This week at the RBC Heritage, Bryson DeChambeau and his sponsor Cobra-Puma Golf are taking the word heritage seriously, and golfers can get in on the trend.

Bryson is keeping it old school with a full line of Heritage clothing from Puma (hat, polo, cardigan, chinos, belt and shoes) that golfers can buy.


On April 14, Cobra will also release a limited-edition King F7 driver with a wood grain finish that’s designed to make the titanium-and-carbon-fiber club head look like a modern-day persimmon. The King F7 Wood Grain LE will sell for $349.

Correction: This story originally indicated that DeChambeau would use a Cobra King F7 Wood Grain driver at the RBC Heritage. He will use a Cobra King LTD driver in the tournament. 

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  1. Just missing the upside down u-shaped knot grain at the toe end – that would be funny. Pretty outstanding winning the US Amateur doing his own thing. Sign of the times unfortunately that he’s been marketed to hell and back already by an agent and sponsor for borrowing a few unorthodox strategies (the old one length irons idea, the mechanics of Moe Norman’s swing and Pelz’s wedge strategy…) Needs a few years to prove himself.

      • I can’t disagree with you, but for $18 delivered to your door it is a helluva lot more affordable if you end up not liking it. Plus they have other designs as well. Personally, I would go to the local hobby shop and buy a Testers airbrush kit and paint my driver the color I wanted it.

  2. Keep it up Bryson, keep experimenting and make it all about show. You’ll be finishing your PHD in Physics at SMU on a full time basis very soon and going to Golfer’s Anonymous meetings with Ty Tryon.

  3. Interesting, I worked at Cobra in the late 70s as Wood Maker, real wood, Persimmon and Laminated. I did all the custom work and made clubs for over 200 tour Pros including Jack, Trevino, Player and a ton more. Those were the days when the Baffler was born and the real backbone of the Company. At one time Karsten said at a convention that we made the best Persimmon out there and in those days it was all hand made. And by the way, Laminated Wood was much better than Persimmon, but Persimmon could be beautiful if you picked right piece. I wish they would bring those days back and get rid of these 350 yd. Bombs and bring everybody back in play. But, I guess technology and price has taken over, too bad.

    • As much as I like wooden clubs too (as I practice with them once every while) can you tell me why laminated is better than persimmon? I always thought it was the opposite.

      • Laminated maple is denser than persimmon (more gms per cu in). They could actually make the perimeter weighted by hving a cavity in the center under the soleplate. Ping did this with many of their woods.


    • Watch the Jack Nicklaus special – he was hitting it 350 with persimmon. If Jack could do it with persimmon, balata and 43.5″ steel, then so can Dustin. You’d actually be penalizing the shorter hitters more, as they’d suffer greater losses in distance and even worse if they were off-line.

      You could solve it all very easily; since everyone wants to “dial back” the golf ball and the longer hitters, then just level the playing field entirely and modify all golf courses to Par 3 only. Think of the money saved, the quickness of rounds, 2 golf courses in the footprint of 1…

      Then you can have your “one ball to rule them all”, and Pelz will finally be correct that every golfer needs 7 wedges.

  4. This guy is a walking gimmick. One length irons, side saddle non conforming putters. Now a a tricked out driver and some crappy old clothes. He should spend more time practicing then doing this circus clown act to get headlines.