The average golfer probably has not heard of Bruce Sizemore.  But, they probably have heard of COPPER STIX putters.  Putters designed by Bruce Sizemore (including the Copper Stix line) have appeared in the hands of many PGA players and have racked up over six million dollars on the PGA Tour (including 1 Victory, 3 Runner-Up and 1 Third Place finish) with no endorsement fees paid.

On the heels of that success, Bruce Sizemore has launched his new line of putters, the Sizemore Collection, using his Total Club Approach (TCA) to design and manufacture his finest putters.  The Sizemore Collection is comprised of the Signature Series and the brand new Player Series.  The Signature Series includes 2 blade style putters (XB-1 and XB-2) and 2 face balanced mallet putters (XM-1 and XM-2).  All Signature Series putters feature the IND-X cross-milled faced finish.  And, the mallets have the integrated Alignment Insert Management  (AIM) technology.  AIM technology is Sizemore’s patented interchangeable weight and alignment system that allows golfers to self customize their putting game to address the two major components of putting, the line and distance control.  The Player Series will consist of 2 solid (no face insert) stainless steel blades (Sb-1 and SB-2), 2 aluminum and stainless heel shafted mallets (SM-1 and SM-2) and 2 aluminum and stainless center shafted mallets (SM-1 CS and SM-2 CS).  I hope to try one as soon as they are released in the Spring.

 A Closer Look

The XB-1 and XB -2 are milled from billets of 11L17 carbon steel and the face insert is made from 99.9% pure 110 annealed copper. The standard putter finish is nickel-plated, which gives it a very similar feel to 303 stainless. Some custom finish options include dark nickel, black jack, blue torch, oil can, antique copper, purple haze, gun metal, antique brass, chocolate bar, gold-plated, and copper-plated.  The XB-1 is a ¾ to 80% toe down face and the XB-2 is about ¼ face down.  The XM-1 and XM-2 mallets are milled from 6061 aluminum and 99.9% pure 110 annealed copper.  The XM-1 and XM-2 are face balanced because of their double bend shaft.







In the Field

Although the XB-1 and XM-2 are their most popular models, at my request Sizemore Putters sent me an XB-2 and an XM-1 for review and inspection.  I prefer a face balanced putter so the XB-2 blade was sent to my specs with an Iomic grip to try while the XM-1 had the stock Sizemore grip.  The XB-2 is not face balance – but, it was the least toe down of the two Sizemore blades.  If you are a traditionalist, the face of the putter may turn you off.  However, the milling (in 27 different directions) has a purpose.  According to Sizemore, the CNC cross-milled finish ensures the flattest and most accurate face which eliminates deflection and improves mishits outside of the sweet spot.  I did notice a little more forgiveness on toe hits.  But, the main difference for me was the feel off the face.  The copper combined with the nickel plating provides very good feedback with the ensuing roll distance.  A lot of putters will feel great but the roll is inconsistent with the stroke.  With the XB-2, the stroke and distance were much more in tune and mishits more forgiving.  If you watch the Champions Tour each week, keep an eye out for them as they are regularly in play there.











The real winner for me was the XM-1.  This is an MOI mallet putter and while the looks aren’t its greatest attribute, it does achieve its main goal of getting the ball in the hole.  Feedback and feel were excellent and roll was true.  I can see how Christa Johnson sunk the putt that won the BJ’s Charity Championship this year on the Legends Tour with such confidence.  If you can get over the look, it’s a clear winner that needs to be put on the list to try before you buy a new putter.










Bruce Sizemore is a proven Industry veteran that is taking a totally modern approach to putter design in today’s premium market.  His experience as a PGA Professional, Professional Instructor, and Professional Golfer allow him to approach putter design from unique point of view.  You never hear or see him in the headlines because he is not aligned with a major manufacturer and his putters are put into play without endorsement fees.  However, Sizemore Putters are worth a shot if one of their models fit your eye and you are seek a premium putter not everyone else has.  The designs are original and thus a little outside the “norm” of today’s putters.  An unconditional money back guarantee is a testament to the craftsmanship of Sizemore Putters.

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  1. As a player of the XM-1 model, I can say that this putter really does swing itself. I have only had some limited time with the putter, mostly on the carpet in my home, but the feel off of the face is outstanding.

    While the weights and alignment aids are changeable, and take some time to try and figure out which one works best for you. I have presently settled on the Stainless Steel End Cap and the 3 line interchangeable piece, which I believe that Scott at Sizemore brings the weight up to 380 grams.

    I cannot wait to get in some quality practice and rounds with this putter. Looks are in the eye of the beholder, and they get better with every putt made! =)