvious problems that have manifested themselves with his prescription medications. That he even considered taking all those drugs together and then getting in the car…are we possibly thinking of him as a suicide risk? It’s not out of the blue to consider such a thing. Especially with the high level of stress and emotional baggage he has surrounding him.

      Why aren’t people talking about how to help him there? I’ve heard only one person talk about it from this perspective, and that was Jack Nicklaus on Golf Channel’s coverage, today, from The Memorial.

      This is far beyond golf and to reduce everything down to Tiger and Golf is completely missing the boat. This is about a human being who is showing signs of having some very big problems. And if you don’t address him as a human being, instead of a “golfing icon” and “golfing inspiration”, he will never get the help he needs.

      Tiger the golfer is irrelevant until Tiger the person is in a better place. And to always link him to it, at this point, only serves to keep him from ever being Eldrick the person.

      I know Kaymer’s remarks are well intentioned, but I think it falls short of what Tiger really needs.

      To be Eldrick for awhile.