Review: Kenny Giannini G-3 Slimline II putter

Review: Kenny Giannini G-3 Slimline II putter


Pros: Like all of Giannini’s putters, the G-3 Slimline II has a classic look and finish, and offers superb feel and feedback. It sets up very square, and treats golfers to a pleasing sound at impact.

Cons: Those who prefer more ornamentation may be disappointed by the minimalist stamping/continuity across all models. Lack of custom options commensurate with putters in its price range (about $350). Right hand only in many models.

Bottom Line: Giannini putters, and the G-3 Slimline II in particular, are legitimate rivals to traditional industry heavyweights.


Kenny Giannini has been making putters for 35 years for the likes of the Ben Hogan Company, Cleveland Golf and Mizuno. Giannini’s putters have been in the hands of tour winners for years, and he’s mentored some of the top names in the industry. Following his tenure at Mizuno, Giannini stepped away from putter production to serve as a consultant to top companies. However, the industry veteran — who keeps a pad of paper eternally handy to jot down new putter designs — felt he still had work to do.

Such was the impetus for launching Kenny Giannini Putters.

Of the initial six putters the company has released, the G-3 Slimline II is reviewed here. The 358-gram milled putter, like the others in the Giannini lineup, features Soft Slotted Face Technology (SSFT)® to enhance feedback and feel. The carbon steel, billet-milled putter, like all Giannini putters, is manufactured entirely in the United States.


The Slimline-II is available in either Nickel Platinum or PVD Black finishes, and either 34-or 35-inch lengths with a variety of grip options. The putter retails for $345 on the company website.


In speaking with Mr. Giannini, he was adamant about the fact that when you set one of his putters down, it sets up square, and neither too flat/upright, every time. Adhering the the “K.I.S.S.” philosophy across the board in his putter construction, Giannini doesn’t want to make putting any more difficult than it already is. It’s with this in mind, too, that he seeks to maximize feedback and performance on off-center hits in his putters, which is welcome news for those who sometimes strike putts off the heel/toe of the club.

The Slimline-II offers the feel one would expect from a premium putter, and then some. The auditory feedback the club provides, in particular, is superb, as is the feel on shorter putts. As noted, performance on off center strikes is superb, as well.

Looks and Feel


When you set the Slimline-II down at address, it looks square and it looks good.

Mr. Giannini prefers to stay away from high-polish finishes, as he believes any glare from a putter head to be distracting at address. He is also a proponent of a “less is more” aesthetic when it comes to designing putters, preferring to stay away from the creation of “miniature billboards.”

The traditional Anser-style look of the G-3 Slimline II is particularly appealing, as is the subtle PVD Black finish. The intersecting yellow and white “Kenny Giannini” stamping on the heel is consistent throughout the other models and is a nice touch.

Overall feel and feedback, as mentioned above, are superb.

The Takeaway


When it comes to premium putters, personal preference rules. Whether you’re a Cameron loyalist, a Bettinardi lover, or prefer to go the route of such custom manufacturers as Machine and Slighter Golf, buyers in the premium marketplace are looking for something that both both looks and performs better than offerings from major OEMs. 

The G-3 Slimline II clearly belongs in the premium putter category from a performance standpoint. Both feel and feedback are first rate, too, and all of the six Giannini designs are sure to both sit square and look appealing. The traditional, subtle design of the Slimline II and its minimal stamping are compelling in a marketplace saturated by multicolored, gimmick-laden wonder wands.

The G-3 Slimline II is a great putter. By his own admission, Mr. Giannini is now making the best putters of his life and is still striving to get better. Given the quality of this offering, it will be very exciting to see what Kenny and company do next.

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  1. uhh…OK, Yes I understand the Ping Anser is a classic and great putter design. It has been copied by virtually every putter-maker. So I guess we need 1 more copy for $350…..? I’ll check out his other designs, but no thanks on this one.

  2. Some people expect more for 350.00.

    Petty minimal, which I get is the concept.

    Lower price tag would make it more appealing… A good custom can be had for roughly the same price.