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SPOTTED: New Ping Glide Forged Pro Raw wedges at the BMW Championship



It has been a long time since Ping made a raw wedge. Almost all Ping models have been either plated in chrome or in a black finish. But recently, Ping’s tour players have been requesting wedges that are raw steel, and the company wanted to deliver for its pros.

Wedges that are raw carbon steel will rust over time, and they aren’t something we see a whole lot of in our local golf store. Wedge companies have plenty of evidence that rusty wedges on the shelves don’t sell like traditional wedges that are plated with chrome or another “attractive” finish that won’t rust.

Another note here: Just to be clear, rusty wedges don’t spin more than chrome wedges, but companies have found that in wet conditions the raw face and grooves lose less spin. 

Our own Andrew Tursky spotting the raw Glide Forged Pro wedges at the BMW Championship this week and took a ton of photos. The Ping tour truck was loaded with just about every loft and grind that they made the Glide Forged Pro wedges in their Hydropearl finish. So the wedges you see here are raw steel and will start to rust once put in play.

Ping didn’t give any information on if these will ever come too retail or stay a tour-only product. From a guy who loves the rusty look on his irons, wedges, and putter I hope we get a chance to put these in our bags!

To hear Andrew give more detail on the Ping Glide Forged Pro wedges from the BMW Championship, take a listen to the TG2 podcast!

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I have been an employee at GolfWRX since 2016. In that time I have been helping create content on GolfWRX Radio, GolfWRX YouTube, as well as writing for the front page. Self-proclaimed gear junkie who loves all sorts of golf equipment as well as building golf clubs!



  1. Karsten's Ghost

    Aug 23, 2022 at 10:44 pm

    They rust quickly on their own. Can’t see this going to retail.

  2. Edward Bardoe

    Aug 22, 2022 at 10:56 am

    What! they don’t spin more! You mean the tv ads lie!

  3. Jake

    Aug 20, 2022 at 12:45 pm

    And knowing ping these will be $225

    Think about this.. raw wedges require less work to make.. and yet we pay more for them.. we as golfers need to draw a line in the sand and stop buying cheap, 1025 forged irons that don’t last while paying upwards of 1400 bucks for a set. We are sold on “soft feel”… What a load of bs. It’s a cheap metal and they get their margins while putting out a product that will need to be replaced in a years time.

    17-4 steel is the way to go
    431 is okay
    1025 steel is nonsensical

    Jake – Nuclear Metallurgist

    • Donnie Baker

      Aug 20, 2022 at 10:07 pm

      Ok Jake from State Farm ?

    • Benny

      Aug 22, 2022 at 6:30 pm

      Interesting take Jake. Thanks for sharing man.

      We have all seen different types of metal be used.

      All I know os carbon feels the best for me and why we see most forged irons be made of carbon.

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Club Junkie

Club Junkie reviews: Ping’s new i230 irons



Reviewing the new Ping i210 irons was something I was very excited to do. After all the success with the i210 irons, on tour and in amateur bags, Ping had some large shoes to fill. But in the early stages of the release they seem to have filled those shoes quite nicely. For the full review listen to the Club Junkie podcast below or on your favorite podcast platform, just search GolfWRX Radio.

The i230 irons are engineered for distance control and tight dispersion for aspiring golfers. They aren’t as demanding as the Blueprint or i59 but offer a lower flight and more workability compared to the G425. This class of irons that the i210 is in fits my game as a barely single digit handicap who is looking for some forgiveness in a smaller package.

Out of the box the i210 looks great. The look from the back is sleek and if you didn’t look closely wouldn’t even notice the badge in the cavity. That badge is matching silver and has just a couple subtle lines in it, almost giving the look of a smaller players cavity back. The head size is a little larger than a Titleist T100s or a PXG 0311T but still looks good because Ping kept everything in proportion. The blade length is a little longer but you don’t notice it much with the slightly thicker topline and small amount of offset. To me the i230 looks like a players club that also gives you the confidence that you don’t have to strike the dead center in order to hit a solid shot.

Ping added a large elastomer insert behind the badge to dial in the sound and feel of the i230 irons and that technology seems to work. The feel is solid and responsive while still be a little firmer at impact. You can hear a little click as the club connects with the ball, but the vibration that gets to your hands in minimal and far from harsh. Responsiveness is really good and you get ample feed back on how good, or not so good, your contact on the face was.

