Vega are the premium brand from the Japanese forging house Kyoei where Katsuhiro Miura worked before he left to start his own eponymous company. We've been huge fans of their clubs, especially the RAFC-01 irons and RAFW-05 wedges. Made from S25C carbon steel, Vega's renown forging makes every club a joy to hit. Their 2011 line-up includes clubs with new conforming grooves and new finishes and sole grinds and we at Bag Chatter got to try them.

VC-03 Game Improvement Cavity

The VC-03 is the full cavity option for the player looking for high levels of forgiveness without giving up killer looks. The broad sole prevents digging while the peripheral weighting ensures that all but the worst miss hits go arrow straight. Ball flight is high with a fair bit of spin that ensures that slower swingers get maximum distance.

VC-01 Players Cavity

The VC-01 are the conforming versions of the RAFC-01, reviewed earlier here. The VC-01 provide a fantastic balance between forgiveness and playability. The sole grind has a killed leading edge and a toe-heel camber which makes it versatile across a wide range of shot types and from any lie. Standard flight with these clubs is dead medium with no ballooning but you can hit low punch shots or high shots that land softly on the green equally well. You can work the ball either way should you choose to but the peripheral weighting flatters you enough to keep the ball straight without getting in the way.

The VM-02 Muscleback Blade

Serious clubs for serious golfers, they also happen to be one of the most beautiful sets of irons I have ever seen. How a club looks should really only be a minor component but when they are this gorgeous it is difficult to ignore. The ball takes off with a medium/low flight due to the higher COG and the ball is easy to work with this pure muscleback. Given the lack of peripheral weighting, you need to be one your game to get the most out of these but when you are on, they deliver like few other clubs. The short irons are fantastically accurate and the long irons are surprisingly easy to hit given they are pure thoroughbred blades. The sole plays well in any condition but with the grind taking some of the back off it suits pickers slightly more than diggers.

VM-02 left, VC-01 middle, VC-03 right

VW-02 Wedge

The square sole grind like is strongly reminiscent of Chikara wedges. The narrow flat sole is superb for full shots and chipping where it offers great stability as it cuts through the turf and the new grooves are still sharp enough to be able to hit one-hop-and-stop chips. The review model also sported the stunning black chrome finish. Feel is properly spectacular, exactly what you would expect from superior forgings like these.

VW-04 Wedge

The extreme heel toe grind allows this wedge to be opened up for high lob or parachute shots or played with the heel raised for clipping the ball off of hard pan. There is also a 360 grind which thins the top line at address for an even better look. The central portion still allows for great control from the sand as well as from the fairway. It is surprisingly easy to hit full shots with since the lack of sole would make you think that it would dig if you were really aggressive but it that doesn't happen.

VW-02 left, VW-04 right

All in all, another beautiful series of offerings from Vega carrying on their tradition of making some of the most gorgeous clubs

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