The PGA Championship hosted a long-drive contest at hole No. 10 during Tuesday’s practice round, but Bubba Watson took a strong stance against the shenanigans.

Just last week, Watson hit a drive 424 yards at the WGC-Bridgestone Invitational, the longest recorded drive of the season on the PGA Tour. He’s no stranger to non-traditional golf events, claiming membership to the golf boy band “The Golf Boys,” who produced the singles “Oh oh oh,” and “Oh.2.” He’s also one of golf’s leading figures on social media, boasting 1.23 million followers on twitter. 

This makes it all the more confusing why the long-driving, fun-loving golfer decided that entertaining the PGA Championship crowd wasn’t for him. On the hole where the PGA asked golfers to try to hit their longest drive, Watson hit a 3 iron in protest, even though he said he plans to hit driver on the hole in each round of the tournament.

“I’m here to win a championship. I’m not here to goof around,” Watson said. “I’m there to play golf, not to hit it far. I’ve got to practice. I’ve never been to the course. I don’t need to worry about a long drive on the 10th hole.”

Whoa! Shots fired!

Watson has proven time and time again that he likes to have fun. That’s why it’s shocking to see a golfer who uses a pink driver with a pink shaft join forces with the fun police this week.

I guess he’s gotten more serious since his preparations for the 2013 PGA Championship.

[youtube id=”k36olSNT4_E” width =”620″ height=”360″]

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Andrew Tursky is the Assistant Editor at GolfWRX. He played on the Hawaii Pacific University Men's Golf team while earning a Masters degree in Communications. He also played college golf at Rutgers University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism.


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  1. Could have hit a 2 or driving iron. Probably not in his bag, but it would have been more sporting. Wonder what his yardage was with the 3 iron, or if he put effort into it?

  2. Of Bubba I think there are only two things we truly know from the outside:
    A) He’s at times brilliant with a golf club
    B) In the rest of life he’s a pretty dim bulb

  3. What is the difference between participating in a long drive hole at the PGA and the par 3 contest at the Masters?!?!?! Which he did compete in. ALSO, the money from the winner of the long drive contest goes to the charity of the winners choice! I just don’t get it. Bubba is an idiot.

    • Love it! You must be from philly…..that quote/sound byte will hang around forever.
      As for Bubba, I don’t get it….maybe he has “split personality disorder” (believe they call it bi-polar? I’ve seen him off course at car events out of the golf element, and been great….also seen him in his paid professional environment, and he was “the answer” in golf attire. I really don’t think these guys take into account when in their professional environment, all eyes are on them just waiting for them to slip up. He has done it more than once…therefore makes me wonder how genuine he really is.

  4. The thing I don’t get is if he intends to hit driver during the tournament, then hitting a 3i during practice is in fact, not practicing – which is what he is claiming to want to do. No one is forcing him to try and nail it. So I figure it was likely one of two things :

    If he hit his driver “to practice” and didn’t win the long ball contest – oh, oh – a blow to his ego and reputation as the longest hitter on tour;

    Or, if bubba wants to go left, and you say go left, then bubba goes right – because bubba is his own man, and no one tells bubba what to do.

    What I don’t get is why he didn’t do the obvious thing. Hit two balls. The first one is his practice shot for the tournament and the second is say a pink ball for the long drive contest – no issue. I’m pretty sure this is the same guy who got everyone all riled up for his tee shots at the last Ryder Cup – no? These guys take the Ryder quite seriously as they represent their country.

  5. Let’s get this straight. I’m not a big fan of Bubba but I’m don’t hate the guy like some here. I think he has an attitude problem but that’s never going to change. The trailer trash call is a bit harsh though. And to call him out on not doing the driving contest as crap and it was for charity and all is maybe a little bit uninformed as well. While I think he should have just blasted a driver down there, he does a lot for charity. Not sure if its true but I heard that his entire endorsement deal with Ping goes straight into his charity for hospitals and kids I think it is. I’m pretty sure he’s got other charity things going too so we can’t fault him for not giving back because I think he does, probably just not to the game of golf but at least to the community. No ones perfect.

  6. I broke my thumb scrolling all the way down here to comment. What club did he hit? What was the problem? Oh I dunno… Is Dustin Johnson playing this week? Oh okay, back to Ray Donovan. That’s a documentary, right. Jeeez Bubba. Oops sorry. My bad.

