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86-year-old Gary Player shows off remarkable club head and ball speed numbers



Golf legend Gary Player is never one to shy away from publicity and throughout the years, has often showed how much he can bench-press, how many sit-ups he can perform, and how he can still swing the golf club like no other 70, 75, 80-year-old.

As we approach the first tee-time of the 2022 Masters, the three-time champion is readying himself to hit the ceremonial tee shot alongside fellow long-time honorary Jack Nicklaus and, for the first time, Tom Watson. The three share 11 green jackets, often duelling down the hallowed fairways of Augusta National.

On Sunday evening, the 86-year-old South African posted a video on his Twitter feed highlighting the numbers and, rightly, showing off the data.

‘The Black Knight’, so-called because of his penchant for wearing all black on the course, showed he can still drive the ball like a dream, and revealed that he still keeps aims and personal targets:

“Getting ready for Thursday morning at @TheMasters  I’ve been working hard to score below my age but I’ve been working even harder to keep my swing speed above my age. Pushing for 90mph. Here is the data for this shot …….”

The screenshot then shows a highest club speed of 87.8 mph (86.3 mph average) and ball speed of almost 130mph (127.5 mph average).


Whilst some way adrift of the Bryson’s of the world, there will not be many players of 80-plus years of age getting anywhere near that figure, let alone the accuracy.

Amongst the many replies was the one that summed it up best:

“I hope I can hit the ball that well when I’m 64.”

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  19. Abe

    May 6, 2022 at 7:04 pm

    I am 88 years old and wondering if Heulio can send me some of the wacky tabacky so I too can swing pro tour speed and dream on. Can This Guy Be Real???????

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  31. geohogan

    Apr 13, 2022 at 12:33 pm

    Gary player playing with 65 year old mystic, yogi and golfer
    as well as, leader of “Savesoil” movement, Sadhguru

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  37. I'm not that Michael

    Apr 5, 2022 at 6:09 pm

    Sitting in your trailer like Michael drinking Wild Turkey won’t do it, you have to be physically fit and active.

    • Hulieo Aeglesis

      Apr 11, 2022 at 9:38 pm

      I’m 72 years old, 6′ 2″ and weigh 172 lbs. My club head speed with a driver is 117 MHP and I have no clue what the ball speed is, spin, etc. BUT I can still keep it in the fairway with yardages between 270-280 on PUBLIC course fairways with very little rollout. My weakness? Iron accuracy on my second shots…

  38. Phil

    Apr 5, 2022 at 10:48 am

    Absolute piss missle.

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19th Hole

Celine Boutier responds after report claimed she refused to play with two teammates at Solheim Cup



Following last week’s Solheim Cup, a report from Handicap54 on X indicated that Celine Boutier asked for a partner change after Georgia Hall had underperformed alongside her during the morning session of the Solheim Cup on Friday.

“I tell a ‘funny’ situation that I found out about @thesolheimcup, from different sources. I’m not going to name names, for now.

Captain of one of the two teams receives the request from one of her best players (player A), who complained about the level of her teammate (player B, on Friday morning).

‘Can I play with another golfer in the afternoon?’

The captain answers yes and tells her with whom. And the player in question gives her a third name (player C). Well, the captain answers that it is impossible, sends her to sit down for the Friday afternoon session and decided that third name play with the player who had a low level (player B). And these last two won their match, that afternoon! ???”

“Yes, the golfer was Céline Boutier. And I wanted to wait for the celebrations to pass and I wanted that the names were saying by the friends of Golf Sin Etiquetas (@gfcgolf and @alexlarrazabal1), who had the same information and were on the course (I considered that they had priority and I was waiting to them). At the same time, I want to clarify a detail that I have explained poorly. The story is like this. Friday afternoon, Celine Boutier tells Pettersen that she doesn’t want to play with Hall and wants to play in the afternoon, with another player. Suzann tells her that she would play with Maguire (I explained that detail poorly, but it is a detail that does not harm what I said). Boutier refuses and Suzann Pettersen decides that the French golfer won’t play that afternoon.”

Boutier responded to the claims in an interview with Ouest France.

“I don’t know what to say other than that it’s completely false. Leona is a player that I respect enormously, even more so in the Solheim Cup. We know each other very well, since university (they both studied at Duke in the United States).

I don’t see any personal or professional reason not to want to play with her. It’s even the opposite, it’s an honour to play with her. This is unfounded and almost comical in fact. Anyone who knows us and our relationship would know that’s not true.”

Boutier has yet to make any comment on the claim she didn’t want to play Friday afternoon with Georgia Hall.

Although the report has now been disputed, Handicap54 is standing by his original report.

“If Celine Boutier had seen this, she would have denied the situation of Hall too. This is not the first time that a player/part of the team players has tried to ‘deny’ a conflict in the Solheim Cup/Ryder Cup. But I respect their ‘denial’. I still stand my tweet (much more, after seeing this) and admire Pettersen’s ability to overcome all these internal problems that she had.”

“Koepka and DJ ‘would have had a fight’ at the @rydercup 2018. Koepka denied it, but he had a great relationship with DJ… which was not seen again until LIV Golf. I insist: this is not the first time that a player/person on a player’s team tries to deny a situation like this. I respect Boutier’s response but I still stand my tweet.”

Have a take? Discuss this article at GolfWRX on X.

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19th Hole

‘They might be leaking oil’ – Why Wyndham Clark thinks Europe may be mentally drained by Sunday



The 2023 Ryder Cup gets underway in just a couple of days, and it’s safe to say that the mind games have well and truly begun.

Earlier this month, Ryder Cup rookie Wyndham Clark hit the headlines for comments he made regarding the prospect of facing Rory McIlroy in Sunday’s singles.

While speaking to Golf Channel, Clark said:

“I have the utmost respect for Rory – he is one of our great ambassadors of our game. He is obviously one of the best of all time and he is still going so he can be that. I have tons of respect for Rory and because of that respect, I also want to beat him. I like to think I am better than him and I want to prove that.”

The U.S. Open champ caught some flack for those comments, but it hasn’t stopped Clark from showcasing his bullishness, with the 29-year-old exclaiming on Wednesday that he believes members of the European team may have played too much golf heading into this week’s event.

When a reporter mentioned to Clark that he’s had some weeks off while the Europeans have been playing themselves into form, the US Open champ mentioned how it could be a hindrance to the Europeans.

“I think the European team, I think it’s great that they got to play. I also think they might be maybe a little mentally fatigued as this week goes on. This is obviously a very intense environment and mentally challenging, and then also you put in a pretty physically demanding golf course being so hilly and up and down that maybe come Sunday they might be leaking oil and we’ll be fresh.”

There’s not long to wait now to find out if Clark is correct or off base in his assessment.

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19th Hole

‘This can’t be real’ – Golf fans react to John Daly’s hilarious NSFW Instagram post



On Tuesday night, John Daly took to Instagram to show a photo of a statue of himself at Mystic Rock at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort.

The statue had a bee’s nest attached to it and looked as if it was adding to the statues below the belt area.

Daly posted the photo with the caption, “Thanks to the hornets for making it life size #savethebees @nemacolin #mysticrock”


View this post on Instagram


A post shared by John Daly (@pga_johndaly)

Country artist Randy Houser replied, “Hahaha!!! Does it itch or sting?”

Another commenter, @ryanshager replied, “I’ve seen it, it’s actually bigger”.

Daly has been a controversial figure at times in golf, but there’s no denying that he always bring some entertainment to the table.

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