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The Cam Smith, Scottie Scheffler green ‘incident’ in Memphis isn’t what people think it is



This morning, Twitter erupted at a supposed slight from Scottie Scheffler to Cameron Smith.

In the video , Scheffler walks in Smith’s line of sight while he is reading a putt, which prompts Smith to look quizzically at the current Masters champ.

Many Twitter users, both fans and media members alike, are claiming that Scheffler intentionally walked in front of him, which goes against typical golf etiquette, because he is the latest star who is allegedly joining LIV Golf.

However, earlier in the round Scheffler was seen giving Smith a high-five and smiling after his hole-out eagle.

When Scheffler walked in front of Smith, he had just gone +4 over a span of three holes and was visibly frustrated. It’s extremely likely that the reigning Masters champion lost focus and accidentally walked in front of Smith due to his disappointment with his own play.

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  2. Scottie Doucheler

    Aug 13, 2022 at 2:37 pm

    Missed cut.

  3. Greg McNeill

    Aug 12, 2022 at 10:43 am

    Cam is the first defector to LIV that I actually cared about. Never a DJ fan. Phil is done, as is Graeme, Sergio, Westwood and Poulter. Bryson? Who knows.

    But Cam is a stud and a likeable guy. Not charismatic but a heckuva golfer. Never seen anyone not named Tiger, Jack or Ben putt better than he did on Sunday in the Open. Will miss having him on Tour.

    • Azinger

      Aug 14, 2022 at 9:04 am

      Agree with Greg, always have like Cam as he just seemed likable and just being himself.
      I will miss that mullet as well

  4. Cecil Jansen

    Aug 12, 2022 at 10:24 am

    Some people just won’t let the truth get in the way of a good story…………

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19th Hole

Ian Poulter accused of lacking ‘manners and common decency’ after post-round Wentworth incident



Another week, another Ian Poulter online feud.

During the BMW PGA Championship at Wentworth, the Englishman told NBC’s Rex Hoggard to “show some respect” after Hoggard pointed out the fact that Poulter was wearing LIV Golf clothing when he was asked not to by the DP World Tour.

Poulter’s comments were in regard to Hoggard tweeting about Poulter on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death. (Despite Hoggard’s tweet preceding her death)

Yesterday, Poulter was at it again. This time, the Twitter spat involved Sky Sports reporter Jamie Weir.

The spat began over a blog post from the Alistair Tait titled “The European Dis-Union”.

Weir commented on Twitter:

“And (Poulter) wears LIV-branded clothing when specifically asked not to. And makes snide, petty little remarks about Tour-owned video of himself. And point-blank ignores a DPWT press officer when asked politely if he’ll spare some writers a few minutes.’

Of course, Poulter couldn’t let the comment go unchecked and gave a response:

“Oh Jamie… rushing to catch a flight after an hour 30 fog delay. I could see a large gathering of fans who wanted signatures & photos. Or a few journalists to the right. I decided to do autographs and photos for the fans instead of speaking to the journalists. I’d say I chose the right option.”

According to Weir, the situation unfolded a bit differently than Poulter claimed.

“Always nice to sign autographs for the fans, good for you,’ Weir responded. ‘No issue with you not speaking to the press, more the fact you completely blanked the press officer who politely asked you.”

Poulter then accused Weir of looking for something to criticize him about, saying if it wasn’t this it would be “my color socks”.

“Oh Jamie, it had to be something… just looking for anything to create negativity and divisiveness.. if it wasn’t that I’m sure my color socks would have been offensive to someone somehow somewhere. Keep creating diversity.”

Weir kept it going and thought Poulter owed the reporter an apology.

“Eh?! Socks? What on earth are you banging on about?! Is it that difficult to say “sorry, bit short on time” when someone who works for the Tour politely asks you a question rather than point-blank ignore them? It’s called manners and common decency, Ian.”


Poulter ended the exchange by “apologizing,” though there seemed to be some sarcasm in his response.

“I hereby apologize to the DP World Tour press officer. I’m sorry that I treated you differently to how I normally would. I shouldn’t have stooped that low. I will make sure to treat people the same as I always have with respect. Let’s hope this works both ways moving forward.”

Stay tuned for next week’s edition of “Ian Poulter Argues With Someone on Social Media”.

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19th Hole

‘They don’t return my calls’ – Cam Percy on the fallout from revealing Aussie duo were LIV-bound



Last month, PGA Tour player Cameron Percy made headlines after declaring on a radio interview that Open Champion Cameron Smith and veteran Marc Leishman would be taking their talents to the LIV Golf series.

Apparently, Percy’s willingness to spill what he heard in the locker room from his fellow Australians rubbed Smith and Leishman the wrong way.