  7. Why is everybody so worried about what Bubba does in a practice round? Charity or not, I’m sure he has his reasons. It’s not like the guy has never done anything for charity. If you are all so worried that Bubba is killing some charity maybe you should make a donation to something. I think most of the people worried about this have too much time on their hands.

  8. This will stay with Bubba for a long time. Just another star who you don’t want your children to emulate. He owes the PGA a big apology. Should say something like he had no idea it was happening and was just taken abab

    • and who are you going to replace him with, one of the hundreds of mannequin robots our there. I don’t even watch golf anymore, I go outside and watch grass grow, it’s more entertaining. Golf is dying and you have the PGA tour to thank for it. My fivesome played a 6700 yard course, slope 134 today in 3 hours and 30 minutes and we played wolf, which means we had to play in turn. It take a threesome out there 5 hours to play. Obama destroyed the world in less time than it takes PGA tour guys to play a round of golf.

  9. Well Bubba don’t think you that hot, Jack Nicklaus won this long drive competition in 1964 with a drive of 341 yards with a persimmon driver.I can’t imagine how great a young Jack Nicklaus would be with todays equipment. Oh yea wasn’t this event for charity too? Thanks Bubba.

  10. Who cares if he joins in the long driving contest or not. People are dying in the Middle East, the Ebola Virus is wiping out parts of Africa, the Republican Party is suing the President instead of themselves for doing nothing and we’re calling someone White Trash and he should have his right hand cut off because he opts out of a driving exhibition. Let’s remember that golf is only a sport/game and also, he makes his living playing it so, if he feels that practising on a course he’s never played is more important who cares. Golf isn’t dying because of this, it is dying because it’s expensive and there are too many ELITISTS and not enough white trash playing. Give me a break!!!!

    • I suspect you and I are on the same side of the political spectrum, Dan, and I agree that there are a lot of overreactions and hyperbole on here. But I think you’ve come to the wrong place if you’re looking for intelligent discourse about the less trivial issues facing the world.

      Also, it’s not practice if you plan to hit driver on that hole in the tournament but choose not to because… why exactly? It’s being a spiteful douche. Spiteful to the fans who want to see him launch one, and frankly spiteful to himself because he won’t be hitting 3-iron on that hole unless he’s up by 10 when he plays it on Sunday. He wasn’t practicing, he was making a point, but so far he’s still the only one who understands exactly what that point was.

      That said, I hope the dude who here wished for Bubba to get his hand cut off pokes himself in the eye and swallows a bug in the near future.

    • Bad things always happen and will keep happening and people still live their lives. You found time to post a reply on a meaningless article instead of saving lives in Africa.

  11. Although Bubba’s actions yesterday appear to be low hanging fruit for the critics since there was a charitable element and the number of goofier Bubba moments posted in social media… I say maybe this professional golfer doesn’t think that a practice round is time for a sideshow/circus act moment…. He is there to practice. if I am paying to attend a practice round I am interested in seeing the pros practice, watching how they process the game, not to see who will drive the ball the longest, the last time I checked the PGA tourney practice rounds or tourney are not the Monday Afternoon Charity Scramble with beer cart, raffle tickets and the like. All of us golf fans are savvy enough to realize that “Major” victories are transformative ones. We have observed over the last month the additional respect earned by Rory McIlroy for his British Open victory, having now won three of the four majors and how this puts him in special company in golf history. Although Bubba has two majors under his belt both are at the Masters and I am sure he would like to add another major to his resume and chances are that his best chance at winning a major other than the Master ‘s will be the PGA.
    Do I think that Bubba really doesn’t care about what people think of him. No, he definitely cares and all of the publicized goofiness one can find of Bubba in the cyber-world is proof of it I think that statement is hypocritical, but it I like the fact he says what comes to his mind for better or worse, and in the end we are here and the golf channel is there talking about Bubba’s actions and his comments and that is what he wants. The only commentator wise enough to not pick the low hanging fruit on this one was Frank Nobilo, he knows that golf doesn’t grow or gain the respect of the masses through sideshow driving contests.
    Good luck to all who are participating in the PGA this week.

  12. I think the problem everyone has is that the guy in the video above can’t be the same guy that boycotts a long-drive contest for charity. The guy who says he plans to hit driver on a par 5 in the tournament (because why wouldn’t he?) can’t be the same guy who hits 3-iron and claims to be focussed on practicing.

