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Tiger’s caddie reveals the 3 events Woods plans to play to prepare for the 2023 Masters



When Tiger Woods walked off The Old Course last Friday, he said, “To me it felt like this might have been my last British Open here at St. Andrews.”

With the next scheduled to be in 2030, it’s unlikely that the 15-time major winner will be physically well enough to take part, let alone compete.

Hinting at his own battle with fitness, the 46-year-old spoke about the rumblings of surrendering from the sport he dominated for 12 years from 1998 to 2010.

However, Tiger was adamant – “I’m not retiring from the game,” he said before confirming, “It’s a struggle just playing the three events I played this year. That in itself was something I’m very proud of. I was able to play these three events, considering what has transpired.”

Those three events ended with finishes of 47th at the Masters, a withdrawal before the final round of the PGA Championship and a missed cut at the Open Championship, and he said at the time that there were no further events scheduled on his calendar.

“Maybe something next year,” he said. “It’s hard just to walk and play 18 holes. People have no idea what I have to go through and the hours of the work on the body, pre and post, each and every single day to do what I just did.”

It didn’t sound too good, but yesterday there was more positive news.

Speaking on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday, Tiger’s caddie Joe LaCava revealed that there were plans for a return to the game in December at the Hero World Challenge, before again appearing with his son Charlie at the PNC Championship, all leading to Augusta 2023.

Tiger is a five-time champion of the Hero World Challenge (in all its various guises) and teamed up with son Charlie to be a valiant runner-up to the John Daly/John Daly II team at the PNC in 2021.

Of course, the man they call the GOAT used a buggy to get around the Ritz Carlton Golf Club last year, and seeing him walk around the three major courses this year has been tough viewing, so it is anybody’s guess how he will perform when asked to walk for four full rounds in a competitive event.

Whilst not sounding confident, LaCava is as fully supportive of his boss as he was when taking the bag from Steve Williams in 2011, and was there for his first major win in 11 years – at the 2019 Masters.

LaCava told Patrick:

“I’m hoping that he will play maybe in December at the Hero and the father-son, and then maybe the Genesis [Invitational]… I’m hoping three, maybe four tournaments before The Masters.”

“I won’t do much, I’ll do the same thing. I’ll say ‘Tiger, hey listen, if you’re starting to feel better in October or November, maybe I’ll come down for a couple of weeks [to Florida], we’ll hang out, don’t have to play every day, we don’t have to practice every day, I’ll be there and maybe give you a bit of motivation, we’ll do some playing practice here and there and get ready for the Hero and get ready for the following year of ’23 and get him ready in any respect that he needs.”

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  3. Tom Kay

    Jul 24, 2022 at 10:14 am

    Joe might have the best caddie job in golf.

  4. Rich

    Jul 23, 2022 at 8:16 pm

    Tiger dominated in 2013.

  5. BJ

    Jul 22, 2022 at 1:00 pm

    Hoping to get at least 3-4 paychecks before masters LOL….I would guess hes not paid per tournament though, Tiger probably gives him 250K for the year and percent of prize money.

  6. dixiedoc

    Jul 22, 2022 at 11:53 am

    Tiger should do a farewell tour of all the majors and retire. He’s making a fool of himself. Alex Smith, the NFL QB, had a similar injury to Tigers and they had to transplant part of his thigh muscle to his lower leg to save the let. So he has no thigh muscle on that side and he played QB, starting QB. If you can find those pictures they dwarf the Tiger injury. It’s really amazing that he can walk at all much less run and play football. Nobody should feel sorry for Tiger. All his injuries are self inflicted and yes they have cut his career short but only he has to answer for that. Don’t expect us to feel sorry for him.

  7. jolter

    Jul 22, 2022 at 10:23 am

    He went from making the cut, to making the cut ad then WD, to missing the cut on the easiest of the courses to walk. That is not progress but anything a regression over four months. I believe his caddy is being overly optimistic as to the future of Tiger’s playing days.

    • Craig McMahon

      Jul 24, 2022 at 3:26 pm

      The Open performance was nothing to do with his leg though- it was sheer rustiness around the greens

    • Thomas Woodward

      Jul 24, 2022 at 8:57 pm

      Tiger is only FOOLING himself, but he wants his fans to be chomping for something that ISN’T going to happen. Bottom line, he’s DONE.

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19th Hole

‘WTF is a FIGJAM?’ – Greg Norman left confused by golf fan’s jibe involving infamous Mickelson nickname



Few golfers polarize their audience in the way Phil Mickelson does, which is why he is almost universally known as either ‘Lefty’, or FIGJAM.

It’s the simplest thing to work out the first of the nicknames – despite being naturally right-handed, Mickelson plays golf in a southpaw fashion – but as for the unusual alternative, that’s best left to the dictionaries.

Collins English Dictionary explains it as Australian slang for ‘a very conceited person’, but let’s get real. The acronym stands for ‘F***, I’m Good, Just Ask Me.’

In 2020, golf blog site published an article detailing the pros and cons of the Mickelson experience, entitling it ‘Phil Mickelson is not a nice guy’, and updated it a year later with the question, ‘Why is Phil Mickelson popular?’.

Not that this is an attack on the brilliant winner of six majors, and a player that would have dominated golf for several years had it not been for a certain Tiger Woods. Indeed, for years he has been a fan favourite.

But for many of the players on tour, Phil has become something of an enigma, and not always in a good way.

From stories of his fraud case to legendary gambling, to what some consider a fake front to the smiling at every gallery, Phil divides opinion.

So, how did LIV CEO Greg Norman appear completely unaware of the FIGJAM moniker?

In a recent promo video, Norman is joined by Matt Jones, Marc Leishman, Wade Ormsby and Cam Smith to read and answer some questions and points sent in by viewers.