“It is what it is,” Percy said to Bunkered.

“They knew they were going, everyone else knew they were going and it was just a matter of time.

“The thing is, we don’t see these guys now. Before if something happened, you could see them at the next tournament and talk to them. I don’t see Cam or Leish now and they don’t return my phone calls at the moment.”

The 48-year-old claims he was surprised by the reaction to his interview.

“I didn’t think anything of it, and the next day I woke up to 300 text messages and missed calls.”

“I woke up thinking ‘what the hell has happened here?’ Everyone took it as me confirming they were gone. If I’d said, ‘what I’m hearing is they’re gone’ it would have changed everything.”

While it’s likely that Smith and Leishman are upset about Percy sharing the news with the world in a radio interview, it’s also possible that they aren’t thrilled with some of his comments about their new tour as well.

Percy has been extremely vocal criticizing the Saudi-backed golf series over the past few months and doubled down in his interview with Bunkered.

In the interview, he claimed that LIV “is not an actual Tour” and questioned why LIV thinks it’s worthy of world ranking points.

“There are things you need to do to get them and LIV doesn’t cover half of it. It’s not a real tour, there’s no way to qualify, it’s 54 holes, no cut, 48 guys. I don’t understand the arrogance. They’re living in a different world.”

“I don’t understand why they’re calling themselves one because there’s no way to qualify for it. The 54 holes, it is what it is, but how do you get on it? They just say ‘we like you, here’s X amount of dollars’. It’s not real yet.

“My son was watching it on YouTube and Patrick Reed was saying he’s sick of the grind and all that stuff. Now he’s travelling to Asia, he’s playing at Wentworth. The stuff they’re saying doesn’t make any sense to me.”

Percy isn’t alone in feeling the way he does, but I wouldn’t be waiting around the phone for a call back from his compatriots anytime soon if I were him.

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19th Hole

Report: Sergio Garcia in hot water unless he can provide valid reason for Wentworth withdrawal



The DP World Tour will fine Sergio Garcia for his sudden withdrawal from last week’s BMW PGA Championship unless he produces proof of a medical or emergency issue that caused his departure within three weeks.

The Telegraph report that Garcia is required to provide “emergency reasons or medical circumstances deemed reasonable by the tournament director” after leaving Wentworth following an opening round 4-over 76, missing the final two days of an event cut short by the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The 42-year-old, who has already inflamed playing colleagues on both sides of the Atlantic, was then pictured alongside his wife, Angela, supporting the Texas Longhorns, at the Texas-Alabama football game, appearing very much uninjured.

Reaction to the sudden disappearance and re-appearance of the 2017 Masters champion was met with disdain from the golfing community.

Sports journalist Paul Higham made his feelings known in his tweet:

while our own Matt Vincenzi followed in with a damning verdict:

Martin Dempster, renowned golf reporter for The Scotsman, was another to show his displeasure:

According to the paper, one high-profile player said, “However, you look at it, this is two fingers up from Garcia to the tour. He came to Wentworth saying he wanted to ‘support the Tour,’ but was obviously annoyed at what Keith Pelley said.”

As for Pelley, the CEO of the DP World Tour referenced one of Garcia’s previous accusations by commenting, “Can we please just stop the feeder tour nonsense once and for all? And as to the point of heading towards being the world’s fifth tour, one of our members who is playing here this week actually said that. It’s unbelievable.”

Not only has Garcia become something of a pariah for many of his former friends and colleagues, but he has now been accused of taking a playing spot ahead of other potential qualifiers for the flagship event of the tour, one of those affected being close friend Jon Rahm, previously a defendant of Garcia against the way the DP Tour turned their backs on him.

According to a tweet posted by Jamie Weir of Sky Sports, Rahm felt the inclusion of some of the 15 LIV players into the BMW PGA was personal — Garcia’s withdrawal must have stung:

The final comment is left to USA Today’s Eamon Lynch, who wrote in his latest column:

“Garcia’s professed support of the DP World Tour has never been much in evidence at its flagship event, where he has appeared only twice in the past 22 years. On his last showing, in 2014, he quit after one round. If nothing else, this week indicated how little he has changed in the intervening years,”

“He continued, “LIV expects its infantrymen to present themselves at every significant event for which they are eligible — to normalise its existence, to grab world ranking points, and to otherwise disrupt the status quo. And LIV doesn’t own a man more infantile than Garcia.”

“It’s futile to wonder if Garcia’s reputation among his peers will be hurt by this latest unprofessionalism, since one cannot further diminish that which has already been rendered fecal.”

I tried to find someone in support of Garcia’s actions. Still looking…

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