    Every single thing he said in his presser afterwards was contradictory and hypocritical. I don’t mind Bubba the goofball. And I don’t mind a serious player saying this sort of contest has no place in a major championship, even though I don’t necessarily agree. But the two cannot exist as one man.

  13. He says he’s here to practice and he will hit driver on that hole every day of the tournament, yet he doesn’t take the opportunity to practice the shot in his practice round. What a numbnuts.

  14. Bubba is everything that is wrong with golf…..whining, hypocritical, spoiled, attention loving baby. Didn’t take long for that trailer trash to forget where he came from. If they played the Masters anywhere but Augusta he’d be on his way to 4 MC’s in the majors this year.

    • Wow, you and Bubba have a lot in common then, well the spoiled, whinning, attention loving, hypocritical bit that is, leave it to a golf snob who thinks he’s better than everyone else to call him trailer trash. On the bright side you can always take solace in knowing you will never be totally like him, since you will never have any Masters or Majors wins.


    • I suspect many of the idiots posting here are really what’s wrong with golf. You can dislike Bubba if you want to but why bring his family into it. You guys are pathetic.

  15. Maybe he is just giving everybody else a chance. I don’t think there is much doubt that he is a long hitter. Maybe he doesn’t feel like he should have to go prove it every week. I think he should still hit driver there but who knows…… it’s his choice. Maybe he is saving it for the fans on the weekend.

  16. For you Bubba fans out there… Don’t worry, getting your rat tail ripped off by the tilt-a-whirl is the best thing that has ever happened to you! I hope you are at work and can find someone to read this post for you.

  17. I just wanted to throw out an opinion since I was there yesterday. The contest was setup on 10 because it is a 600 yard Par 5 and they measured the drive they hit while playing their practice round. This wasn’t some extra event the players had to go out of their way to participate in. Just hit your drive as would on the other 17 holes and they measured them. Rory only played 9 holes yesterday but made the walk up to the 10th tee just to hit his drive for the fans. Rory gets it and Bubba just doesn’t.

    • Great point Kurt! Also it was on a TUESDAY! I’m sure most of you know that Jack Nicklaus still uses his money clip from when he won the long drive competition.

  18. Bubba would benefit from a 6 month LEAVE OF ABSENCE…

    He could utilize medication trials and potentially figure it all out.

    #forefeet your general lee & masters jackets

      • Except one doesn’t portray himself as this humble down home huckle berry ‘aww shucks’ kinda guy, he’s all business and that’s why people both love and hate him.

        Bubba is going to quickly find himself on the wrong end of the fans support in short order. Up here at the Can Open, he’s easily one of the biggest knobs that tee off.

  19. When will these celebrities and sports figures get it? I’ll put it in bold caps: IT IS NEVER OK TO ACT LIKE A JERK, EVER. I don’t care how mad you are at whomever, or that your Starbucks latte was served wrong or your chauffeur forgot to put a chocolate on your seat. The public does not care and all they see is an overpaid child throwing a tantrum.

  20. 2 things:

    1) This long drive contest is stupid. Have it, don’t have it, nobody cares. How many more articles do I have to read about Jack Nicklaus’s special coin that he won in 1967 or whatever. What was the deal with the PGA this year and pimping this stupid event? Were they honestly thinking that this would add some new level of public interest? And if that’s what Bubba is protesting, then I kind of agree with him.

    2) That said, Bubba is a complete tool for this and many other of his actions. It’s funny how for every nutty/zany video of him hovercrafting around and looking like Mr. Cool, there’s 10 stories about him being a complete douche, not signing autographs for kids, throwing temper tantrums on his caddie, protesting long drive contests that took a whopping 10 minutes out of his life that has been otherwise gilded by his damn driver, etc. etc. etc. What a loser. Never hoped a guy missed the cut so badly before.

      • I find just find it strange that now, in 2014, his single act of hitting 3-iron instead of driver is the final straw for some people.He’s an odd duck who never did anything to warrant the type of admiration he received after winning the 2012 Masters. It’s amazing the free pass winning sports championships gives people.

        He seems to like attention, but only when he’s in control of the situation. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wants to outdrive the “long drive” winner in competition then boast about it on twitter. I woudn’t be surprised if he hit 3-irons all 4 days or if his 2014 PGA Championship consisted of “both days”.

