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GolfWRXer gets an Odyssey tattoo for a custom putter



Don’t confuse Neil Javins for a walking billboard. Yes, he may have gotten the Odyssey swirl logo tattooed on his left forearm, but the opportunity to get a customized putter was just too good to pass up.

“I’m down with any tattoo or anything, but I didn’t want to seem like I’m selling out like I’m trying to advertise for a brand or anything,” Javins, a 27-year-old recreational golfer from Louisville, Ky., said on the phone the other day. “But I’ve already gotten a few different swirls and things like that tattooed already. So that (Odyssey) swirl just kind of fit.”

The tattoo was a result of a post Chris Koske, Odyssey’s production manager, left on this thread on GolfWRX’s Putter Forum. Koske wrote that if anyone got an Odyssey tattoo, he or she would receive a free customized putter. Javins said he was getting a tattoo on his leg when he read Koske’s message.

After a few emails between the two, Javins got the tattoo. A couple more emails were exchanged about Javins’ putter preference — a 34-inch ProType #2 with a plumber’s neck head, the looks of a Versa No. 1 wide and his favorite colors of black, red and white for the University of Louisville. Then Koske and his team set out to make the putter for Javins.


In late February, the putter came and Javins said he was blown away by the design.

“It was spot-on for absolutely what I would love,” he said. “The No. 1 widestyle type of head, because it’s not available in ProType from anything I’ve seen, with the new white hot insert was just incredible. And then all the swirls with paint fill and everything in the bottom is pretty cool.”


Javins is no stranger to getting inked, and he estimated that he had six or seven tattoos before getting the Odyssey swirl done.

Though the Odyssey logo does fit in with his other tattoos and he was able to get a free customized putter — the ProType #2 sells for $270 — some people have told him he is crazy for getting it. One of his biggest critics was his father, who Javins said doesn’t like tattoos on his son.

But that’s where the location of the tattoo on his forearm helps. Javins said he could conceal it with a watch if he needed it covered. Javins said the tattoo may also help him with his putting, even if he isn’t using his new putter.

“When I look down to putt, I can see it there,” Javins said. “Maybe it’ll be a little good luck charm, you know give it a little rub before I make a putt.”

Other club manufacturers should not expect to see their logos on Javins. But if Odyssey or Callaway offered something else for another tattoo, Javins may be back at the tattoo parlor.

“I’d think about it,” he said. “It would depend on exactly what it would be. If it’s a different brand, probably not. I’d probably go with Odyssey because it’s what I’ve used and it’s what I’ve enjoyed the last several years.”


Since receiving the putter, Javins has been limited by the cold and rain to trying his putter only on his indoor putting green. With the new putter, it gives him just another reason to look forward to spring.

“I can’t wait to get out and test it out,” he said. “See how it feels, how it rolls in a real-life round.”

Javins said he first got into golf four years ago, and for the past two years he has gotten to the point where he checks golf message boards daily. The tattoo is just another testament to his new dedication to the sport.

“It’s incredible to have such a rare and personal putter now,” Javins said. “To know that something this special was made for me, I’m blown away, and super grateful to have it. It’s a permanent reminder of my passion.”

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Andrew Prezioso is a freelance sports reporter and photographer ( You can follow him on Twitter @AMPrezioso. He currently lives in Atlanta, Georgia, after graduating from the University of Richmond in 2012.

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1 Comment

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‘My brief blade experience’ – GolfWRXers react



In our forums, our members have been reacting to an interesting experience WRXer ‘LongJohnPeter’ had when testing out blades for the first time. ‘LongJohnPeter’ writes:

“For reasons unbeknownst to myself, I have been obsessed with playing blades lately. So I took a trip to my local range today and picked out an old Lynx USA 7 iron blade from the rental rack (I don’t own a blade and had never hit one previously). While I did see a reduction in distance (more of a result of EXTREMELY crappy range balls and a 50 degree day), I couldn’t believe how much more consistent my face contact was, compared with my Ping Zing’s I currently use. And even on the few mishits, they weren’t punished nearly as bad as everyone and their mother said they would be, and I knew exactly what had happened and could adjust accordingly.

Anyone have a similar experience? Is this just a honeymoon phase? Or is the golfing elite trying to preserve the sanctity of blade irons?”

