We filed a report November 17 that Vertical Groove Golf was bringing a driver with, not surprisingly, vertical grooves to market. They’ll also be bringing the driver to the PGA Tour and Champions Tour: John Daly is set to put the Vertical Groove Driver in his bag immediately and has signed a multi-year deal with the Boston-based company.

According to a press release, Daly will serve as global ambassador for the company and will wear the VGG logo on his shirt collar and it will feature prominently on his golf bag.

“I’ve been hitting the ball further and straighter off the tee since putting the Vertical Groove Driver in my bag,” said Daly. “I’m hitting more fairways since switching to this driver and the sound of the club at impact is terrific. I’m looking forward to strong success in 2017 utilizing Vertical Groove technology on tour.”

“Having John Daly, a major champion and an acclaimed long driver, put our Vertical Groove Driver into play on the PGA Tour and PGA Tour Champions, is strong validation that this club performs at the highest level,” said Jeff Barry, Chief Executive Officer, Vertical Groove Golf, LLC.

Barry adds, “This is an exciting time for Vertical Groove Golf, and it’s only fitting that John Daly leads our stable of endorsees. Thanks to our leadership team of Rubin Hanan and Josh Miller, who were instrumental in this signing, I anticipate more exciting news from Vertical Groove Golf in the coming weeks.”


The USGA-conforming driver promises a 40 percent straighter ball flight on average, as well as more forward roll, and thus more distance.

The 450cc Vertical Groove Drive is available in both right and left-handed models. It is offered in 9.5, 10.5 and 12 degree lofts, and features a full range of Aldila NV2K series shafts as standard. The available flexes include: 45 gram L (Ladies), 50 gram A (Senior), 55 gram R (Regular), 65 gram S (Stiff) and 65 gram X (Extra-stiff). Suggested retail price of the Vertical Groove Driver is $399.99.

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  1. Grooves don’t affect ball flight with the driver. If they did…

    … spin rates could be affected by different groove patterns, but you don’t see differences in grooves touted by ANY other manufacturer, until now.

    … the square groove controversy would have included examples from woods made non-conforming, but all anyone every looked at and talk about were irons.

    … you don’t want more backspin from grooves–you get plenty from the ball as it is.

    … if grooves affect spin, then sideways grooves would add…wait for it…more sidespin! And who doesn’t want that? (It would be the antithesis to their whole argument for this club.)

    I’m pretty open-minded to new technologies. In irons, for example, TM brought about the first real advancement in them with their slotted heads since Ping brought us perimeter weighting. But this looks like a cosmetic hype job. Besides, no one could pry loose from my hands my Burner Bubble woods! :)

    • Some Bridgestone driver have special grooves:


      Now, a driver face is curved in several axis and not flat, like a iron head…

      …thus, depending on the impact position on the clubhead,
      you have a different loft and a different face angle, than within the middle…
      …this is causing deviations of the flight path of the ball – additional to the spin.

      If you are clever, you combine those effects, to get the desired ball flight…
      …this includes the possibility to use the effect of grooves in Addition to the geometrical aspect of the face curvature and the face deflection, which changes the curvature and angles during Impact.

      If all is said and done,
      I would not dismiss the posibility, that this head design, with its vertical grooves works…
      …whether it works as advertised is something we can find out during a test.

    • Actually, Wilson reflex irons had the “slotted” heads in their irons back around 1978, TM first club was a driver in 1979-80 time frame. I do think their “bubble” shaft was greatly under rated.

  2. Well, nothing against John. Just have to keep an eye on his driving stats this year. Looks like hype. Can’t believe the big manufacturers missed this one. A couple of years ago John was playing a bag full of Nike clubs at the Texas open. I was ten feet from him and his caddie. He was not wearing their clothes. Maybe they would not fit. Or maybe Nike only wants slim fit looking pros getting paid to wear their stuff. Ever notice that?

  3. An old idea that’s been around at least 10 years. The patent is D515,642, a design patent that is form “form” not function. The only claim is “The ornamental design for a metalwood type golf club head, as shown and described.” If this were actually a “technology” based claim, a regular patent would have been filed to defend the improved technology or vertical grooves.

    This is marketing hype. If you hit this driver straighter it may be due to the shaft, better weighting or an expanded “sweet spot”. All of which would cause better strikes. But everyone else is doing those things so VGG wouldn’t “stick out”. Indeed, the Killer Bee driver had the same grooves, also licensed from the inventor.

    PT Barnum said or supposedly said, There’s a sucker born every minute”. I think most of them are golfers.

    • you are so right……answering machine at their home office……said manufactured in Florida……maybe assembled but no way manufactured……whole operation is a scam……….can’t believe the press, what a bunch of idiots.

    • That’s borderline scandelous. I mean if it were in a different industry. And they wonder why sales are down, when the golfer demographic has been fleeced and re-fleeced for 50 years.

  4. I stumbled across a copy of JD’s endorsement deal with Vertical Groove. They aren’t paying him in money. Instead its smokes, Diet Coke and 5gal buckets of gravy.

    • Not exactly, they’ve used a few other things to help keep it straight. The head shape is supposed to do something, not sure what. They also said that theyve moved back the center of gravity and created some sort of curviture to the face. As a whole, not the same driver. If you want to use it, have a couple of guys request to have a demo in your area. But from the videos (non sponsored) i’ve seen- it looks pretty legit.

  5. I read an article several years ago that claimed lines on a driver were decorative only and had no effect on the ball.

    I would like to see test done on drivers with lines and those without. Seems like another gimmick to me, until proven otherwise.

    • Thats definitely not true. The lines help “grip and push” the ball in a certain direction, thats why you have drivers the have different groove designs and microgroove technology (Bridgestone) to benefit certain levels of players.

  6. Have you heard about the new driver with grooves that point to the North East and South west..It makes your ball gade. And there is another model where you can rotate the face to change the direction. Coming soon.

  7. Ok John, we look forward to having you playing great again with that driver. And we will be watching stats and keeping fingers crossed that you really hit it longer. Good luck and hit it hard man:-)!!

  8. I bought one for myself as a Christmas present. After hitting it on a simulator I can honestly say for me that it’s every bit as long as other drivers I’ve hit (Ping G that day) with the benefit of being straighter. I struggle with driver with half of my drives finding trouble & second shot being a punch out of trouble etc. With this driver I hope to limit the damage off the tee. I look forward to beginning 2017 with this driver in my bag. And no I do not work for VGG.

  9. If vertical grooves are so revolutionary why haven’t any of the big companies with their expert engineers done it? Doesn’t make sense to me how something so simple like that could yield such straighter and longer shots.. Would love to try the club out myself and see if its true or not