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Rae Sremmurd plays golf (well, kind of) in new “Swang” music video



The Rae Sremmurd duo — yes, it’s “Ear Drummers” spelled backwards — takes to the golf course for their new “Swang” music video. And the video accomplishes two very important things:

  1. Establishes a creative visual for a song that most certainly is not actually about the golf swing.
  2. Shows golfers everywhere exactly what not to do on the golf course.

There hasn’t been this much drinking, drug use, lack of concern about the greenskeeper and other graphic activities on a golf course since the set of Caddyshack.

Check it out for yourself. It should go without saying, but the content is NSFW. That being said, the song slaps.

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Andrew Tursky is the Editor-in-Chief of GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team and earned a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.



  1. alan

    Feb 24, 2017 at 4:18 am

    awesome find!! gonna share this with my buddies. we have been doing golf all wrong

  2. rafe

    Feb 20, 2017 at 9:34 am

    buncha hating herolds in these comments. this song bangs.

  3. John Doe

    Feb 19, 2017 at 9:11 pm

    Words cannot describe my hatred for them and their music. I would sooner bash my head in with my 9 iron than listen to that atrocious song again.

  4. Poe Anna

    Feb 17, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    Do yourself a favor: If you never heard of them or their music then you are doing fine.

  5. Silky Johnson

    Feb 17, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Auto-tune trash. Do yourself a favor and go buy Songs In The Key Of Life.

  6. Messico 9

    Feb 17, 2017 at 4:19 pm

    Hit after hit

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Think you had a bad weekend on the course? At least you didn’t do this



We hope this golfer didn’t take the ultra-premium golf equipment plunge before sending his clubs to a watery grave. Either way, this was an expensive (and strangely calm) reaction to a bad round.

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19th Hole

Tiger Woods battles terrifying deep-sea creature, wins



With four tweets since July 21st, Tiger Woods is exposing himself on social media in a way we haven’t seen.

And with his latest tweet, he’s…exposing himself in a way we haven’t seen.

A shirtless-and-swimsuited Woods appears holding what he purports to be a lobster (but what looks more like a monster of the deep sea).

Nothing like it, indeed.

He’s lucky to have escaped with his life after battling that horrifying crustacean. Spiny lobsters, apparently, don’t have claws, but somehow that doesn’t make them any less terrifying, as they look poised to impale you and carry you off to their reefy lairs.

Not sure how big the beast in Woods grasp actually is, but it pales in comparison to this 14-pound creature from your nightmares.

14_pound_lobster_caught_near_Bermuda_0_48217534_ver1.0_640_480Anyway, Woods has been on something of a grand tour of late it seems, taking in a friendly version of El Clasico in Miami and posing with Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez.

All of this is good to see. It was two months ago that Woods entered rehab following his now-infamous Memorial Day arrest for impaired driving.

What this portends for his future on the golf course is unclear, but you’d assume the 14-time major champion is feeling pretty good if he’s free diving after monsters of the deep.

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19th Hole

Steph Curry did anything but embarrass himself in Tour debut



Vegas set the over/under on Steph Curry’s opening round at the Ellie Mae Classic at 76.5.

And Curry didn’t sound like the confident man who’s perennially ready to hoist a 3-pointer from any distance in his post-practice round press conference yesterday.

But when he stepped inside the ropes as a competitor, the Golden State Warriors point guard was very much the man who does things like this

Which is really impressive, considering this post-round quote:

“As soon as he said my name on the first tee, I couldn’t feel anything. After about four holes I settled down.”

So, if you bet the over, you can’t be blamed. Curry, however, had other plans for his debut, getting around par-70 TPC Stonebrae in 74 strokes.

After starting off with a bogey (and a tee shot that landed in a golf cart cup holder), Curry played his remaining 17 holes in a respectable three over. That’s pretty damn good.

The highlight was a curling birdie putt at the par-3 sixth hole (his 15th of the day). Jordan Spieth’s fellow Under Armour sponsee celebrated with a variation on Spieth’s “go get that” Open command (per ESPN’s Michael Collins)

Curry channels Spieth. (Credit to Michael Collins)

Curry channels Spieth. (Credit to Michael Collins)

Curry plays to a 0.6 handicap, did excellent work at TPC Stonebrae, it has to be said. And while he was tied for 141st at the time he completed his round, his plus-4 round placed him four strokes off the cut-line pace and ahead of a handful of pros.

Enjoy a few highlights of No. 30’s 74, courtesy of the Tour. As you can see, Curry’s shots aren’t dripping with tour pro precision (yet), but the man is a solid scrambler and a gritty competitor.

Well played, Mr. Curry.

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