At one point, one viewer sends in his jibe:

“I might be mad but I think Greg Norman may be the biggest FIGJAM in the world. Just saying like…”

Unaware of what’s being asked, Norman asks, “What the f*** is a FIGJAM?!” before commenting, ‘He’s right.”

Ormsby comments he doesn’t agree with the comment, before the captain of ‘Team Australia’ and most recent major winner, Smith, calms the situation by ensuring his ‘boss’ that, “I don’t agree with that either, Greg, I think you do a great job, mate.”

They then drink to Team Aussie and, off camera, no doubt consider who the biggest FIGJAM may be.

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19th Hole

Immelman: McGinley apologized to me after saying Presidents Cup should be mixed event



With the Americans ballooning to a -900 favorite prior to this year’s competition at Quail Hollow, most analysts believed the current version of the bi-annual event must be tweaked in order to remain relevant.

All year, Trevor Immelman has been listening.

“Blow this thing up,” he said. “They got to change the format. They got to cut the points. We got to bring the women golfers in.”

“I’ve had to listen to that crap for two years now,” The International team captain said.

Despite losing 17.5-12.5, most would agree that the Internationals did as good of a job as they could have in keeping the match competitive throughout the week. A Saturday surge kept what could have been a historic blowout from taking place.

On Claude Harmon III’s podcast this week, Immelman said that Paul McGinley of Golf Channel has apologized to him for helping drive the narrative that the current Presidents Cup doesn’t work as is, with the Irishman last week touting the idea that women should be included in the event.

“I appreciate the fact that they may be trying to think outside of the box,” he said. “But they need to come up with something else. And I hope Paul doesn’t get offended by me saying this, but he texted me on Monday. And he apologized for saying that on Live From.

“Because he realized what playing for the shield means to us. What having the opportunity to compete in the Presidents Cup against the Americans means to us. And he realized that, and he realized that his take was incorrect and he texted me to apologize. And I thanked him for having the guts to text me and to apologize and I thanked him for realizing how much that event means to us.”

Despite the International team making it somewhat competitive, there’s no denying that the American team has absolutely dominated the Presidents Cup since it’s inception.

The Americans are 14-1-1 all time in the Presidents Cup. This year, the International team looked to have arguably their strongest roster yet before Cameron Smith, Joaquin Niemann, Louis Oosthuizen, Abraham Ancer and Marc Leishman joined LIV Golf. With those players now ineligible, it’s hard to see a path for the Internationals to get markedly better by the time the event heads to Canada in 2024.

However, Immelman still believes no tweaks to the format are necessary.

“I find it disrespectful on all accounts, to be extremely honest with you,” he said. “I find it disrespectful to us as international golfers that are professional athletes that compete at the highest level week in and week out. We’re not scrubs. Are we as strong as the Americans? Doesn’t quite look like it right now. Have they kicked our butts in this event? They sure have. But there’s been some close calls. And so I find it disrespectful to us.”

The former Masters Champion also addressed the suggestion that the event should become mixed with men and women golfers in detail.

“I find it equally disrespectful to the women golfers. And here’s why. I don’t think women golfers need men to make them and their competitions relevant. Their competitions are already relevant. I sit down and watch every single shot of the Solheim Cup. Every single shot. It’s one of my favorite times of the year when that event goes on. I watched the U.S. Women’s Open. I watched the Women’s British Open a few weeks ago when South African Ashleigh Buhai came down the stretch, almost coughed it up and won in the playoff at Muirfield, matching Ernie Els’ win at the Open at Muirfield. Women don’t need men to make them relevant in sport. My family and I were glued to the TV when Serena Williams played her last match at the U.S. Open. She’s one of the greatest athletes to ever walk on the planet. So I find it disrespectful on all accounts when people come with that opinion.”

“Let’s leave the Presidents Cup and the International team alone, for now,” he said on the podcast. “And let us compete. And allow youngsters from Thailand and China and Japan and Korea and Australia and South Africa and Canada and all over South America, allow them to grow up with this as their goal, to be able to compete on this level.

“Because we are eventually going to win this event, I promise you.”

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19th Hole

The wild story involving John Daly’s secret room inside Jon Gruden’s office at Hooters HQ



Most people who encounter golf legend John Daly walk away with a story to tell about him.

On the most recent episode of Theo Von’s “This Past Weekend” podcast, both Von and his guest Caleb Pressley of Barstool Sports shared a John Daly story.

According to Von, he once saw Daly carried out of a restaurant in downtown Nashville.

“I saw John Daly overdose on gin one night and had to get carried out of a restaurant. Not even a bar.”

Pressley came back with a Daly anecdote of his own. In his early days of working for Barstool Sports, Caleb was in search of some fresh content and decided to track down Jon Gruden, who’s always good for a quote.

After doing some digging, he discovered Gruden’s office was located at the Hooter’s corporate office. Upon visiting Hooters corporate, Presley stumbled upon something even better: John Daly’s secret hiding spot.

“I went into the corporate office, and I was like ‘I’m here to see Jon Gruden.’ By the way the corporate office of Hooters… So I go in there and was like ‘I wanna go see Jon Gruden,’ and they just take me back to his office.”

“He wasn’t there, but his assistant gave me a tour… And they were like ‘This is John Daly’s room.’ And I was like ‘What do you mean John Daly’s room?’ And they open it up and it was like, you know ‘Chronicles of Narnia,’ the wall has a bunch of books that you can open?”

“It was literally that and you push it open, and it was a very small room smaller than this room, and it had a mattress on the floor, and a little putting thing, and I guess John Daly lives in there, in Jon Gruden’s office inside the Hooter’s headquarters.”

Daly has been affiliated with Hooters unofficially for decades, but he just inked an official sponsorship with them in 2022.

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