Well struck shots launch pretty easily into the air and fly with a flat apex towards your target. My expectations for the i230 were that they would be low launch and spin, but they were much more playable than that. The i230 launched almost 2 degrees higher than my PXG 0311T Gen5 irons that I have been gaming most of this year. The overall apex was also lower and flatter with the i230 cruising at 76.7 feet above the grass compared to 82.8 feet for the PXG. The i230 were very forgiving and dispersion was very tight. I felt like there was a little less left in my misses and the ball started out on a straighter path.

If I brought a terrible swing I could still get the ball to go left, but on good and decent swings shots stayed online and at the target. My miss recently has been out on the toe and the ball speed and height on shots out there were very playable. Shots that were low on the face didn’t get up as high and as fast as some other irons, but still carried a decent amount and total distance would have depended on the roll.

Ping doesn’t really jump up and down to say that the i230 are wildly long but they added about 2 yards compared to my gamer irons. They also spun about 300 RPM more than the 0311T irons but still produced a really boring trajectory, even into a pretty strong wind. There was no rise or ballooning of any sort, even with shots that had some fade to them.

Overall the new Ping i230 irons are really good and we should see them in a lot of bags. The lower launch, distance control, and forgiveness will open these up to a wide range of players and provide excellent performance.

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Club Junkie

Club Junkie Special: The Holiday Gift Guide with Rodney Chamblee of PGA TOUR Superstore



Holiday season is approaching so fast it is scary. Rodney Chamblee, from PGA TOUR Superstore, joins me to talk about a ton of gift ideas at any budget. From clubs, to full simulators, to some great stocking stuffer ideas.

And don’t forget to check out our Holiday Gift Guide.

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Club Junkie

Club Junkie Reviews: VA Composites Raijin 2.0 wood and hybrid shafts



VA Composites has been making premium graphite shafts since 2017 and the company’s shafts been played on professional tours as well and can be found in many amateur bags. Victor Afable has been designing shafts for a long time and brought all of that knowledge to VA when he started it. The original Raijin came out six years ago and has been one of the most popular models in the lineup.

The Raijin 2.0 is a new shaft with plenty of updates, but keeps the original Raijin DNA intact. The profile on the 2.0 stays the same as the original with a firm handle section and stiff mid and tip. The torque rating is slightly lower on the new 2.0 and they are both mid-high launching shafts. Graphics have always been something that VA has knocked out of park and the matte finish on the Raijin 2.0 is pretty cool to look at.

I was hitting the 2.0 in my Titleist TSR2 driver and was really impressed with the shaft. I think it feels a touch more stout than the original but keeps the expected smooth feel. The launch was a touch lower and had a flatter flight than the original Raijin and I would slate it as a mid/high launch for me. In the TSR2 I had an average launch of 12.4 degrees, and that was very close to the shaft I have been gaming. The flight was pretty flat and boring with no rise to the shots, even if they were a small fade.

The Raijin 2.0 has a great kick at impact and is easy to square up without having to worry about hitting a big hook. Shots missed off the toe and heel stayed online really well and had very little curve to them. I could easily see that shots struck low heel tended to go right, but without that fade curve to them.

The hybrid Raijin 2.0 was very similar in the Tour Edge Exotics C722 head. The ball was easy to launch off the deck and provided a very straight ball. Even shots struck low on the face, my miss with hybrid, the ball was still able to get in the air a good amount and add some carry. Well struck shots flew high and landed very soft. Using it off the tee was great but I didn’t get much roll, if any, off the fairway. Again the Raijin 2.0 offered very good stability on miss hits and kept the ball online consistently. The shaft was easy to square up at impact but didn’t add any left bias to the hybrid.

Overall I was really impressed with the new VA Composites Raijin 2.0 and think it is a solid upgrade. Victor and his team didn’t take anything away from the original profile and gave us a little tighter and lower launching version. Check out for more info on the Raijin 2.0.

To hear the full review on the Raijin 2.0 driver and hybrid shaft check the podcast links below or search GolfWRX Radio on your preferred podcast app.

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