You may know Jordan Spieth has a SuperStroke Flatso Ultra (Black/White) putter grip, but did you know he recently switched to SuperStroke’s new S-Tech club grips on the rest of his clubs?

Jordan Spieth’s 2016 WITB

Since putting the S-Tech grips on his other 13 clubs (beside the putter) at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions in Hawaii — where he won by 8 shots — he’s been a lights-out 30-under par, according to SuperStroke. Impressive, even for the 2015 Player of the Year.

“I’m excited to be using the new S-Tech club grips,” Spieth said. “I’ve always trusted SuperStroke’s putter grip technology and I’m confident the S-Tech grips will deliver the same performance.”

Of course, you wouldn’t expect Spieth to say anything different about a sponsor, but he doesn’t need to. The fact he’s gaming the retail version of the S-Tech grips (black grips, albeit with white lettering) says enough about the quality of SuperStroke’s new club grip offering.

Other golfers playing SuperStroke club grips include Jason Dufner (S-Tech prototype cord) and Sergio Garcia (S-Tech) and Victor Dubuisson (TX1 half cord).

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Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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  1. i have their TX-1 original grips on a couple of fairways and they are coming off. No tack, no nothing, but they look good. That’s about it.

    The S-Tech supposedly have tack — they’ve got to be better.

  2. So looks like his aren’t quite the retail version, looks to have white lettering and no patter on one spot where his lower index finger would rest. Also someone at the PGA Show mentioned that his are the .580 Core size. I don’t get companies sometimes, if they are already making something a little different for the #1 player in the world, they are only going to sell more if they release the exact same version. Its a rubber grip its not like it would cost a bunch more to make his over the retail version considering they already have the die. Anyways enough of my rant.

    • .580’s do cost a TINY bit more to make than .600’s, you can also order customised lettering from SS if you order enough of them, so theoretically you could get the exact same ones (afaik the compound and pattern is the same as the retail ones coming out in April) the TX1 half-cords are a brilliant grip that were instantly dismissed by the industry for being “just another half-cord” when in reality they’re the first soft, sticky half-cord grip i’ve come across, and i’m truly enjoying mine! I’ll add I don’t actually play a SuperStroke putter grip, i’m using a twothumb snug daddy because they’re nicer to hold onto!

      • sorry i’ll add again that I personally think the yellow on the S-Tech grips looks awful and they’d have been far better off with white from the start! but assuming they’re still selling TX1’s when i regrip again in August I will stick with those and not these new ones.