  21. This guy is nothing but a true d#ckhead. He wants to talk like he is a good guy but actions speak louder than words. He blames all his his caddie, cry’s like a little school girl, doesn’t wanna do a long drive contest just because he wants to be a rebel, says in the press conference that he has a hard enough time pleasing his wife to worry about pleasing other people (maybe bc your wife thinks your a d#ck too????), and then says that he is just trying to read and live by the Bible.

    I guess he may be as stupid as his stupid first name if he thinks that the Bible tells people to live like d#ckheads and to treat NOBODY the way that you would like to be treated. When stop giving this guy chance after chance? He has shown his true colors too many times to say that he’s a nice guy anymore

  22. Boo is the “fun loving” golfer from the Florida Panhandle, Bubba is petulant child who blames everyone but himself, berates his caddy on TV, cries at the drop of a hat, and now refuses to participate in the one event that was practically designed for him because is afraid to lose. He will miss the cut because the backlash from this decision will haunt his tiny brain all week.

  23. Did you guys honestly think for one second he was going with driver? And now you’re offended by it and calling him horrible names. Because he chose nit to partake in the long drive contest? Seriously?

    • Yeah. Seriously. He’s a DB. If you like him, that’s your deal and not the most popular one at the moment. Good on ya for sticking with your guns, but hero’s to fans and kids need to act right- PR people do amazing work, but there isn’t enough time in the day to cover for this guy.

  24. Is it just me, or do some of these golfers forget that they are not just “professional golfers”, but that they are part of a Spectator Sport? The entire point of professional sports, including golf is to provide a show/spectacle for the viewers, without which there would not be multi-million dollar purses. Without the millions of viewers and participants, they are all competing for a few grand each tournament. So yes, during competition, the viewers want to see you compete and give it your all, but outside of that, they want you to act like you have even a small semblance of gratitude for their continued support that makes your career a lucrative one.

  25. He said that the contest was hokey and he doesn’t care what people think of him, really? From what he has done in the past, one thing after another, he should be the last one to say this. Just hit the driver….


    So during a practice round in Hawaii a coupe years ago it was ok to do a long drive contest because he had nothing to lose. If Sidlowski beat he was supposed too. If Bubba happened to beat him he looks good. This was purely about ego!!! He is leading the tour in distance average but this was one swing. He had nothing to gain but sure lost a lot of fans today!!! And he said in presser he didn’t care what people think about him, let his endorsement deals go down because people get sick of his antics and he will care! There was a time John Daly didnt care what anybody thought and look at him now. Easy to say when the $$$ is rolling in.

  27. I know several people who know him personally and say he comes across as a whiner aka prick….today was just par for the course…grow a pair and stop being a douche BW

  28. Its simple.

    Bubba is known as the longest driver of the golf ball on tour and he takes way to much pride in it.

    If he hits driver and someone outdrives him, then he may believe others will think he’s not the longest/maybe catch some jokes from the other pro’s, have it made publicly he was outdriven, ect.

    And if he hits driver and hits it the longest, well nothing is changed.

    In his mind it’s a catch 22 lose/lose, but the reality is nobody cares Bubba.

  29. It’s no secret that bubba has massive talent as a golfer but he is also a phony guy when he portrays himself as a country boy. He may be a country boy in high school, but not anymore. And he was never a gracious or fan friendly guy. He only cares for himself,but that is who he is. There’s nothing outrageously wrong with that.

  30. He could have just taken the high road and hit driver, backing off a bit so he would not win, and then smile and walk off down the fairway. How hard would that have been, Bubba?

  31. Why doesn’t he just hit two balls, hit his real shot first with a nice controlled shot. Then go all out for the long drive with a second ball. Then you can practice and have a little fun. It is a practice round.

      • You can a bunch of shots in a practice round. In fact, if you’re playing a pro am and don’t hit a great shot, you’re allowed to re-tee and hit another shot for your own account. You then just have to go back to your original ball.

        If Bubba was planning on hitting driver he should have lashed at the first one, and then played a normal driver. Also, was this not for charity??!! So why would he refuse to participate? If he was here to practice and not worry about this long drive competition, why would he hit a club he’s not going to use this week on this hole? He is 100% contradicting his statements. Driver would have been the way to practice.

  32. Bubba is a whiner. If it isn’t his idea he doesn’t like to play along. Why would you hit a 3 iron when you actually plan to hit driver during the tournament rounds? Because you’re like a stubborn pre-teen.

