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Golf analyst tears into ‘disgraceful’ U.S. Ryder Cup side



While appearing on Claude Harmon’s Son of a Butch podcast, former PGA Tour player Andrew Coltart ripped the United States Ryder Cup team for the 16.5-11.5 drubbing they received at Marco Simone Golf and Country Club.

During the event, reports emerged that there were players on the U.S. team, specifically Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele, that wanted compensation for their Ryder Cup efforts. Coltart argued that in order to win, the players needed to want to play for the “red, white and blue” and found it “disgraceful”.

“Before we talk about the captains, you’ve got to take 12 players who want to play for your red, white and blue.”

“Because what I see is that’s not the case. There might be 10 of them, that might’ve been the case this year, there might be nine.

“I’m not seeing 12 players that want to play – you guys had a team two years ago at Whistling Straits that was meant to dominate for 10 years.”

“I know you were arguably more depleted because of LIV than the DP World Tour, but the DP World Tour this year had guys in form.

“At Whistling Straits, we didn’t. But you need to get 12 players who want to play.

“I can’t stand listening to some of these multi-millionaires bitching – pitching up to a Ryder Cup and – ‘Somebody’s not paying me any money for it’.

“There’s something wrong with your psyche and personally, I wouldn’t have anybody in my team, even if they qualified, that didn’t want to play for the red, white and blue.

“I find it disgraceful. You go to the DP World Tour – every single man will bleed for that team.”

“They will pay to play a Ryder Cup, not the other way around. Until you sort that out, you’re always going to be up against it.”

Coltart also referenced the fact that the vast majority of the United States team took a month or more off in the lead up to the Ryder Cup, whereas the entire European team played at Wentworth for the BMW PGA Championship the week before.

“Where’s the respect for Zach Johnson and that task force that you can’t be bothered playing for five weeks prior to a Ryder Cup?

“It’s not just you you’re letting down, what about the American fans?

“What about the people who paid for the trip to get over there to Rome to support you? And you’re only going to give it a half-baked opportunity?

“And it was no surprise that guess what, you started to play more like you could play at the end of the week when it was basically all but lost? I just don’t understand.

“There is no sport I know that any professional athlete would conceivably take that much time off before what is the Olympics – and expect to perform anywhere near their optimum level? I thought it was really, really poor.”

With Luke Donald having just been named the captain for the 2025 Ryder Cup, the United States will need to rethink their strategy as we get closer to Bethpage Black in 2025.

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19th Hole

‘How is this free?’ – Phil Mickelson provides short game instruction video that every golfer should watch



On Thursday, Phil Mickelson took to social media to share a tip with amateur golfers.

In the video, he talks about “hand speed, not club head speed”.

He then explains that when chipping, we want “hand speed”, unlike a shot with a driver, when club head speed is more important.

“We don’t want the club accelerating and having the ball jump off the face”

The video is certainly worth watching and any time you can get advice from one of the most creative shot makers in the history of the game, it makes sense to listen!

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The total sum that Sergio Garcia needs to pay in fines if he wants to return to DP World Tour revealed



While speaking with Rick Shiels in a video that was recorded in November but aired in February, Sergio Garcia surprisingly revealed that he intended on getting his DP World Tour card back so he could play in another Ryder Cup. In order for the Spaniard to remain a member, he’d have to play in a minimum of four DP World Tour events per season.

“I am going to be a member again of the European Tour,” he said. “I always said that I wanted to, when I joined LIV, keep being a member of the DP World Tour. Obviously, they didn’t make it too easy to be able to do that, I want to give myself the best possibility of playing the Ryder Cup.

“Only playing a handful of events, it is not easy to make it unless you do super well. But I guess at the end of the day if I am eligible, they see I am making the effort and I do well with LIV and I am consistent then at least hopefully I can be considered, not only because of my game but what I can bring to the team, and my history in the event.”

However, it appears Garcia did not apply to play on the DP World Tour and has missed the deadline to do so. While speaking with James Corrigan of The Telegraph, DP World Tour officials are skeptical of Garcia’s efforts.

“Sergio is either in denial or he is completely oblivious to the hurdles he must clear to become a member again.”

Corrigan added that “Officials at Wentworth headquarters were baffled by Garcia’s comments”.

Another major problem for Sergio is the fact that he owes about $1 million in fines to the DP World Tour.

The source told Corrigan:

“Sergio’s statement was bizarre, seeing as he resigned when refusing to pay the first fine,” a source said. “He is probably hoping a deal is worked out in the current negotiations with PIF [the Saudi sovereign wealth fund], and there is an amnesty and a clear pathway back.

“But there is a strong feeling among the tour’s rank and file that the fines will have to be honoured first – and Sergio has only so far offered to pay if he could be considered for the Ryder Cup.

“Let’s just say that as of now his plan is unlikely and there is a stipulation that the regulations for 2024 stipulate that applications for membership can be rejected for any reason whatsoever.”

Clearly, despite Garcia’s words in the Rick Shiels interview, the all-time leading scorer in European Ryder Cup history’s priorities remain elsewhere.

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Tour pro calls Anthony Kim a ‘f*****g idiot’ following Instagram comeback post



In what’s become a staple of his social media game over the past few seasons, DP World Tour player Eddie Pepperell took to X to call a few LIV golfers “f*****g idiots.”

The Englishman was referring to Talor Gooch’s comments regarding a Rory McIlroy potential Masters victory having an asterisk due to certain LIV players not being in the field.

“If Rory McIlroy completes his Grand Slam without some of the best players in the world, there’s just going to be an asterisk,” Gooch said to Australian Golf Digest.

In terms of Pepperell’s “haters” comment, he was referring to Anthony Kim’s Instagram post, where at the end AK says, “Hello Haters. I’m Back”.

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