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  • uglande: “I switched back to blades this year (had not played them in decades), and I will never give them up. They are so pure and consistent and easy to maneuver. I prefer the thinner soles, which give me better turf interaction. Blades will never produce those nuclear shots that go 15 yards longer than you expected. And, yes, GI clubs help retain ball speed on mishits, but I would rather be 10 yards short of the green than in the bunkers or other garbage on either side of the green. And I certainly don’t want to torpedo one (happened frequently with my P790s) that goes over the green, which is always where the worst hazards lie.”
  • NotTheGuyOrAmi: “I ’m far from a technical expert, but I have concluded that increased MOI may give some incremental benefit, and of course less loft means clubs with a particular loft might hit father, but the point of most of the “improvement” in-game improvement irons is to allow people who hit the ground before the ball with a slow swing speed to get a better result from a lower center of gravity. This, by the way, is not a good thing.”
  • CCTXgolf: “For some people a smaller club makes them concentrate a little harder, and that extra little bit of concentration can certainly help you find the center of the club face more often. Problem is it’s tough to keep that going for 18 holes. Much less day to day. I just went to blades in my short irons (8-P) and don’t really find that much difference in those shorter irons. They sure are pretty though.”

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What GolfWRXers are saying about the best 3-woods for a high handicapper



In our forums, our members have been looking at 3-woods for high handicap players. WRXer ‘Metro07’ is very much a Cobra guy but is open to other suggestions, saying:

“I am 53 and not a long hitter so I obviously don’t have a fast or even moderate swing speed. I got back into golf 5 or 6 months ago after being out for many years and was never really that good back then, I still haven’t broken 100 on a real course. I’m hitting my 4 iron about 175 carry.”

And our members have been sharing their thoughts in our forum.

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  • Nichex524: “I’d focus on either a 4 or 5 wood honestly… and as far as forgiving goes, most Ping models will probably be helpful enough as far back as the G20 even. Make things as easy as possible, especially if you’re not looking for distance.”
  • ThwFlyingWasp: “I know you’re a Cobra guy, but I swear the Ping G410 SFT is the easiest fairway wood I’ve ever hit off the deck… it’s not the longest out there (by far), but it’s point & shoot easy & great off the tee as well if you tee it down… plus lofts are a little higher than normal to help the ball in the air… 16* 3 wood & 19* 5 wood… it’s like cheating… it’s so good… seriously lol… try them.”
  • Striker Ace: “I highly recommend the Callaway Big Bertha B21 5 wood, IMO it is so easy to hit straight, especially with the amount of offset that this thing has. I use it as my driver also, but it is also easy to hit from the deck. Give it a try!”

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‘Anyone else not carry any fairway woods?’ – GolfWRXers discuss



In our forums, our members have been discussing the strategy of leaving fairway woods out of the bag. WRXer ‘Nfogle’ says:

“I rarely need a fairway wood, and when I do, I usually end up with a penalty or just not hitting a good shot. My misses with the 2 iron keep me in play I just don’t get quite the distance out of the fairway I need. Anyone else have this problem and if so, what do you do?”

And our members have been discussing the issue, with plenty of other members taking the same route as ‘Nfogle’.

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  • schwollo: “Was in the same boat then got a G410 3 wood easiest 3 wood ever to hit and plenty long.”
  • jmtbkr: “At my age, 69, I don’t worry too much about hitting par5 greens in two. So my 3 iron bent to 20* is just fine for me. It also doubles as my driving iron on short par 4’s.”
  • capking: “I used to not carry any, my miss is a closed club face at impact, and most FW woods are closed at address. I fixed it by getting some jumbomax xl grips and by visualizing hitting it down the right side on follow through. Before this I went a year without any in the bag.”
  • Roejye: “I started out this year with no fairway wood, I went driver to a 17.5° Adams xtd super hybrid. Because I’m a club ho, and because my dad has one and likes it, I bought a Cleveland Hibore XL 3 wood off eBay. I love it off of the tee, but merely like it off the deck. As much as I love it off of the tee, it’s also possibly the most replaceable because my home course I have little to no need for it. Luckily I don’t carry a 3 iron or hybrid so I don’t need to get rid of it.”

Entire Thread: “Anyone else not carry any fairway woods?”

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