  33. Gotta love Jack Nicklaus and his comment to Bubba after what he said at the US Open at Olympic “This course doesn’t fit my eye” to which Jack smirked and said something like “You should fit your game to the course not the other way around”.
    Bubba and his consistent bashing of teaching professionals, who are the people growing the game, shows Bubba has a huge chip on his shoulder which doesn’t surpise me considering he is the most classless golf professional to arrive on tour in years.

  34. Advice for Bubba: We all think stupid stuff, but you gotta turn on the filter and go with the flow. There is no point to be proven, and no battles to win. Just quit trying to overthink and battle everything. Then you won’t have to keep bringing up religion to satisfy…someone.

  35. In the media press event when asked about it he said he did it in protest; to prove a point… and then decided to bring up the bible. What?

    Dude – take it down about 8 notches.

    • Bubba is a mental midget and doesn’t think before he speaks or makes decisions. His moods change with the breeze and he’s goofy and fun Bubba one minute….and angry and irrational Bubba the next minute.
      This wasn’t an imposition on ANYBODY. They were all hitting drivers anyway. Fans packed the hole hoping to see guys airing it out…funny, Bubba was the only one with this weird protest. Then, he tried to act like it made sense in his press conference.
      Bubba is a strange guy that looks like he might have a mental breakdown at some point. I’d imagine his wife feels like she’s taking care of a 6-year old.

      • I think Bubba probably realizes he was in the wrong here but he made this bed and is now attempting to lay in it because his pride won’t allow him to just say that he was wrong and apologize. I figure that he will come out in a week or so and finally apologize, shed a tear or two and quote something from the Bible in hopes that people will like him again.

  36. Incredible, calling him names,,, you guys are all class,,,,,,, wonder how you talked about Tiger when he was on fire and how you talk about him now,,, hypocrites,,,,,,,,,,

  37. Tired of this guy…he misses a cut, well then he doesn’t like the course. He misses a putt he glares at his caddy. All the crap about his craziness and supposed ADD is loathsome. Then he claims to be a regular guy, you know, Bubba being Bubba, same ol’ guy…well, except for the $700,000 watch. It is as bad as Phil’s “gosh, golly gee willikers” phoniness.

  38. What is really interesting is all the mean spirited things that people will say when they can hide behind a keyboard. The vast majority of posters don’t even know Bubba Watson and certainly wouldn’t say half of these things to him or anyone else in person.

    On the surface do I agree with what he did – probably not – but that doesn’t entitle me to say he is a
    db, etc.

    • He’s paid for our viewing pleasure and he just disappointed in a major way- of course it is fair game to rip the guy. He’s not getting paid to produce anything- he plays a game we all enjoy for big dollars. The least he could do is give the guy who spends his hard earned dollars on a Ping driver a show. Ergo, DB! Besides that, this isn’t only the latest in a long line of DB things he’s done.

  39. So he’s out to practice huh? I wonder if he’ll tee off with the 3 iron on #10 in his 2 rounds prior to missing the cut.

    I’m in agreement with the majority here, Bubba is a tool.

  40. It was for CHARITY you conceded *&^@! It is part of being in the PGA you douche. When you go around hitting the ball the way you do then outfit your cronies with BUBBAGOLF garb…hit the driver you bag.

  41. Although I understand his point about needing to practice for this major, he is also a very popular player for the fans to watch. I think he let them down by not giving it his all in the event. They definitely were hoping to see him perform properly.

  42. Bubbas one of my least favorite golfers on tour. He has the worst attitude for being such a “Christian”. I can’t stand him and I can’t wait for his joints to go out and that swing to be gone. I want him off the tour asap.

  43. I saw Bubba during a practice round at the Masters this year and he played by himself. After the round where most of the guys signed some autographs Bubba just blew by the kids like they weren’t even there. I always heard he was a db now I’ve seen it for myself.

  44. Went out to watch Rickie Fowler and Bubba when playing a pro am in Bangkok. There was nobody watching. Rickie is a gentleman and Bubba was just rude and unfriendly. Bubba is great to watch though but as a person he is not the best. Sure he can be charming when he wants but he certainly wasn’t that day.

  45. I think most people by now know that Bubba struggles with the mental side of the game quite a bit from time to time, and I think if he went out there and swung out of his shoes and developed a crazy slice or pull hook, he might worry about it for the rest of the week and worry it would screw up his swing in a major. I don’t think he would want to say that publicly either because it shows a lack of confidence.

