Equipment is accurate as of the Champions Tour’s Insperity Invitational (5/7/17)

Driver: Vertical Groove Golf (8 degrees)
Shaft: nVentix Nunchuk (44.5 inches)
Lie, Swing Weight: 58 degrees, D5

Driving Iron: Ping G Crossover (2 iron)
Shaft: nVentix Nunchuk xi

Irons: Ping i200 (3-9)
Shaft: nVentix Nunchuk xi

Wedges: TaylorMade Milled Grind (47, 52, 56, 60)
Shaft: nVentix Nunchuk xi

Putter: Ping PLD
Grip: SuperStroke Pistol GT 1.0

Ball: Titleist Pro V1x

Insperity Invitational - Final RoundInsperity Invitational - Final Round

Insperity Invitational - Final RoundInsperity Invitational - Final Round

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  1. Always been fascinated by JD’s equipment choices. Last year I was looking at recent images on Getty and I swear I saw a TMAG r7 Quad. In 2016! The ultimate setup was the Wilson Invex and the 0-iron with Firestick shafts. Wilson 8802 putter.

  2. I remember when big john carryed a big bertha warbird driver and then went to a ping zing 2 one-iron and no need for any fairways. His bag only had one metalwood, the big bertha bird and the rest were wilson or dunlop irons and wedges. he new how to play golf like a man — not like all the girly boyz now who pay big bucks for a swing NOT

  3. Yeah the whole no wood or woods thing seems crazy. I am 38 now and used to love playing a 3 and even 2i in my younger days. But now I can hardly get a 4i airborne. Course I am also no pro and certainly would nerver win on any Tour let alone Champions. Happy for JD and hopefully he didn’t get completely wasted and gamble it away. As long as he can stay clean even though he still drinks, keep it under control power to him and welcome back!

  4. Sorry to be picky, but that “2-iron” is likely a 3-crossover. It’s 18º, and ya, it’s a 2-iron, but they did stamp a 3 on it. Well, not that you could tell because it has the bad-*** lead patch on it. :)

    • Mat,

      Ping confirmed that the G Crossover Daly used is in fact a 2 iron, not a 3 iron. Although I agree, the discussion is a little silly since we’re just talking about a lower-lofted club. There have been a few Crossover 2-irons floating around the PGA Tour this year, and it appears JD has one. It seems to nicely be replacing his 3 wood!