    At any rate, I think it’s pretty silly how many people call him a d-bag for this, or for any other reason. He’s definitely quirky and says some off-the-wall things, but nothing really so asinine as to make me thing he’s an actual terrible person. And I’m not even religious.

  46. Thre all out there to make a living, if they wanted to play for fun they would be putting down $25 to $250 dollars to play a course in at best 70% as good a shape and wait 10 minutes to tee off on every hole while the 5 some in front of them looked for thier balls…..

  47. Bubba, you guys make a ton of money doing something you love … that the rest of us can only wish for. You ought to be able to lighten up a bit on Monday of tournament week. What’s the point?

  48. “ahm just tryin to live my life according to the Bible”…..:: said at his presser today………. so where does it say “though shall not enter a long-dring contest”?

    and one that is a) tradition and b) for chariddy…….

    the Db- omter just swung shrply

  49. Probably more cuz he has been playing like doo doo and always looking to buck the trend… Oh and just be Bubba… whatever, not sure how I feel about him lately… Like the comment about berating his caddy… “the Bubba Way”… are you sure about that distance…. aaah, caddy reply: are you sure about that crap swing you put on the ball…

  50. What a tool. When Bubba and Rickie played in the John Deere a few years back and missed the cut, they went to a local CC and tore it up and videotaped it. Also, last year when I was at the CVS Charity Classic, he was yelling at people and threatening them when he was signing autographs.

  51. I like watching him play, but it’s getting more difficult. I’ve heard from numerous people that he thinks he’s cooler than most. Just be humble, have fun, and give the fans a long drive contest. After all, the current day’s tour has given you everything you have in life.

  52. Tried to figure out how it might make sense, given he’s going to hit driver in the tournament.

    “Don’t want to be tempted to give it something extra – which I won’t do in the tournament – and risk hurting myself.”

    Which would’ve been better than the explanation offered.

    That’s all I’ve got.

  53. Again, we are given a reason to dislike this guy. I mean seriously, the man pretty much promotes fun on the golf course with the way he plays the game, and I’m not taking anything from his astounding golf game, but for him to make a comment saying that he doesn’t want to “goof off” is just hypocritical and makes zero sense. The whole “Golf Boys” thing wasn’t goofing off? It sure didn’t look like winning a major was the sole thing on his mind in the videos. The hovercraft wouldn’t be goofing off either considering his logic. I’ll bet at least 3/4 rounds this week he pulls driver on 10. He’ll likely end up blaming his caddie for all the hype over this

  54. Let me get this straight. He hit 3 iron in protest of a long drive contest at a tournament he could of stayed away from as no one made him enter it.

    Wow, if he does this for a long drive contest, I can’t wait to see how he protests war, famine, disease, and the struggling of the poor and downtrodden who happened to be born on the wrong side of the fence.

  55. Bubba played my course pre Royal Lytham Open 2012. Just rocked up with his entourage and played the full 18 holes. One of the pro shop caddied for him and had to carry his bag. All 60lbs of it :-).

    Strange character who lives in the 3rd dimension but a genuine nice guy.

  56. this guy goofs off all the time. i even recall seeing him quoted as saying “i don’t want it to be like a job.” now this. seems like he’s just trying to be a rebel.

    • +1 Really who cares? You can win tournaments but you can’t win or buy class. For me I have no idea what he was thinking, or not thinking. It just doesn’t make sense. Now during this upcoming Masters I expect Bubba to NOT try to skip a ball across the water on 16.

  57. man he just seems like he is taking a stand just to be defiant…of what I dunno.
    It’s too bad cause the fans who paid to see this won’t and he looks bad. As someone already commented, it’s a PRACTICE round so hit 5 balls up there, just make one a driver and hit the He## out of it.

  58. Bubba is an amazing talent with a really strange personality. We either see intensity from this guy, or him acting like a total goofball. I give the guy credit for keeping his focus on the PGA. Afterall, this is a major and not a weekend with your buddies and a cooler of beer

  59. Bubba being an A-Hole. Never thought I’d see that.

    Hit a 3 iron and a driver; hit a wedge and a driver, just play along, it’s for the fans and to grow the game. If this was done his way, his time and to benefit him, he’d be all over it.